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Inside Windows Phone 7: ghost of Zune

A cinema in Manchester has formed the unlikely venue for a full-day drill-down on developing for Windows Phone 7, sponsored by Microsoft but organised by UK .NET community group DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper (seriously).
Tim Anderson, 10 Oct 2010

Google TV makes some media hookups

We said at the launch of Google TV that without content it meant nothing: but of course Google has been quietly working away on content, and has come up this week with the early fruits of its labour.
Wireless Watch, 10 Oct 2010

Foxconn faces leaked report of worker abuse, violence

A soon-to-be-released study will reveal that Taiwan-based Foxconn, mega-manufacturer of a broad range of electronics from the iPhone to the Wii, engages in widespread employee abuse, harsh punishment, illegal labor practices, and unsafe working conditions.
Rik Myslewski, 10 Oct 2010

Google robo cars drive selves on public streets

Google has built a fleet of cars that drive themselves, and over the past several months, these robotic vehicles have driven over 140,000 miles on public roads, from the Pacific Coast Highway to the famous twists and turns of San Francisco's Lombard Street.
Cade Metz, 10 Oct 2010

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