18th October 2010 Archive

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  • Oracle: no license for Android's Harmony friend

    But a lifelong Java deal for IBM?

    Developer 18 03:57

  • WTF is... DLNA?

    A cure for media playback blues - or will it just have you seeing red?

    Hardware 18 07:00

  • Microsoft steers OEMs away from putting Phone 7 on Tablets

    Cynical fee-preserving move may backfire on Redmond

    Mobile 18 07:00

  • Benoit Mandelbrot, father of fractals, dies at 85

    An interdimensional explorer

    Science 18 07:47

  • EMC in Isilon 'takeover talks'

    Let's scale out together

    Storage 18 08:21

  • Iomega's flashy SSD clones your PC

    USB drive shifts from stick to 'slab'

    Storage 18 09:10

  • Smartphones are on your network

    We show you how to cope with them

    Reg Technology Panel 18 09:19

  • Apple MacBook Air revamp snapped, posted on web

    Prototype points to new design with more ports

    Laptops 18 09:41

  • The great Aussie firewall is back - and this time it's personal

    PM Gillard wants Oz law to treat the net like the telly

    Government 18 09:42

  • HP snaps up Meego boss

    Can webOS ever be as popular as Meego?

    Mobile 18 09:45

  • HTC outs Gratia low-cost Android smartphone

    All the basics on a budget?

    Phones 18 09:57

  • No legal privilege for accountants, says Court of Appeal

    Prudential doesn't want to hand over tax advice of PwC, but it's too bad

    Small Biz 18 10:04

  • ID fraud costs UK £2.7bn a year

    Victims can spend up to 200 hours undoing damage

    Security 18 10:23

  • PARIS looking 50/50 for Saturday launch

    Vulture 1 pilot jets in from US as skies threaten rain

    SPB 18 10:24

  • Nokia heralds Symbian^3 with C7 smartphone

    Place your order now, firm suggests

    Phones 18 10:43

  • Pentagon: Wikileaks file-dump didn't reveal anything important

    Standing by for next lot, think they know what's in it

    Government 18 10:50

  • iPad tethering does disappearing trick

    Now you see it, now it's billable

    Tablets 18 10:53

  • Facebook gets poked in latest privacy gaffe

    'No personal details were used. But we're changing our tech anyway... bitch'

    Security 18 11:28

  • Dual-dock iPad design gets official EU thumbs-up

    Two-port look chosen for the iPad 2?

    Tablets 18 11:35

  • Gov axes £35bn Severn Barrage tide-energy scheme

    Shadow minister laments loss of '100s of Green jobs'

    Science 18 11:36

  • 'Condom in my Whopper' man pulls case

    CCTV shows staff did not dish up rubber-and-sauce burger

    Bootnotes 18 11:47

  • Notorious Anonymous hacktivists launch fresh attacks

    Latest counter-offensive after TorrentReactor and other TT sites attacked

    Security 18 12:14

  • Opera, Oracle and Qualcomm join WAC ranks

    32 more members dig in against Apple/Google/RIM hegemony

    Mobile 18 12:41

  • EU pushes gov spending gravy train online

    Brussels wants standardised e-procurement

    The Channel 18 13:08

  • Sly new tactic sneaks hackers past security dogs

    Advanced evasion techniques can bypass network security, warn experts

    Security 18 13:38

  • Powermat iPhone 4 wireless charging kit

    Cutting the cord

    Hardware 18 13:53

  • Legal P2P venture fails

    Singers wouldn't join the Choruss

    Media 18 14:16

  • Carphone Warehouse slashes Samsung Galaxy Tab price

    Under £500 by all of a penny

    Tablets 18 14:22

  • More sensitive Wii Remote out on 5 November

    Nintendo revamps remote

    Games 18 14:34

  • Dell's DCS is a big shiny server star

    Server-maker is bigger than IBM, and maybe the Googlefactory

    Servers 18 15:03

  • UK promises 'transformative' cyber security programme

    Colonel's whoopsie suggests that = 'crib from the Yanks'

    Government 18 15:25

  • Google ties search appliance to the clouds

    How to query heaven and earth

    Servers 18 18:10

  • Wily founder returns with cloud management

    SaaS harness

    Software 18 18:52

  • Apple squashes unauthorized MacBook battery maker

    HyperMac powered off

    Laptops 18 20:44

  • Apple posts $20bn+ quarter

    Jobs 'blown away'

    Laptops 18 21:01

  • Wikileaks founder denied Swedish residency permit

    Scandinavian press freedom plan thwarted

    Security 18 21:56

  • IBM hits $24bn target thanks to big iron

    Big Blue: less profitable than Apple

    Financial News 18 23:01

  • Microsoft loses chief software architect Ray Ozzie

    Bill Gates replacement finished

    Software 18 23:32