11th October 2010 Archive

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  • QLogic's 3G CNA does three things at once

    FCoE, iSCSI and IP at same time

    Storage 11 05:00

  • Ubuntu 10.10: date with destiny missed

    Cosmetic polish ignores partition pain

    Operating Systems 11 06:00

  • Branson 'spaceship' successfully falls off mothership

    Surly bonds of Earth still in place for Virgin

    Science 11 07:34

  • Men suffer most in recession

    But women are still paid less

    Government 11 08:35

  • Cambridge chap's todger topiary gets the chop

    Keen gardener 'stunned' by police hard line

    Bootnotes 11 08:36

  • Zork goes native on the Kindle

    Avoiding the Grue on the plane

    Games 11 09:27

  • Quantum's DXi big box boost

    Hopes to outpace DD's 880

    Storage 11 09:38

  • Doctor Who touches down in US of A

    New series to open in Utah

    Hardware 11 09:40

  • Red Wii, DS coming to UK this month

    Mario Bros anniversary editions

    Games 11 09:53

  • Commission proposes new EU cybercrime law

    Unified botnet bamboozle

    Government 11 10:13

  • Ballerina canned for flashing her assets

    Vienna State opera shocked by men's mag exposure

    Bootnotes 11 10:15

  • Malware forces Firefox to save passwords

    Prompt schmompt

    Security 11 10:29

  • Unlimited CRB checks may fall away

    'Non-conviction' information doesn't clarify much, says Equalities Minister

    Government 11 10:35

  • Flexi E Ink screen finds home in curved world time watch

    Phosphor says 'no' to flat faces

    Hardware 11 10:41

  • One For All SV9380 Freeview HD indoor aerial

    Well received?

    Hardware 11 10:44

  • Hitachi GST catch up with 10K drive

    600GB and a power-miser but late in the game

    Storage 11 10:54

  • LG UK blog lets slip Windows Phone 7 details

    Optimus 7 outed

    Phones 11 11:04

  • Angry Birds tweet fury at Redmond

    Microsoft lifted our IP to flog new handset, say developers

    Applications 11 11:07

  • Another huge ice discovery made in Asteroid Belt

    Stake your claims before the space Water Rush sets in

    Science 11 11:10

  • Microsoft says US staff must chip in for healthcare

    A life more ordinary for MS workers

    Operating Systems 11 11:13

  • WinPatrol blames McAfee for lost business

    'False alarm scared off customers'

    Security 11 11:25

  • Kensington revamps laptop lock

    ClickSafe easier to use, more secure, claims firm

    Laptops 11 11:32

  • Navigon 70 Plus satnav

    Street cred

    Science 11 12:11

  • Blackhat SEO 'cheats' Reddit

    Shill vote scheme cooks up upvotes

    Applications 11 12:30

  • Redmond rumours over Massive kill

    Game over for in-game ads unit?

    Applications 11 12:32

  • Where is your data?

    That bloke with the VPN on his mobile had it last

    Servers 11 12:36

  • Symantec dips toe into hardware water

    Product range set to grow through Huawei-Symantec JV

    Storage 11 13:14

  • Royal Navy running-jump method confirmed for F-35B

    Supersonic stealth jumpjet to learn Brit trick

    Government 11 13:36

  • The changing face of branch offices

    Hot workers, hot desks, stressed IT?

    Desktop Management 11 13:40

  • Health records get clean bill of health

    'Awareness campaigns' planned for unsuspecting patients

    Government 11 14:17

  • Correction

    Norman Wisdom and Wikipedia

    Site News 11 15:00

  • Telcos don't tell about disabled policies

    Mystery callers kept in dark

    Broadband 11 15:01

  • UK gov could not procure its way out of a paper bag

    Green finds gruesome inefficiency shock

    Government 11 15:05

  • 'Big Four' lose filesharing case against Irish ISP

    UPC throws 'three strikes' hot potato at 'native industry'

    Media 11 15:14

  • Stephen Fry eats humble pie for Windows Phone 7

    New phones, operator partners announced

    Mobile 11 15:42

  • Windows Phone 7: 'Different, delightful'... and unfinished

    The sound of one phone shipping

    Phones 11 15:44

  • Hefty physicist: Global warming is 'pseudoscientific fraud'

    'Academia corrupted' by flow of green greenbacks

    Science 11 15:58

  • Microsoft shows Venue Pro smartphone for Dell

    Only WinPho 7 handset with microkeyboard

    Phones 11 16:09

  • MS pledges Windows Phone 7 '1.1' update early 2011

    Cut'n'paste coming

    Phones 11 16:14

  • Stratus adds Hyper-V virt to fault tolerant servers

    A new Westmere-EP box, too

    Servers 11 16:25

  • Hands on with Windows Phone 7

    More a re-skin than a re-invention

    Phones 11 18:02

  • Marathon everRun MX: 'major' multicore virty breakthrough

    VMware, Citrix, or Microsoft should snap 'em up

    Servers 11 18:44

  • HP cutting 1,300 (more) UK jobs, union claims

    'Hell bent' on Blighty workforce 'butchery'

    Business 11 21:16

  • IBM backs Oracle against Apache and Google's Android

    Takes power and progress over frustration

    Developer 11 23:13

  • Microsoft plays favorites in Windows Phone 7 cloud picks

    Beats a big calculator

    Mobile 11 23:24

  • TV numbers sink as iOS usage rises

    Ow My Balls beats Fox's Idol — just

    Media 11 23:38