26th October 2010 Archive

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  • Adobe enlists tablet and cake makers to rally Flash

    Apple claims of Flash death greatly exaggerated

    Applications 26 00:16

  • Intel stretches hypervisor across Xeon 5600, Freescale

    Multi-core ARM chip support due next year

    Virtualization 26 00:31

  • iOS bug unlocks iPhones sans password

    Making calls from locked iPhone 4s

    Security 26 03:00

  • EU to lift flight ban on carry-on liquids

    Duty Free shop owners rejoice

    Government 26 04:00

  • Firefox engine speeds past Chrome after Jager shot

    Mozilla claims (a) SunSpider crown

    Applications 26 04:00

  • Judge tosses lawsuit from copyright troll

    Only 156 more to go

    Media 26 05:00

  • Ms. Gates: 'Bill does not use a Mac'

    Zune child abuse continues

    Mobile 26 06:00

  • Motorola Backflip Android smartphone

    Twisted thinking?

    Phones 26 07:00

  • House and Heroes tip up on Virgin on Demand

    More shows when you want

    Hardware 26 07:49

  • Oracle's billboard bonker gets new job

    Infor a penny, etc

    Financial News 26 09:18

  • Ofcom caught between picts and luvvies on 600MHz

    3D TV, mobile broadband or give it to Scotland?

    Mobile 26 09:23

  • Twittering MP escapes with caution


    Government 26 09:24

  • DARPA fashions miracle robotic attachment from balloon, coffee

    Sucking makes rubber-clad appendage go hard

    Science 26 09:33

  • Dutch police behead Bredolab botnet

    Server slaughter

    Security 26 09:53

  • Amazon gives away freebie baby virty data centres

    Retailing giant hopes to turn newbie moochers into paying customers

    Servers 26 10:03

  • Digg slices and dices staff

    Cost-cutting ahead

    Financial News 26 10:25

  • KPMG to be probed over BAE accountancy

    Auditor-auditors prep microscope, eye corporate ass

    Financial News 26 10:50

  • ARM still raking it in, and not just in phones

    1.5bn devices to taunt Intel with

    Mobile 26 10:55

  • Wi-Fi starts getting chummy with its peers

    Sinks teeth into Bluetooth market

    Broadband 26 11:01

  • US builds net privacy brains trust

    Your right to privacy vs spooks' right to snoop

    Government 26 11:06

  • Great Scot! Wi-Fi on the Glasgow Subway

    Metro networking

    Broadband 26 11:28

  • HDS adds ROBO on-ramp to content platform

    Multi-tenants can sub-let now too

    Storage 26 11:30

  • NetApp and Fujitsu set up one-stop-shop after dedupe deal

    Partners say they're a 'one-stop shop' - but only in EMEA

    The Channel 26 11:38

  • iPhoto 11 ate my library, say users

    Upgrade glitch worries prompt fanboi rush to backup and rebuild

    Applications 26 11:46

  • Equality Act causes logistics nightmare

    Public bodies scramble to meet demands of new legislation

    Government 26 11:59

  • Samsung Omnia 7

    Big display for Redmond's redial

    Phones 26 12:00

  • Schmidt: I 'misspoke' over Street View

    Gaffe-prone search kingpin puts Opel in reverse

    Media 26 12:15

  • Botnet-harbouring survey fails to accounts for sinkholes

    Let the right one in

    Security 26 12:38

  • eBay opens Instant Sale for lazy gadget sellers

    Gets jiggy with used traders

    Hardware 26 12:39

  • BBC Trust: Unsupportable opinions are OK

    Mandybill bias was just an opinion, says broadcaster

    Media 26 12:39

  • Expedia and friends team up to stop Google's travel play

    ITA buy would be anti-competitive

    Applications 26 12:47

  • UK border police seize £500k from Nigerians' hand luggage

    Be careful when opening the overhead lockers...

    Law 26 12:52

  • Tesco's iPhone app gets barcode reader

    Bip. Bip. Neeep. Bip.

    Mobile 26 13:17

  • Coalition tears up net snoop plan's £2bn price tag

    Sky's the limit?

    Government 26 13:18

  • Android Market shows hand at 100k Apps

    But how many does a girl need?

    Phones 26 13:38

  • Sage Pay upgrade glitch forced poor password picks

    Odd spacial character snafu causes confusion

    The Channel 26 14:27

  • Trucker jailed for deadly motorway gamble

    Played Facebook poker on laptop

    Law 26 14:42

  • Unisys hit by mainframe, services declines in Q3

    Apple deal misunderstood and overblown

    Servers 26 14:52

  • Misfiring Kaspersky update reduces servers to a crawl

    Windows server security users in 2-day restart loop

    Servers 26 15:27

  • Sony drops PSPgo price pants

    Clear the deck for Christmas

    Games 26 15:52

  • Top 10 Kindle books outsell dead-tree versions 2-1

    Amazon's most popular books slurped up by e-readers

    Tablets 26 16:18

  • Apps fuel mobile games sales bonanza

    Oh Appy days

    Games 26 16:27

  • Sony soars, sinks, soars on Apple buyout rumor

    The power of wishful thinking

    Financial News 26 17:41

  • Google illegally divulges user searches, suit claims

    HTTP referrer headers: SEO's best friend

    Security 26 19:49

  • Cray notches another XE6 super sale

    Multi-petaflops Cascade in the bag

    HPC 26 20:45

  • Big Blue's Big Sam gets $10bn for bonus stock boost

    IBM wastes cash, sidelines innovation

    Servers 26 20:54

  • Google streaming search in 'Instant revenue boost'

    Dollars grow 2% in two weeks, says study

    Media 26 21:31

  • Hackers plant Firefox 0day on Nobel Peace Prize website

    Mozilla confirms 'critical vuln' in the wild

    Security 26 21:55

  • Super Micro cranks server sales

    Mobo biz climbs again

    Servers 26 22:24

  • WebAndroidiPhone kit plugs into PayPal

    Titanium woos web devs with mobile $$$$

    Developer 26 22:27

  • Microsoft's Office ribbon hits Mac fans

    The ties that bind

    Applications 26 22:40

  • LimeWire (finally) dies under judge's gavel

    P2Pware downloadable no more

    Media 26 23:49