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Apple patent pic revives touchscreen Mac buzz

Just days after rumors of an impending touchscreen iMac were put to rest, a US patent application has been published that revives them once again — but with a twist.
Rik Myslewski, 08 Oct 2010

Google UK on mission to brainwash news media

Google UK has a certain knack for borging members of the mainstream news media. And when it's not swallowing these poor souls whole, it's at least working to control their minds.
Cade Metz, 08 Oct 2010

Robot teddy bears attack Alzheimer's

ROTMIf your granny has gone 'round the bend, Fujitsu has just the item to bring her back to the here and now: a robotic, theraputic teddy bear.
Rik Myslewski, 08 Oct 2010

Mozilla answers WebKit with first mobile Firefox 4 beta

Mozilla has released its first mobile Firefox 4 beta, offering test versions of the open source browser for both Google Android and Nokia Maemo.
Cade Metz, 08 Oct 2010
Humax HDR-Fox T2 Freeview HD recorder

Humax HDR-Fox T2 Freeview HD DVR

ReviewFrom a fairly slow start, the number of Freeview HD recorders is growing quite quickly; but the Humax has been one that many people have been waiting for. The company has a pretty good pedigree with DVRs for other services, and expectations have been quite high for the HDR Fox T2.
Nigel Whitfield, 08 Oct 2010

Microsoft plans biggest ever Patch Tuesday

Microsoft plans to push out a bumper crop of 16 bulletins - four critical - as part of the October edition of Patch Tuesday next week. The updates represent Microsoft's largest ever Patch Tuesday.
John Leyden, 08 Oct 2010

Everything Everywhere consummates merger

Orange and T-Mobile have have gone from "it's complicated" to "in a relationship" as their customers roam freely between the two networks.
Bill Ray, 08 Oct 2010

Dixons touts tablets

First Next, now Dixons. The retaill group's PC World and Currys stores will next month begin selling - yes, you've guessed it - an own-brand 7in Android tablet for the low, low price of £130.
Tony Smith, 08 Oct 2010

Vodafone buys 2 billing companies

Vodafone has bought two mobile billing companies - Quickcomm and TnT Expense Management.
John Oates, 08 Oct 2010

UAE unbans BlackBerrys

The United Arab Emirates has cancelled the planned ban on RIM's BlackBerry service, saying that it no longer represents a threat to national security, but not explaining why.
Bill Ray, 08 Oct 2010

HTC design cleans Nokia's clock

CommentA stone's throw from El Reg's West End Office is Nokia's London design office. If the windows on Great Pulteney Street appear to be steamed up, here's a clue why.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2010

Three new 'nauts head off to ISS

Russian cosmonauts Oleg Skripochka and Alexander Kaleri, along with NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, blasted off last night from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome ahead of a five-month stay aboard the International Space Station.
Lester Haines, 08 Oct 2010

Doctor Who to hit Wii on 12 November

Asylum Entertainment's two Nintendo Doctor Who games - one for the DS, the other for the Wii - will go on sale on 12 November.
Hard Reg, 08 Oct 2010

Feds asked to probe Google's leaky search terms

The FTC is considering a complaint that Google conceals the fact that users' search terms are handed over to the websites they visit.
Christopher Williams, 08 Oct 2010
Castlevania Lord of Shadows

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows

ReviewThe challenge to create an entirely new Castlevania game must have been a daunting one for developer Mercury Steam. Plucked from the relative obscurity of developing American McGee's Scrapland and Clive Barker's Jericho, the Spanish developer found itself dice-in-hand for Konami's big-budget gamble of rebooting its vampire-hunting franchise in 3D.
Andrew Bailey, 08 Oct 2010

Microsoft, Adobe merger? Yeah, right

A merger between software vendors Microsoft and Adobe has been reportedly dismissed as “nonsense” by sources inside Redmond.
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Oct 2010

Duke Nukem Forever demo'd on video

NSFWShot at the FirstLook games convention in Amsterdam, here's how long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever is shaping up. The good stuff's four minutes in.
Hard Reg, 08 Oct 2010

Kindle users get Zorked out

Kindle users can now lose themselves in the worlds of Zork I, II & III, as long as the connectivity lasts, and not in the dark obviously.
Bill Ray, 08 Oct 2010

Tesla Motors: Our cars don't burst into flame, but our emails do

FoTWHere at the Reg it's one of our editorial goals to live in peace and harmony with our fellow men and women, seeking merely to report the news with a minimum of stress and conflict and making the world a better and happier place thereby*.
Lewis Page, 08 Oct 2010

Marantz intros 'world's first' AirPlay hi-fi

The Marantz logo has been on Apple's AirPlay website ever since the Mac maker announced the new name for its media streaming tech at the start of September. It's no surprise, then, that the AV firm is releasing AirPlay-compatible kit, but now we know what and when.
Tony Smith, 08 Oct 2010

Operators demand smartphones sort signalling storm

While operators spent 2009 fretting about data traffic overloading their fragile 3G networks, this year they have also been worrying about another stress on their systems, exploding signalling burdens from 'chatty' devices that constantly poll the network in applications like social networking updates.
Wireless Watch, 08 Oct 2010

BOFH: Lock shock

Episode 12
Simon Travaglia, 08 Oct 2010

Android rebellion: How to tame your stupid smartphone

Many Android users are finding their shiny new handsets almost impossible to use due to a plethora of issues needing ridiculous workarounds, from creating and deleting multiple cloud accounts to repeatedly hard resetting.
Bill Ray, 08 Oct 2010

May the SandForce be with you

Flash is knocking harder at the storage array performance disk door, and is poised to burst through. A new controller from SandForce will help push the door wide open.
Chris Mellor, 08 Oct 2010

Microsoft pays licence fees for 74 smartphone patents

Microsoft licensed 74 patents yesterday with Acacia Research Corp for an undisclosed sum.
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Oct 2010

Blogger stokes iPhone 4 shatter fears

We're not sure how seriously to take claims that some third-party iPhone 4 cases can cause the handset's rear glass panel to shatter.
Tony Smith, 08 Oct 2010

Doctors' appointment system goes tits up

EMIS PCS, the management system for doctors' surgeries, was unavailable for use to hundreds of doctors for much of Wednesday and at least some of Thursday.
John Oates, 08 Oct 2010

Aggrieved boffins to march on Whitehall

Thousands of white-coated boffins and their supporters are expected at a rally in London this weekend to protest against expected cuts in science funding.
Team Register, 08 Oct 2010

PARIS furnished with engorgement

The Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) team nipped out yesterday to pick up a satisfyingly large bottle of helium: an 80kg steel beast packing a tad over 10 cubic metres of lifting gas.
Lester Haines, 08 Oct 2010

Apple 'puts the scares on Spotify'

Spotify was supposed to launch in the United States last year - but it may not now even launch this year. An intriguing explanation for the delay has been floated by Greg Sandoval at CNET - Apple is putting the scares on the music business by pointing to doubts about the viability of Spotify's business, he suggests, and playing on the labels' fears that revenues that the digital download market may be affected.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2010

Fannie Mae logic-bomb saboteur convicted

A computer contractor has been convicted of planting a logic bomb on the servers of Fannie Mae, the financially troubled US housing and mortgage giant.
John Leyden, 08 Oct 2010
fingers pointing at man

Crucial intros 1.8in SSD series

Memory specialist Crucial has released a set of 1.8in SSDs.
Tony Smith, 08 Oct 2010

MySQL price hikes reveal depth of Oracle's wallet love

Open...and ShutOracle has repeatedly declared its intent to invest heavily in MySQL technology in its effort to up-end Microsoft's SQL Server business.
Matt Asay, 08 Oct 2010
Cisco Flip Mino HD

Cisco Flip Mino HD 8GB video camera

ReviewAppearing in its second-generation guise in March this year, the Flip Mino HD received a few refinements, the most obvious being the larger 2in screen and an 8GB version allowing for up to two hours of video recording. Yet this popular pocket video camera has always lacked image stabilisation, that is, until now.
Sonal Sachdeva, 08 Oct 2010

'We Want Two' Navy carrier plan pondered by Cabinet

CommentBeleaguered admirals are fighting hard to save the Royal Navy's new aircraft carriers and with them the service's status as a world top-three navy, according to reports. One plan thought to be on the table bears a close resemblance to that set out in the Register's recent "We Want Two [carriers] Or No Votes For You" campaign.
Lewis Page, 08 Oct 2010

HMRC systems downed by upgrades

The benefits and tax systems are suffering lengthy downtime for upgrade work this week and over the weekend.
Team Register, 08 Oct 2010

ICO issues draft data-sharing code

The Information Commissioner's Office is to consult about a new code of practice for sharing personal data.
Kable, 08 Oct 2010

Germans radio tag ID cards and phones

German telcos are planning to trial NFC payment stickers next year, though from next month every German ID card will contain a radio tag able to secure internet commerce.
Bill Ray, 08 Oct 2010

Apple tinkering with subs-based iTunes service, says report

Apple is reportedly talking with big name record labels to provide a subscription-based music service that will give unlimited access to songs for a monthly fee.
Team Register, 08 Oct 2010
DVD it in many colours

Danube sludge peril: Brown trouser time or not?

Millions of tonnes of “red sludge” flowing into the Danube: sounds like Hungary's got something of an environmental problem, doesn't it? And indeed they do, but it's a short-term one, not the long-term disaster that the likes of Greenpeace (hey, surprise!) are telling us all it is.
Tim Worstall, 08 Oct 2010

Mozilla puts Firefox 4 Android beta on crash diet

The Firefox 4 Android beta is morbidly obese. But Mozilla has a diet plan.
Cade Metz, 08 Oct 2010

Verizon: we like Microsoft, but not Windows Phone 7

America's largest wireless provider has thrown a cold, wet blanket on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 event, scheduled for next week in New York.
Gavin Clarke, 08 Oct 2010

Grocery terminals slurped payment card data

Grocery chain Aldi Inc. has warned customers in 11 states that their payment card data may have been slurped up by point-of-sale terminals that were illegally planted by identity thieves.
Dan Goodin, 08 Oct 2010

Yahoo! preps (cellular) video chat for iPhone, Android

Yahoo! plans to one-up Apple's FaceTime video-calling capability with a new version of its Yahoo! Messenger mobile app that not only supports video calls, but — unlike Wi-Fi–only FaceTime — will also do so over carriers' wireless networks.
Rik Myslewski, 08 Oct 2010

Google TV transplants Android on Intel

Google TV is based on Android, the (kinda) open source Google operating system originally built for ARM-equipped cell phones. But the imminent television settop platform doesn't run on ARM. Google has ported Android to Intel's CE4100, an Atom-based system-on-a-chip designed specifically for consumer electronics devices.
Cade Metz, 08 Oct 2010

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