15th October 2010 Archive

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  • Opteron 6100 server ramp underway, says AMD

    Q4 pick up for 4100s?

    Hardware 15 05:00

  • Samsung HW-C450 2.1 soundbar

    Sonic boon?

    Hardware 15 07:00

  • Staffs cops place ANPR alley on M6

    Staffordshire police sprinkle high-tech cameras on 40 mile stretch

    Law 15 07:00

  • Tranny co Arqiva reshuffles deck

    250 jobs to go in reorg

    Media 15 08:00

  • Amazon Kindle biz boosted by... Apple iPad

    Tablet users turn to retailer for more, cheaper books

    Tablets 15 08:10

  • French taxpayer to subsidise music buyers

    Is this a hand-up, or a handout?

    Media 15 08:20

  • Great white sharks menace Blighty

    Jaws bored with lean Oz surfer steaks, wants a bit of cornish pasty

    Bootnotes 15 08:49

  • Spending Review? Why not axe the Information Commissioner?

    Let's merge four info bodies into one super-regulator

    Law 15 08:56

  • Seagate shenanigans hide cunning plans

    Privacy rules again, okay!

    Storage 15 09:24

  • O2 hits button on location-based ads

    Coffee'n'shampoo straight to your phone. Kinda

    Mobile 15 09:30

  • Yahoo! hit! by! hour-long! downtime! blues!

    Purple portal lost will to live amid takeover gossip

    Applications 15 09:35

  • Climate change apocalypse NOW

    Ofcom says alarmism OK, long as it's 'practical'

    Government 15 09:59

  • PARIS radio chap slips into safe sex outfit

    Attempts to avoid sequin dress

    SPB 15 10:00

  • Don't stone the DNS heretics

    They only said that Anycast was good enough for Jehovah

    Servers 15 10:22

  • BT blasts hundreds of would-be customers' data into Infinity

    Race to Stupidity

    Broadband 15 10:31

  • Security firms shrug shoulders over GCHQ cyberattack warning

    Spy chief may have over-hyped threats

    Security 15 10:34

  • Vodafone moves 360 goalposts

    Operator locks customers into software by changing T&Cs

    Mobile 15 10:44

  • BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot

    Spray you, spray me

    BOFH 15 11:00

  • Genuine white iPhone 4 spied in wild

    Helps to have a mate working for Apple

    Phones 15 11:10

  • Firefox 4 beta 7 hits 'spectacular list of crashes' roadblock

    Release pushed back to end of October

    Applications 15 11:16

  • Spanish fascist decries Franco Eurovision slur

    'F*ck you, stupid piece of red crap'- the flame in Spain...

    Bootnotes 15 11:30

  • Skype dials up deal with Facebook

    Plugs self into über Web2.0 wasteland

    Applications 15 11:35

  • Dead baby taunting troll feels wrath of law

    Trolls, beware: the moderatrix has teeth

    Law 15 11:41

  • Manchester to host UK's first Apple AirPlay demo

    Lots more at the Manchester Home Entertainment Show

    Hardware 15 12:08

  • Fight cyberwar with cold war doctrines, says former DHS chief

    '100 countries have cyber-attack capabilities'

    Security 15 12:27

  • Man wins $650k for stripper shoe eye snafu

    Lapdance face-poke horror provoked by phantom fondler

    Bootnotes 15 12:37

  • Trial and error: online comments court attention

    Att Gen hints at review of responsibilty for online prejudicial comments

    Law 15 12:41

  • ZeuS baddies copy Conficker tactics

    Malware phone-home ploy gets recycled

    Security 15 12:45

  • MoD braced for painful weight-loss surgery next week

    Buzz suggests it'll be liposuction, not amputation

    Government 15 13:09

  • Fifa 11 vs Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

    It's all kicking off

    Games 15 13:13

  • BT dodges UK.gov axe

    Firm keen to reassure investors on bottom line

    The Channel 15 13:19

  • Microsoft's fear of an OpenOffice

    When 94 per cent ain't good enough

    Applications 15 14:00

  • Samsung pushes Galaxy S users a fix of Froyo

    Android 2.2 update here

    Phones 15 14:03

  • Police turn to extreme-sport mobe sucking

    Like getting water out of a phone

    Mobile 15 14:08

  • Samsung's 3-bit MLC NAND

    Short-lived 64Gbit first

    Storage 15 14:14

  • Iomega preps external SSDs

    USB 3.0 on board

    Hardware 15 15:15

  • Futuristic Judge Dredd smartguns issued to 101st Airborne

    Also: Target-seeking sniper bullets move to Phase II

    Science 15 15:17

  • Ballmer woos students, ogles Google's search & ad model

    Steve ponders hits, misses and nothing inbetween

    Software 15 15:28

  • Angry Birds addicts crash GetJar site

    12MB of pig-squashing action clogs servers

    Phones 15 15:47

  • Ingres and Xeround target MySQL waverers

    Take that, Larry

    Applications 15 15:48

  • Google chucks $757m at data center empire

    60% surge in secret hardware cash

    Servers 15 15:56

  • Lexmark adds Twitter to printer

    Another productivity reduction opportunity

    Hardware 15 15:58

  • Anonymous plants pirate flag on MPAA website

    Eat my DNS, etc

    Security 15 16:13

  • Pirate Bay appeal ends, verdict to follow late next month

    'Usual Friday. Possibly a little romance'

    Media 15 16:15

  • Opera Mobile for Android: it's no Fatfox

    Chunky Mozilla browser shamed

    Applications 15 17:59

  • HDS kicks Hitachi-partner HP in the array

    No HP added value in P9500 claim

    Storage 15 18:17

  • Espionage app updated for Windows phones

    Next destination: Android

    Security 15 18:57

  • iPad to lead netbook and Kindle market munch

    Popping tablets in 2011

    Hardware 15 19:49

  • iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid: purveyors of pestilence

    Your smartphone wants you dead

    Mobile 15 22:04

  • Google rolls out phishing URL alerts for admins

    Available in XML

    Security 15 22:50