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Hong Kong monitor maker sues Apple over iPad moniker

A struggling Hong Kong monitor manufacturer has come up with a not-so-novel way to dig itself out of financial trouble: sue Apple.
Rik Myslewski, 28 Oct 2010

ITU congress: where Kabbadi meets telecoms

ITUAt the International Telecommunication Union's quadrennial Plenipotentiary congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, bureaucratic posturing is as endemic as one might expect for such a creaky, hide-bound United Nations agency.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Oct 2010
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Intel lobs pork buns at world gone Google

As Intel unveiled the Open Data Center Alliance on Wednesday morning, crowing that this consortium of "global IT leaders" shared its vision for an "open cloud" future and proclaiming the arrival of "Cloud Independence Day," it seemed odd that the alliance didn't actually include a cloud company.
Cade Metz, 28 Oct 2010

Sex.com sellers roll eyes at $13m price tag

Sex.com may have been sold for $13 million but that isn’t enough for its owners.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Oct 2010
Duracell MyGrid Charge Pad

Duracell MyGrid cable-free gadget charger

ReviewCable-free charging is nothing new, the notion having been pioneered by Powermat, but the big names in consumer power have now taken note of the technology and have introduced their big-brand alternatives.
Nick Hawkesmoor, 28 Oct 2010

DfT to install new motorway tech

The Department for Transport (DfT) is to start work on 24 road and public transport schemes, several including managed motorway and hard shoulder running projects.
Kable, 28 Oct 2010

Gov consults on UK's corporate governance

The Government will investigate whether Britain's companies are being properly run or whether failures in the checks and balances at the top of firms is undermining the market for investment.
Kable, 28 Oct 2010
Paper Aircraft Released Into Space

Vulture One spaceplane NOW AIRBORNE!

UpdatedGood morning and welcome to the live coverage the Paper Aircraft Released Into Space launch and pursuit.
Lester Haines, 28 Oct 2010

Intel forms flash gang of five

Intel, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu and IBM are forming a working group to standardise PCIe-based solid state drives (SSD), and have a webcast coming out today to discuss it.
Chris Mellor, 28 Oct 2010
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Compellent basks in Wall Street's love

Shunned by Wall Street since making less profit than the street gods had been led to believe it would, Compellent roared back into favour yesterday after announcing it had made a boatload of money in its latest quarter.
Chris Mellor, 28 Oct 2010

Mozilla quickly patches Firefox flaw

Mozilla has reacted quickly to patch a zero-day vulnerability in its Firefox browser software.
John Leyden, 28 Oct 2010

MP slams ICO for 'lily-livered' Google probe

The Information Commissioner faces sharp criticism in Parliament over his handling of an investigation into Google's Street View Wi-Fi data harvesting operation.
Christopher Williams, 28 Oct 2010

UK net economy report crosses silly line

A new report commissioned by Google, and timed to coincide with the first ever Parliamentary debate on the company today, puts itself and the internet at the heart of the British economy. But it does so by using some creative and interesting definitions.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2010

Vulture One PARIS spaceplane telemetry LIVE ONLINE

Here's the current position of the Vulture 1 main payload balloon module (G6UIM-11) and pursuit vehicle (G6UIM-9), according to our feed from via the APRS system. The position of the actual spaceplane (G6UIM-12) is difficult to interpret at the moment. The signal may not be continuous, depending on whether or not radio man Steve Daniels is getting the transmission, and we have a mobile broadband connection on his laptop:
Lester Haines, 28 Oct 2010
Aston Martin DB5

Bond car bought at auction

One wealthy James Bond enthusiast drove away with the spy's most famous car yesterday, after it was auctioned for £2.6 million.
Caleb Cox, 28 Oct 2010

'HULC™' robot exoskeleton war-walker suit 'at gen 2.0'

American developers say they have produced a "next-generation" version of the well-known Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC™) robotic exoskeleton suit for the US Army. The machine is now to be tested in laboratories for resistance to "sand, wind, rain, temperature and humidity".
Lewis Page, 28 Oct 2010

Privacy researchers plot RIM's route

The Citizen Lab, a Canadian privacy group run from the University of Toronto, is asking BlackBerry users to drop by and let them know how you got there.
Bill Ray, 28 Oct 2010

PARIS HAS LANDED!!! Epic supra-atmos flight ends

The Register's epic project to launch a cutting-edge spaceplane fashioned entirely from paper and piloted by an intrepid plastic playmonaut - dubbed PARIS* in honour of our favourite socialite and inadvertent porn star - has come to an end.
Lewis Page, 28 Oct 2010

Three is voted the best UK network

Mobile operator Three has been rated as the UK's best mobile broadband network for the second year in a row.
Caleb Cox, 28 Oct 2010

Hells Angels slap London dressmakers with trademark suit

The Hells Angels are apparently going to war with British fashion house Alexander McQueen after accusing the couturiers of infringing on their trademarks.
Joe Fay, 28 Oct 2010

Did ZeuS's daddy give hard Trojan love to rival cybercrook?

The author of the infamous ZeuS crimeware toolkit may have handed over its development to a former rival in the banking Trojan development business.
John Leyden, 28 Oct 2010
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Intel's gang of 5 grows to mob of 17

Twelve contributing members have joined in with the Intel gang of five to standardise PCIe solid state drive (SSD) standards.
Chris Mellor, 28 Oct 2010
Fable III

Fable III

Fable III is every bit the logical conclusion to the series, and the culmination of creative director Peter Molyneux's quest to bring simplicity to the RPG genre.
Andrew Bailey, 28 Oct 2010

Most smartphone users breach employers’ security, says survey

More than half of mobile device users access their employer's networks every day without permission, a survey has found. More than 80 per cent of users of mobile devices, whose security is not controlled by a company, say they have accessed work information.
OUT-LAW.COM, 28 Oct 2010

419ers threaten terrorism charges

Advance-fee fraudsters have joined the fight against international terrorism, worried Reg reader Guy reports.
Team Register, 28 Oct 2010

Oracle goes in hard on Google Java suit

Oracle has updated its patent infringement suit against Google. Now the enterprise software corporation has point-blank accused the ad broker of directly copying its Java code, according to reports.
Joe Fay, 28 Oct 2010

Boffins mount campaign against France's official kilogramme

International boffins are mounting a determined diplomatic push to end the practice of measuring mass by reference to a 130-year-old metal cylinder kept in France, saying that the French ingot is no longer up to the job.
Lewis Page, 28 Oct 2010

MYSTERY of vanished PARIS spaceplane, playmonaut

The Register's Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) team have been left baffled following reports from our Spanish ground pursuit unit, which has now reached the site at which the main PARIS supra-atmospheric balloon launch podule plunged to Earth earlier today.
Lewis Page, 28 Oct 2010

Radio amnesty fails to lift DAB

The radio audience ratings service RAJAR has published the first full quarter of figures since the launch of a DAB trade-in scheme called 'Radio Amnesty', fronted by ubiquitous luvvie Stephen Fry. The aim was to induce households to exchange their FM radios for a DAB radio. The result? DAB's share of digital listening has fallen for the first time.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2010

Russia files charges against alleged penis pill pusher

Russian authorities have launched a rare criminal prosecution against an alleged spammer.
John Leyden, 28 Oct 2010

China takes HPC heavyweight title

If it wasn't immediately obvious that China is a superpower, today's announcement that the Tianhe-1A CPU-GPU hybrid is the most powerful supercomputer in the world - and by a comfortable margin - will make it abundantly clear.

Oracle adds tiered storage to mainframe VTL

Oracle has boosted its mainframe virtual tape library capacity by adding in a second tier of disk storage.
Chris Mellor, 28 Oct 2010
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M&S cooks up goods for gadget recycling

Have tech, but nothing to eat? Don't worry, you can now swap unwanted electrical items for M&S vouchers and feast upon the store's food and fashions.
Caleb Cox, 28 Oct 2010

Over 100,000 stops-and-searches: zero terrorists

When it comes to wasting police time, the biggest offenders appear to be...the police. That, at least, appears to be the conclusion of the Home Office. Its official statistics, published today, show that while police stopped over 100,000 individuals last year to "prevent acts of terrorism", there was not a single arrest for a terror offence as a result of these stops.
Jane Fae , 28 Oct 2010

Tribal rights charity weathers DDoS assault

UpdatedThe publication of footage of Indonesian soldiers torturing native Papuans appears to provoked a denial of service attack on the websites of development charities who hosted it.
John Leyden, 28 Oct 2010

LOST Vulture One PARIS spaceplane FOUND!!!

Updated with picsThe Register's epic Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) project ended in glorious triumph this afternoon as our Spanish ground pursuit team finally discovered the landing site of Vulture One, the cutting edge stationery spacecraft piloted by our intrepid playmonaut.
Lewis Page, 28 Oct 2010

Adobe Reader browse-and-get-pwned 0day under attack

Adobe has confirmed reports that yet another unpatched vulnerability in the latest versions of its ubiquitous software is being actively exploited to infect end users with data-stealing malware.
Dan Goodin, 28 Oct 2010

Apple doesn't need Spotify - and Spotify doesn't need Apple

Apple buying Spotify makes as much sense as Apple buying Nokia. And that makes no sense at all.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2010

Oracle takes stake in networking pal Mellanox

When Oracle co-founder and chief executive officer, Larry Ellison, hinted a month ago that he was interesting in making investments in chip companies, he wasn't kidding. Today, InfiniBand chip and switch maker Mellanox, which also makes InfiniBand and Ethernet host adapter cards, announced that Oracle has snarfed up a 10.2 per cent stake of the networking company.

Google Apps get Android admin tools

Google will soon roll out tools that let Google Apps shops lord over employees' Android handsets that tap into the web-based business app suite.
Cade Metz, 28 Oct 2010

Opera Mini 5.1 goes native on Nokia S60

Opera has beta-ed a native Symbian incarnation of its low-bandwidth Opera Mini browser. Previously, Opera Mini for Symbian was a Java app.
Cade Metz, 28 Oct 2010
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Ballmer pitches PC as smartest device on planet

PDC 2010Steve Ballmer pitched for cloud, phones, tablets, and HTML 5 at PDC on Thursday, but he made one thing clear: Windows and the PC remain central to Microsoft.
Gavin Clarke, 28 Oct 2010

Microsoft's IE9 'nearly finished'

PDC 2010Microsoft opened its Professional Developers' Conference by announcing IE9 Platform Preview 6, saying the IE9 Release Candidate - the final cut - is almost finished.
Gavin Clarke, 28 Oct 2010

Microsoft earnings up over 50%

Microsoft cheered its investors Thursday when it announced better-than-expected revenues and earnings for the first quarter of its fiscal 2011.
Rik Myslewski, 28 Oct 2010

First tube station to get Wi-Fi next week

Charing Cross will become the first London Underground station to offer wireless internet access from next week.
Christopher Williams, 28 Oct 2010

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