25th October 2010 Archive

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  • Java guru quits over Oracle 'disregard'

    Giant denies JCP plant

    Developer 25 Oct 03:42

  • Adobe AIR 2.5 adds Flash to Android, TV and RIM tablets

    App store middleman unveiled

    Developer 25 Oct 04:00

  • HD Webcams

    Video chat with greater clarity

    Hardware 25 Oct 07:00

  • Cray beats six to win Argonne deal

    150 teraflop superbox for life sciences

    HPC 25 Oct 07:37

  • ICO reopens Google Street View privacy probe

    Move follows slurp-car confessions by ads giant

    Applications 25 Oct 08:20

  • Seagate sued for 'fraudulently hiring engineer'

    Improper inducement alleged

    Storage 25 Oct 09:19

  • Facebook comes down hard on Faceporn

    Poke my lawyer

    Law 25 Oct 09:24

  • 'Warpigs' VXer pleads guilty

    Evil minds that plot, um, malware scams

    Security 25 Oct 09:41

  • NEC cranks fault-tolerant servers with Xeon six-shooters

    Pitting Hyper-V plus hardware FT against VMware virty FT

    Servers 25 Oct 09:42

  • The Hardware mid-life crisis

    Upgrade or refresh?

    Server Management 25 Oct 09:53

  • Skype throws off Nimbuzz in ad-revenue smackdown

    VoIP monster tells Nimbuzz to Fring off

    VoIP 25 Oct 10:13

  • Two-year wait for Windows 8, MS blurts

    Console yourself with a Windows 7 SP

    Software 25 Oct 10:14

  • Google debuts Music Search

    Bollywood-boasting Baidu-botherer

    Media 25 Oct 10:23

  • Mixing business and pleasure

    Mobile device management's getting better, and about time too

    Servers 25 Oct 10:50

  • Gemalto leaps into anti-Android fray

    Java as a little OS, we own that!

    Mobile 25 Oct 11:00

  • UK gov vets the vetting process

    Overzealous checks on workers and volunteers may ease

    Law 25 Oct 11:21

  • Cameron promises boost for tech companies

    Best broadband in Europe pledged

    Small Biz 25 Oct 11:23

  • How average is your sex life?

    Bags of bonking (and other) data show normal is relative

    Bootnotes 25 Oct 11:34

  • Comments added to Reg Mobile sites

    Forums on the move

    Phones 25 Oct 11:45

  • BlackBerry App World goes online

    Innovating, or aping?

    Applications 25 Oct 11:53

  • Vanquish

    Programmed to kill

    Games 25 Oct 12:00

  • Vulture 1 rolls out of fab bunker

    Get yer final construction snaps here

    SPB 25 Oct 12:27

  • ICO concerned over interception modernisation programme

    Commissioner worried over gov plans to keep our data

    Government 25 Oct 13:02

  • Firesheep flames cookie capture risks

    Add-on makes sidejacking simple

    Security 25 Oct 13:04

  • Sony hits stop on Walkman tape players

    Japanese consumers no longer wired for (analogue) sound

    Hardware 25 Oct 13:14

  • Facebook investor aims for $5.7bn float

    Russia's biggest web firm shares ahoy

    Financial News 25 Oct 13:21

  • Microsoft opens online PC gaming shop-front

    Points in store

    Games 25 Oct 13:35

  • Americans whisk up 106 software jobs in Northern Ireland

    Recent grads required

    The Channel 25 Oct 13:59

  • US raygun jumbo fluffs another test missile-blast attempt

    Blaster-biggun in Nork shot splash cockup

    Science 25 Oct 14:10

  • Nigerian airline ticket fraudster gets 8 years

    Scammer earns one-way trip - after stealing over $400,000

    Security 25 Oct 14:33

  • Hurd fingered in HP bribe case after probe

    Ghost of HP bribe allegations follows Hurd to Oracle

    The Channel 25 Oct 15:10

  • Students cluster for fame and glory at SC10

    Go Hard or Go Home

    HPC 25 Oct 15:33

  • Teradata pumps data warehouses with six-core Xeons

    Flashy BI box cures performance anxiety

    Servers 25 Oct 16:21

  • Wikileaks taunts Pentagon with server mirrors in USA

    Iraq War Logs hosted by...Amazon

    Networks 25 Oct 17:13

  • Nielsen cops to iPad stat cock-up

    Fewer iPad download virgins

    Mobile 25 Oct 20:06

  • Google boss: 'Creeped out by Street View? Just move'

    Latest Schmidt gaffe vanished by CNN

    Security 25 Oct 20:36

  • Facebook pages very much public, even when set as private

    Privacy theater

    Security 25 Oct 20:50

  • Ubuntu demotes Gnome for Unity netbook look

    Desktops wanna be touched too

    Operating Systems 25 Oct 20:51

  • Googlenet traffic now 6% of interwebs

    Dwarfs all ISPs but one

    Networks 25 Oct 23:50