19th October 2010 Archive

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  • Jobs savages 7-inch tablet competition

    That iPad mini? Fuggedaboutit

    Tablets 19 01:17

  • VMware revenues up 46%

    But biz will cool in 2011

    Financial News 19 01:21

  • Jobs dubs Google's 'open' Android speak 'disingenuous'

    'Smokescreen' for 'fragmented' OS

    Phones 19 01:24

  • Dane-Elec myDitto Nas device

    LAN - and WAN - storage done right

    Hardware 19 07:00

  • Employers get Equality Act info from mega-thick codes

    Three Codes of Practice published to guide businesses on the Act

    Small Biz 19 07:00

  • Seagate thinks about going private (again)

    Once is not enough

    Storage 19 07:29

  • ZeRTO, a storage start-up

    Developing a zero RTO product

    Storage 19 07:41

  • Q: Why pay for DNS?

    A: It's cheaper than having your data nicked

    Servers 19 08:00

  • Lone Android dev 'almost brought down T-Mobile'

    See? Do you see how dangerous net neutrality is?

    Mobile 19 08:20

  • IBM Java defection leaves Apache sourcers shellshocked

    Staunch supporter no more

    Developer 19 08:40

  • WD thrusts forth its mighty 3TB internal hardness

    New monster too big for Windows XP to take

    Storage 19 08:58

  • EMC plays the name game

    Technology company trademarks VNX to match Symmetrix lines

    Storage 19 09:16

  • Seagate's shrinks GoFlex drive

    Slips 5th generation PMR drive inside the casing

    Storage 19 09:23

  • UK cybercops cuff big phish

    Man suspected of credit card scam and stashing online crime cash

    Security 19 09:41

  • Oracle array users skid off 7410 road map

    EOL procedure leaves array users boxed in

    The Channel 19 10:06

  • Street View spies a €2.4m fine

    Spanish Data Protection Agency thinks Google would look nice in a lawsuit

    Law 19 10:32

  • Ofcom will not probe YouView... for now

    Too early to judge unlaunched platform's impact, says watchdog

    Hardware 19 10:35

  • Ofcom blesses YouView

    It's still an empty Canvas, though

    Media 19 10:45

  • Rooney exits Man U with a few choice words

    'Later, w*nkers', according to Fox Sports

    Bootnotes 19 10:47

  • Alternative iPhone 4 nears end of test phase, claims insider

    iPhone 5 some way behind CMDA-compatible model

    Phones 19 10:58

  • Sat-phone operator TerreStar's tits swinging skyward?

    Good thing LightSquared only has a toe on the rug

    Mobile 19 11:04

  • Google slaps down China resellers in 'very important market'

    When piece of action comes at a price

    Media 19 11:21

  • Keep your PC clean - or we'll shut you down

    UK and US users reject Oz supernanny model

    Security 19 11:35

  • Top cyber crime cop lied under oath, says judge

    Scotland Yard skulduggery

    Law 19 11:45

  • Adobe preps sandboxing tech to fight exploits

    Play safe

    Security 19 11:51

  • Apple wipes smile off FaceTime in the Middle East

    iOS upgrade disables vid calls

    Mobile 19 11:59

  • 7Digital takes on iTunes

    App'y talk

    Media 19 12:13

  • YouTube clasps naked dancer to bosom

    Nude video clips are okay - as long as they're 'art'

    Media 19 12:35

  • Medal of Honour

    Worth a shot?

    Games 19 12:55

  • Unisys lights up Xeon-based mainframes

    Secure partitions and integrated specialty engines

    Servers 19 12:55

  • Azul starts peddling Zing virty Java stack

    Superlasticjavaplastic runtime

    Virtualization 19 13:03

  • Was Ozzie's head in the clouds as rivals stole his role?

    Ray out redeployed - MS execs go pale

    Operating Systems 19 13:31

  • HP unwraps Palm Pre 2

    New WebOS, 1GHz CPU, not much else

    Phones 19 13:39

  • Iran: 'Nuke spies nabbed, but not for Stuxnet'

    Not infected USB-wielding infidels, then?

    Security 19 14:02

  • ScaleMP: Still making big ones out of small ones

    Disaggregation - reducing aggravation?

    HPC 19 14:21

  • Small firms split on social media

    No one knows what LinkedIn is for, do they?

    Small Biz 19 14:40

  • EMC boosts revenues 20% in Q3

    Storage slugger reports kick-ass results

    Storage 19 14:49

  • Cameron: Carriers tomorrow, bombers today

    Huge victory for slug-balancers

    Government 19 15:30

  • Vatican confirms Simpsons as Catholics

    The Father, Son, and Crusty Clown

    Bootnotes 19 15:36

  • Microsoft gets in a spin, announces Office 365

    Like a washing machine, but in the cloud - or something

    The Channel 19 15:41

  • Why songwriters couldn't join the Choruss

    Legal P2P failed because it was too vague - and risky

    Media 19 15:51

  • Google's Street View broke Canadian privacy laws

    Password-slurping operation was work of one (creative) engineer's code

    Law 19 15:53

  • Apple hit by iPad sales guessing game

    Obsession with totals misses broader picture, the point

    Tablets 19 16:04

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops may leak online after disk theft

    Xbox copies swiped, apparently

    Games 19 16:21

  • Compromise turns Kaspersky site into malware hub

    Hackers exploit buggy app

    Security 19 17:44

  • Symbian chief withdraws from iPhone and Android fight

    'Personal reasons' cited

    Mobile 19 18:15

  • Java surpasses Adobe kit as most attacked software

    Researcher sees 'unprecedented wave of Java exploitation'

    Security 19 18:58

  • Intel waves Old Glory with wafer baker plans

    Ponying up $8bn for 'unimagined innovation'

    Business 19 19:29

  • Oldsters beat twentysomethings at social networking

    Twelve-month surge

    Media 19 20:22

  • Two Russians convicted as money mules

    Face 20 years in the clink

    Security 19 21:08

  • Google Android chief smacks Steve Jobs with Linux speak

    mkdir meaningless argument

    Developer 19 21:31

  • 196 nations open three week (!) telecoms congress

    Quadrennial quagmire or efficient conclave?

    Broadband 19 23:18

  • Yahoo! boss blames revenue dip on better Bing

    'Microsoft is so good, it ate our money'

    Financial News 19 23:21

  • RIM boss joins queue to kick Jobs

    Ballsy Balsille blasts Apple 'distortion field'

    Mobile 19 23:45