21st October 2010 Archive

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  • Man cops to botnet-fueled pump-and-dump scheme

    Securities fraud in the digital age

    Security 21 00:07

  • Mozilla man accuses Jobs of 'bypass the web' scheme

    Apple.com busts Firefox 4

    Developer 21 05:25

  • European Parliament: If you don't pay, you will pay

    New late payments rules directive passed by EU members

    Small Biz 21 06:00

  • iDapt i4 multi-purpose charger

    Does 'em all, apparently

    Hardware 21 07:00

  • Apple signals disk free notebooks way to go

    Hard disk drive vendors watch out

    Laptops 21 09:08

  • EA takes Angry Birds publisher under its wing

    $20m you say? Chickenfeed

    Mobile 21 09:09

  • Geeks Guide 2... Great Video Game Design

    Save 40% at Reg Books

    Site News 21 09:18

  • Intel broaches fresh barrel-o-Linux

    Because you can't use Android in a jet fighter - yet

    Virtualization 21 09:33

  • MS to unveil fresh Flash challenge next week?

    Silverlight MIA - for now

    Developer 21 09:38

  • Phone 7: Another Vista or another XP?

    We scratch beneath the surface and find a bit of both

    Mobile 21 10:11

  • Beeb pulls in Yank to direct Auntie's online digital opera

    Ex-AOLer steps in as operation shrinks

    Media 21 10:54

  • Easynet axes 1 in 20 staff

    55 will get boot

    Broadband 21 10:56

  • HTC HD7

    WinPho 7 gets the big-screen treatment

    Phones 21 11:00

  • Penthouse founder Guccione dead at 79

    It is fate that rules us, Little Boots, not any god

    Media 21 11:01

  • BBC-led RadioPlayer may spark radio revival

    A modest start, but doing it right

    Media 21 11:03

  • Vulture 1 sprouts wings and a tail

    Lots of lovely construction snaps for your viewing pleasure

    SPB 21 11:11

  • X2 triplex super-copter to be offered as Army 'Raider' craft

    Actively damp chopper - a soldier's dream?

    Science 21 11:25

  • BBC One HD launch date revealed

    Freesat for sure - Freeview HD too?

    Hardware 21 12:06

  • Somali rebels threaten mobile banking group

    Mobile money is, apparently, unIslamic

    Mobile 21 12:10

  • Acer upgrades Aspire One netbook

    Dual-core CPU for the dual-boot D255

    Laptops 21 12:27

  • Dell takes aim at Apple with upmarket pledge

    Never mind the prices, feel the screen width

    The Channel 21 12:42

  • EU privacy watchdog pans passenger data plans

    Still not good enough

    Government 21 12:43

  • DARPA orders miracle motor for its flying car

    Lo-maintenance superdiesel boasts poke of a jet engine

    Science 21 12:55

  • Crown Paint probed by ICO for 'possible' online data breach

    Crazed database reveals customers to world

    Management 21 13:19

  • Google says hardly any Germans opt out of Street View

    Says (nearly) all opt-outs accommodated

    Law 21 13:21

  • Bechtolsheim races Arista to zero latency

    Every microsecond counts for Bechtolsheim's bolshy switches

    Data Networking 21 14:19

  • Nokia to cut 1,800 jobs

    But is making money for a change

    Mobile 21 14:34

  • OpenStack unfurls first full cloud fluffer

    Compute and storage launch control, NASA style

    Servers 21 14:54

  • Inside Opera 11: extensions and benchmarks

    Take a peek at the nifty new alpha

    Applications 21 15:05

  • Apple's FaceTime for Mac debuts with security holes

    Beta puts iTunes accounts at risk

    Security 21 17:38

  • Adobe Shockwave bitten by code execution bug

    Browse-and-get-pwned vuln confirmed

    Security 21 19:41

  • Cisco eats own cloud food

    Mmmm, Vblocks

    Servers 21 20:11

  • Apple threatens Java with death on the Mac

    World of Android devs face Jobsian boot

    Software 21 20:49

  • Linux bug bestows attackers with 'superuser' powers

    Fix coming

    Security 21 23:55