13th October 2010 Archive

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  • Intel CEO: 'We will win in the tablet market'

    But the wait will be long, longer, or longerer

    Mobile 13 05:23

  • Big iron makers test their metal on SAP

    Rites of passage in the server room

    Servers 13 06:34

  • RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800

    Burning sensation?

    Phones 13 07:00

  • Facebook introduces one-time passwords

    Users of sketchy PCs, take note

    Security 13 07:35

  • Spycam school to pay damages for kiddie snaps

    Lawyers rake in most of the cash as laptop camera case ends

    Law 13 08:48

  • Nokia jumps into bed with LightSquared

    And Qualcomm finds use for UK assets

    Mobile 13 09:05

  • The differences that silicon can make to the desktop

    What's under the bonnet

    Server Management 13 09:17

  • Symantec aims for higher levels in auto management

    More abstractions in SFHA and VOM

    Storage 13 09:17

  • National Schools Film Week punts unsafe URL

    NSFW - or class

    Bootnotes 13 10:00

  • Basic security housekeeping vital, says GCHQ boss

    Containing cyber threats mostly straightforward

    Security 13 10:01

  • Bloggers swallow iPhone 4 screen weakness claim

    Display damage data not as transparent as they seem

    Phones 13 10:02

  • Micron CEO waddles onto fattest cat list

    Survey fingers Moneybags Appleton

    Financial News 13 10:21

  • Google Glamour girl joins Schmidt Privy Council

    Mayer goes geo with Places, Maps and Latitude

    Financial News 13 10:25

  • MS confirms Zune for Mac

    Sync WinPho 7 handsets

    Phones 13 10:43

  • EMC picks Greenplum Data Computing appliance


    Storage 13 11:12

  • Currys punts cut-price 3D TV pack for Xmas

    50in telly, specs, player all for under a grand

    Hardware 13 11:24

  • Power grid scare stories a 'bunch of hooey'

    Bloody difficult for your average villain to trigger blackout, say boffins

    Security 13 11:28

  • Everything Everywhere starts staff cull

    But it's no traffic light party

    Mobile 13 11:31

  • Huge jobs loss to follow public sector cuts

    A million posts down the tubes as govt slims down

    Government 13 11:49

  • Bling phone maker invites celebs to flog first smartphone

    'If that bloke on the telly has one, so must I'

    Phones 13 11:54

  • Sony Reader PRS-350 Pocket Edition

    Sony shows the rest how it's done

    Tablets 13 12:00

  • Microsoft lays virtualisation beta egg

    Windows 7 sleight of hand with virty XP

    Operating Systems 13 12:04

  • Sony uncloaks first Google TV television

    Chrome and Android sans settop

    Media 13 12:14

  • Lovefilm confirms PS3 streaming scheme

    Console UI to feature service 'soon'

    Hardware 13 12:23

  • Mozilla foot soldiers unleash 'Army of Awesome' on Twitter

    Brwsr fans & haters tweet on ffox

    Applications 13 12:37

  • Philips readies 'design your own TV' service

    Colours, remote and size among the options

    Hardware 13 12:40

  • Foxconn warns phones prices will rise

    Decent working conditions cost more. Sorry

    Phones 13 12:45

  • Margaret Thatcher celebrates 85 years

    Major British event trumps miner Chilean drama

    Bootnotes 13 12:47

  • Screwpop Tool

    It drives screws! It opens beer bottles!

    Hardware 13 13:33

  • Google tracks inflation with interwebs data

    Consumer Google Price Index

    Applications 13 13:47

  • British bank cuts 4,500 IT jobs

    How many?

    Financial News 13 13:48

  • Small but lethal Lethic is biggest junk mail villain

    MS cleaned botnet infections from over 6.5 million computers in one month

    Security 13 14:23

  • Jobsian fondle-slab in SEXY FILTHGRAM CRACKDOWN

    Biblical irony in bitten-Apple forbidden knowledge ban bid

    Mobile 13 14:35

  • MS speeds ahead as Google stalls on hardware acceleration

    Video thrilled the browser star

    Applications 13 15:16

  • Almost a quarter of Europeans can't be bothered with the net

    It ain't just cost keeping them offline

    Broadband 13 15:32

  • IBM expands Power leasing deal to Europe and Asia

    Oracle and HP Unix shops deal goes globetrotting

    Servers 13 15:42

  • NetApp going Dutch

    Amsterdam is the place

    Storage 13 15:55

  • Oracle re-commits to ODF after OpenOffice divorce

    Some communities you can't cut off

    Applications 13 16:45

  • Apple to lead fanbois 'Back to the Mac'

    Media invited to October 20 event

    Software 13 17:42

  • Broadcom to acquire dual-mode 4G chip designer

    Hedges bets with both WiMAX and LTE support

    Mobile 13 18:28

  • Microsoft's Bing to slurp Facebook users' data and likes

    Scrappy upstart teams with incumbent

    Media 13 21:47

  • Appro overclocks HF1 server for hedge funds

    A truly hot 4.4GHz Xeon box

    HPC 13 22:09

  • PC shipments sag below Q3 targets

    Apple now number three in the US

    Business 13 22:17

  • FCC bids to curb 'bill shock and mystery fees'

    'Wireless subs, we've got your back'

    Broadband 13 23:02