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Opteron 6100 server ramp underway, says AMD

With a resurgent Intel grabbing mind share among the world's x64 server makers this year and very likely a few handfuls of market share, too, AMD's been in a tough spot.
Samsung C450

Samsung HW-C450 2.1 soundbar

ReviewOnce you've tried upgrading the raw sound that comes from your TV, there's simply no way back. Virtually any dedicated sound system will be better than the speakers on even the most highfalutin of tellies. If you’re looking for something less sprawling than a multispeaker surround set-up, the then Samsung’s HW-C450 is aimed at you. This slim Jim soundbar doesn't take up much space, is easily mounted on a wall and delivers a 2.1 sound output for a decent price.
Dave Oliver, 15 Oct 2010

Staffs cops place ANPR alley on M6

One police force area in the west Midlands appears to make much greater use of motorway automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) than other constabularies.
Kable, 15 Oct 2010

Tranny co Arqiva reshuffles deck

Transmission company Arqiva is making 250 redundancies, around 10 per cent of its workforce, in a major company reorganisation, staff were told this week.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Oct 2010

Amazon Kindle biz boosted by... Apple iPad

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader is doing rather well - and it's all down to Apple.
Tony Smith, 15 Oct 2010

French taxpayer to subsidise music buyers

The European Commission has approved a French scheme to subsidise music downloads for 15-25 year olds. The taxpayer will contribute €25 per user per year to every "Carte Musique" cardholder, which entitles the user to €50 worth of downloads. The cardholder will stump up the other half of the cost of the card.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Oct 2010

Great white sharks menace Blighty

In what certainly represents the death of the British seaside pedalo hire industry, the Sun reports that hungry great white sharks have moved from their traditional hunting grounds off the coast of Amity in search of European flesh.
Lester Haines, 15 Oct 2010

Spending Review? Why not axe the Information Commissioner?

I have come to the conclusion that there is a credible argument to scrap the Office of the Information Commissioner. No, I have not lost my marbles. Nor have I received a backhander from Google to fund our new Amberhawk website. This is a credible argument that can be made, especially at a time when deep public sector cuts are going to be announced next Wednesday.
Amberhawk Training, 15 Oct 2010

Seagate shenanigans hide cunning plans

Seagate has admitted it is discussing going private for the second time in a month.
Chris Mellor, 15 Oct 2010

O2 hits button on location-based ads

O2 is to start pushing out SMS and MMS advertising, based on where you are and without requiring smartphones or apps - though the operator promises it will be an opt-in service.
Bill Ray, 15 Oct 2010

Yahoo! hit! by! hour-long! downtime! blues!

Yahoo.com went titsup for about an hour yesterday afternoon, but the company hasn't explained what went wrong yet.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Oct 2010
Hot and Cold glyph

Climate change apocalypse NOW

AnalysisThe long-running saga of drowning dogs and weeping rabbits finally drew to a close this week, with the pronouncement by Ofcom that last year’s "Act on CO2" advertising campaign was "not political".
Jane Fae , 15 Oct 2010

PARIS radio chap slips into safe sex outfit

The Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) team are running around like headless chickens ahead of the planned 23 October launch, and while we've now got a main payload, some helium and a substantial cellar of fine Spanish wine to fuel the attempt, we're still plugging away on the Vulture 1 aircraft.
Lester Haines, 15 Oct 2010

Don't stone the DNS heretics

Sysadmin blogI recently asked Rodney Joffe, chief technologist at Neustar, four-decade industry veteran and chair of the Conficker working group, about why he founded UltraDNS and implemented IP Anycast.
Trevor Pott, 15 Oct 2010

BT blasts hundreds of would-be customers' data into Infinity

As one of Britain's largest and most venerable technology firms, you might expect BT to have grasped the basics of email by now.
Team Register, 15 Oct 2010
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Security firms shrug shoulders over GCHQ cyberattack warning

Security firms reckon GCHQ's well-publicised warnings about the threat from cyber attacks earlier this week are timed to coincide with the run-up to the UK government's comprehensive spending review announcement.
John Leyden, 15 Oct 2010

Vodafone moves 360 goalposts

After being forced to allow customers to remove 360 branding and applications by its own terms and conditions, Vodafone has responded by tearing up the offending rules.
Bill Ray, 15 Oct 2010

BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot

Episode 13
Simon Travaglia, 15 Oct 2010

Genuine white iPhone 4 spied in wild

Want a white iPhone 4? Then find yourself a buddy at Apple's Cupertino campus. That's how one - probably the only - lucky US punter got his.
Tony Smith, 15 Oct 2010

Firefox 4 beta 7 hits 'spectacular list of crashes' roadblock

Mozilla’s bumper beta release schedule for Firefox 4 has slipped, which means the seventh test build iteration probably won’t land until the end of October.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Oct 2010

Spanish fascist decries Franco Eurovision slur

FoTWThere was a time when if you had a pop at Spanish fascists they'd have you up against the wall quicker then you could say "¡Viva la Republica!"
Lester Haines, 15 Oct 2010

Skype dials up deal with Facebook

Skype has inked a deal with Facebook by integrating the dominant social network’s News Feed and Phonebook into the Microsoft Windows version of its software.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Oct 2010

Dead baby taunting troll feels wrath of law

OpinionDo not piss off the moderator – or a jail sentence could await you. In fact, do not generally piss people off on the net, or the same may apply, as unemployed Colm Coss of Ardwick, Manchester is likely very soon to be finding out.
Jane Fae , 15 Oct 2010

Fight cyberwar with cold war doctrines, says former DHS chief

Cold war doctrines on how to respond to nuclear attack need to be applied to the 21st century threats of cyber attacks and espionage, according to former US Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff.
John Leyden, 15 Oct 2010

Man wins $650k for stripper shoe eye snafu

A South Florida man is $650,000 richer after successfully suing a strip club, having been injured when a lap dancer poked him in the eye with a stiletto (heel).
Joe Fay, 15 Oct 2010

Trial and error: online comments court attention

The UK Attorney General has said that operators of websites should be responsible for comments made by visitors to their sites that prejudice trials. Dominic Grieve said that he wants "further discussions" on site owners' liability.
OUT-LAW.COM, 15 Oct 2010

ZeuS baddies copy Conficker tactics

Variants of the infamous ZeuS cybercrime toolkit have begun using the tactics of the infamous Conficker worm in a bid to get ahead of security defences.
John Leyden, 15 Oct 2010

MoD braced for painful weight-loss surgery next week

AnalysisNext week the government will finally announce the results of the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), the process by which the armed forces and their plans for the future will be brought into line with the amount of money available to pay for them. So, what's the state of play?
Lewis Page, 15 Oct 2010
Fifa 2011 vs Pro Evo 2011

Fifa 11 vs Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

ReviewLoyalty in football is a strange thing. Through thick and thin, we stay behind our fave football teams. We remain very opinionated about which broadcaster is better. But we're all glory hunters when it comes to football games - we want the best. Loyalty only lasts so long. There's only ever been two footie games that bring such argument into heated dispute: Konami's Pro Evolution and EA's Fifa and it’s been that way for quite some time.
Caleb Cox, 15 Oct 2010

BT dodges UK.gov axe

BT's finances will not be affected by government efforts to renegotiate massive IT contracts, it told investors today.
Team Register, 15 Oct 2010

Microsoft's fear of an OpenOffice

Open...and ShutPerhaps Microsoft's failure to meaningfully penetrate new markets like search has it scrambling to defend old turf like Office, but something is awry in the company's latest salvo against OpenOffice.
Matt Asay, 15 Oct 2010

Samsung pushes Galaxy S users a fix of Froyo

Samsung Galaxy S owners will be getting Android 2.2 any day now, pushed out to Samsung's PC software.
Tony Smith, 15 Oct 2010

Police turn to extreme-sport mobe sucking

Mobile forensics company CY4OR is offering police silica-lined bags, into which they can drop waterlogged phones in the hope of extracting the water, and therefore some useful data too.
Bill Ray, 15 Oct 2010

Samsung's 3-bit MLC NAND

Samsung Electronics has announced the industry’s first mass-production of 3-bit multi-level cell (MLC), 64Gbit flash using 20nm-class technology. Enjoy the lead while it lasts Samsung; it won't be long.
Chris Mellor, 15 Oct 2010
For Sale sign detail

Iomega preps external SSDs

Iomega will release its first USB 3.0 external solid-state drives next month.
Tony Smith, 15 Oct 2010

Futuristic Judge Dredd smartguns issued to 101st Airborne

It's all go in the world of futuristic Judge Dredd style guns today. Reports suggest that a battalion of US airmobile* troops in Afghanistan are to be equipped with the XM-25 computing smart-rifle, able to strike enemies hiding round corners or in trenches. A successful "proof of concept" of a guided homing bullet for use in sniper rifles has also been announced.
Lewis Page, 15 Oct 2010

Ballmer woos students, ogles Google's search & ad model

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer hung out with some more university students yesterday, as he continued his campaign to convince would-be technology and science graduates to work for the software giant.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Oct 2010

Angry Birds addicts crash GetJar site

Android users eager to play Rovio's free Angry Birds game have toppled the servers at GetJar.
Bill Ray, 15 Oct 2010
vulture tv reporter

Ingres and Xeround target MySQL waverers

MySQL competitors are lining up to try and tempt users out of Larry Ellison's tight embrace.
Gavin Clarke, 15 Oct 2010

Google chucks $757m at data center empire

Google's capital expenditures – the amount of money forked into its worldwide network of data centers – reached $757m in the third quarter, their highest level since early 2008, when the company was erecting at least three new data center facilities in the US.
Cade Metz, 15 Oct 2010

Lexmark adds Twitter to printer

It was recently joked that Twitter's downtime marked a boom in worker productivity - or would have if World+Dog hadn't been spending its time by posting 'why is Twitter down?' messages on Facebook.
Hard Reg, 15 Oct 2010

Anonymous plants pirate flag on MPAA website

UpdatedHacktivists planted a pirate flag after defacing an MPAA website, according to security analysts.
John Leyden, 15 Oct 2010

Pirate Bay appeal ends, verdict to follow late next month

The Pirate Bay appeal hearing ended today, but the court’s verdict won’t be revealed until 26 November.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Oct 2010

Opera Mobile for Android: it's no Fatfox

Update: Opera now says that the install size of Opera for Android will be about 20MB and that the download size is 6.5MB. This story has been updated accordingly.
Cade Metz, 15 Oct 2010
server room

HDS kicks Hitachi-partner HP in the array

A senior HDS blogger says HP has added no value to its OEM'd P9500 storage array and that its supposedly unique APEX storage service level software isn't unique at all: HDS does the same thing.
Chris Mellor, 15 Oct 2010

Espionage app updated for Windows phones

A software developer has updated an application that turns smartphones into sophisticated espionage tools that secretly zap contacts, calendar items, and geographic locations to servers of an attacker's choice.
Dan Goodin, 15 Oct 2010

iPad to lead netbook and Kindle market munch

Tablet sales will more than double in the next year, with general-purpose machines taking business from mini notebooks and single-function tablets such as Amazon's Kindle.
Gavin Clarke, 15 Oct 2010

iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid: purveyors of pestilence

Your smartphone or touchscreen tablet is not your friend — not with flu season approaching.
Rik Myslewski, 15 Oct 2010

Google rolls out phishing URL alerts for admins

Google has rolled out a service that alerts administrators when the sites on their networks contain links used in phishing attacks.
Dan Goodin, 15 Oct 2010

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