14th October 2010 Archive

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  • Microsoft confirms Russian pill-pusher attack on its network

    Is there a Linux admin in the house?

    Security 14 00:28

  • Blade Network kicks RackSwitches up to 40 Gigabits

    Single ASIC pumps 1.28 terabits

    Data Networking 14 04:01

  • Behind the Kindle, under the iPad: an unholy alliance

    E-book software and services vs. literature

    Media 14 06:00

  • Digital Stream DHR8203U Freeview HD DVR

    Going with the flow?

    Hardware 14 07:00

  • Opera Mobile for Android: Nearly there!

    Opera 11 set for Firefoxy extensions

    Phones 14 08:34

  • Apple regains top-three computer maker placing

    Back where it started

    Hardware 14 09:00

  • Ryanair wins ihateryanair.co.uk because of £322 ad revenue

    Critic must surrender domain name over trademark issues

    Law 14 09:17

  • Former White House advisor wants cybercrime haven crackdown

    Harbouring hackers not cool

    Security 14 09:22

  • Paris Hilton flashes her Brazilian...

    ...virtual fashion range

    Bootnotes 14 09:25

  • Sony updates Nex camera firmware

    Better support for Alpha lenses

    Hardware 14 09:28

  • Nokia takes C5, adds Wi-Fi, GPS

    Touchphone tweaked

    Phones 14 09:47

  • 3 bigs self up as biggest 3G network

    For now at least

    Mobile 14 10:00

  • Bonfire of the quangos begins

    Website falling over likes it's 1999

    Government 14 10:03

  • Nokia N900 to gain MeeGo dual-boot facility

    Try the future OS without losing smartphone functionality

    Phones 14 10:07

  • High-speed asteroid pile-up prompts X-File

    Astronomers probe 'peculiar' object

    Science 14 10:30

  • AOL, News Corp, private equity firms all have hots for Yahoo!

    Report cites big interest in struggling web portal

    Financial News 14 10:36

  • Archos users celebrate Android app access

    For as long as Google doesn‘t notice

    Tablets 14 10:44

  • Germans develop sleepy-driver car 'warning' system

    Vorsprung durch disziplin- und ordnungstechnik!

    Science 14 11:00

  • WD intros latest network hard drive

    MyBook Live in, MyBook World Edition out

    Hardware 14 11:01

  • Cameron to spend £1bn+ on cyber security

    Operation 'active defence' is go

    Government 14 11:05

  • Want to do a desktop refresh? How would you like to pay?

    The new models for acquisition, management and support

    Desktop Management 14 11:16

  • When Dilbert came to Nokia

    Fascinating report shows how bureaucratic fear sealed company's fate in 2003

    Mobile 14 11:38

  • OOo's put the willies up Microsoft

    Fear of the other

    Applications 14 11:51

  • Ixos Divo 2.1 iPod dock and speakers

    Sound reinforcement for your PC or TV

    Hardware 14 12:00

  • Tape backup could be binned soon

    Imation gets into bed with BDT

    Storage 14 12:16

  • RIM gets another Indian reprieve

    Terrorists dash to their BlackBerrys for three-month free-for-all

    Mobile 14 12:18

  • Overland to cluster SnapServers

    Storage company snaps up Maxiscale assets

    Storage 14 12:35

  • Manchester cops hit Twitter - spoof feeds fall down stairs

    Are there Twits on Mars?

    Law 14 12:46

  • Powermat debuts 'case-less' induction charging kit

    Wireless power

    Hardware 14 13:08

  • Quango bonfire torches websites

    This site is unavailable - forever!

    Government 14 13:25

  • Facebook dismisses Ceglia lawsuit as 'scam'

    Firewood salesman's lawyers insist teen Zuckerberg gave him 50 per cent

    Law 14 13:29

  • Major US carriers sign up to sell Apple iPad

    AT&T, Verizon join Walmart, Target and Best Buy

    Tablets 14 13:45

  • QPad Heaton XL gaming mousepad

    Pad plus

    Games 14 14:00

  • 'Squeeze green oil from North Sea by squirting CO2 in' - prof

    But who'd pay for the salty Perrier? Er, you would

    Science 14 14:03

  • Florida cops tase naked jogger

    'Superpowers' didn't include insulation

    Bootnotes 14 14:04

  • Tablets? Pah! Netbooks still selling well, says analyst...

    ...while quietly cutting its netbook sales forecast

    Tablets 14 14:35

  • Handheld porn market growing fast

    Pocket-based tug-market beats off downturn

    Mobile 14 14:57

  • LightSquared courts disaster with rapid response team

    Has new customers too, but won't say who

    Mobile 14 15:19

  • Robot goes berserk in Balkan lab: 6 boffins given dead arms

    Vending-machine repair unit's violent rampage

    Science 14 16:05

  • Opera: Can someone free Korea from IE?

    Land of the living ActiveX

    Applications 14 16:23

  • Facebook leaked users' real names with advertisers, suit says

    Tell-tale referrer headers violated privacy policy

    Security 14 18:29

  • Mozilla names SAP's mobility man as CEO

    Not an Apotheker

    Applications 14 18:38

  • IBM floats new CloudBurst stacks

    Fluffy and virty x64 blades and Power7 racks

    Servers 14 19:11

  • Larry Ellison to buy EMC?

    Rumeur du merde

    Business 14 20:45

  • Google money machine tops self by 32%

    Mobile ads on pace for $1bn year

    Financial News 14 22:44

  • Microsoft polishes Office Docs for Facebookers

    Ozzie deigns to blog

    Applications 14 23:54

  • Cheers for AMD's shrinking losses

    Or are they for Fusion?

    Financial News 14 23:55