12th October 2010 Archive

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  • Xsigo gooses I/O virtualizer

    40 Gb/sec of InfiniBandwidth

    Servers 12 Oct 05:01

  • Scosche Solbat2 solar charger

    Sunny disposition

    Hardware 12 Oct 07:00

  • Can Windows Phone 7 help Microsoft come from behind?

    Failure an option not preferred

    Software 12 Oct 07:01

  • Their smartphones are on your network

    So deal with them: we show you how

    Reg Technology Panel 12 Oct 08:00

  • HP accuses Hurd of repeated lying

    Ray Lane puts the boot in

    Applications 12 Oct 08:29

  • Windows Phone 7 leaves operators on the hook

    Locked-out operators want to know what's in it for them

    Mobile 12 Oct 09:34

  • Acer gets netbook Happy

    Pastel colours to 'fill your life with excitement and joy'. Oh dear

    Laptops and Tablets 12 Oct 09:35

  • Bruce Willis relaxes as asteroid skims Singapore

    'Zero probability' of impact during fly-by

    Science 12 Oct 09:35

  • Virgin refreshes £8.50-a-month plan's phone line-up

    Newish Nokias, old Samsungs

    Mobile 12 Oct 09:45

  • Yahoo! goes head-to-head with FaceTime!

    Android invited to the party too

    Mobile 12 Oct 10:03

  • Rogue engineer supplied dodgy power to 1,500 homes

    Hacking the grid

    Law 12 Oct 10:15

  • French network talks up Palm Pre 2

    Plus puissant que son prédécesseur

    Phones 12 Oct 10:27

  • Lovefilm to stream to PS3

    More choice if you rent discs

    Media 12 Oct 10:43

  • Philip Green discovers ugly truth of government incompetence

    Gravy train contains actual gravy

    Government 12 Oct 10:45

  • VMware boost vCloud Director cloud creator

    Adds self-service portal, beefs capacity management

    Virtualization 12 Oct 11:00

  • KeyCase iPad Folio Deluxe

    The tablet case with a built-in keyboard

    Laptops and Tablets 12 Oct 11:00

  • Microsoft to stake Office 2010 beta on Halloween

    Hopes downloads won't go bump in night

    Applications 12 Oct 11:03

  • Windows Phone 7's best feature? It's not made by Google

    'Tiles and hubs' aside, it's really fast and easy

    Mobile 12 Oct 11:03

  • DIY cloud box Pogoplug gets integrated wireless

    Shares disks over Wi-Fi, internet

    Hardware 12 Oct 11:04

  • Gov rolls out 'dedicated area of the internet' for digi-ware tests

    Do say: Innovationation! Don't say: Double-dip recession

    Government 12 Oct 11:10

  • Hypervisors: grinding through to bare metal

    Getting control of the desktop

    Desktop Management 12 Oct 11:35

  • Apple trade marks 'There's an app for that'

    Reg subs break out in cold sweat

    Mobile 12 Oct 11:48

  • Viking Modular to double SSD speed

    SandForce technology helps ramp up performance

    Storage 12 Oct 11:50

  • Sex offender tagging system crashes

    Database screw-up takes 16,000 off the grid

    Applications 12 Oct 11:58

  • TPB 4 face prosecutor's wrath

    The Pirate Bay plaintiff 'stands firm' on original verdict as appeal continues

    Law 12 Oct 13:30

  • CEOP chief accuses UK.gov of putting kids at risk

    Microsoft 'extremely unlikely' to maintain support, claims Gamble

    Law 12 Oct 13:35

  • Guardian super-blogger flames Reg boffinry desk

    'You totally contradicted the Grauniad's coverage!!'

    Science 12 Oct 14:07

  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    Monkey Tragic

    Games 12 Oct 14:18

  • Coalition promises to kill three-quarters of its websites

    Not actually sure how many we've got though

    Government 12 Oct 14:30

  • Fujitsu's NAS box for beginners

    Celvin Q800 is the (small) business

    Storage 12 Oct 14:43

  • Windows Phone 7: handsets, operators compared

    What to buy - and from whom

    Phones 12 Oct 14:52

  • Facebook is 'killing privacy for commercial gain'

    Crypto guru slates social networking

    Security 12 Oct 15:26

  • Pittsburgh boffinryplex fires up Altix UV 1000 combo-box

    'Blacklight' to be joined by sister in Fusionopolis

    HPC 12 Oct 15:54

  • Amazon shrinks books with Kindle Singles

    Perfect for short attention spans 'killer ideas'

    Media 12 Oct 16:44

  • Google and friends scheme offshore windmill army

    $5bn underwater power backbone

    Science 12 Oct 17:00

  • Windows to Linux defections to outpace Unix shifts in 2011

    Recession or no recession, the penguin paddles

    Operating Systems 12 Oct 18:26

  • Ruskie gang hijacks Microsoft network to push penis pills

    Redmond abused as scammers' IP bitch

    Security 12 Oct 18:36

  • Capgemini pushes efficiency limits in Swindon data centre

    Merlin wields thermodynamic magic wand

    Servers 12 Oct 18:56

  • Foxconn fires back at abuse allegations

    'Caged' workers find powerful protector?

    Business 12 Oct 20:33

  • Intel reports first $11bn-plus quarter

    Exuberant but not 'irrationally exuberant'

    Financial News 12 Oct 21:26

  • Microsoft releases fixes for record number of vulns

    49 bugs squished

    Security 12 Oct 23:21

  • Cloudera and Membase unveil NoSQL togetherness

    Hyper-scale analytics

    Applications 12 Oct 23:26

  • Intel: 2010 is not your grandfather's refresh cycle

    Servers, enterprise PCs keep plugging along

    Servers 12 Oct 23:35