6th October 2010 Archive

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  • Google spits back at Oracle's Android suit

    Your honor, we're more open

    Developer 06 04:26

  • Man ordered to pay Facebook $1bn

    Attack of the penis-enlargment ads

    Security 06 04:35

  • IBM floats Notes for Microsoft Exchange wobblers

    License bait

    The Channel 06 04:43

  • Computacenter wins bus contract

    £14m for desktops

    The Channel 06 06:00

  • HP ramps up containerized data centers

    Punching holes in the factory wall

    Servers 06 06:00

  • ScaleMP, IBM bond to fluff x64 systems

    How come the li'l one is yet to be et?

    HPC 06 06:00

  • Amazon Kindle 3 e-book reader

    Mobile library downsized and overhauled

    Tablets 06 07:00

  • Cryptome vows to pursue those who breached site

    'We will burn the hacker's ass for that'

    Security 06 08:00

  • DiData buys Kiwi dealer

    Reseller snaps up Axon without revealing price tag

    The Channel 06 08:51

  • Youth jailed for not handing over encryption password

    Second ever sentence for RIPA offence

    Law 06 09:12

  • Field Service Engineers and their needs

    Keeping the remote workers working

    Desktop Management 06 09:16

  • Samsung hails Galaxy Tab charity donation plan

    Spend £600, we'll give a tenner

    Tablets 06 09:19

  • Penis pill spam shrinks

    Spamit! Affiliate shuts up shop

    Security 06 09:24

  • Official exposes govt IT overlaps

    Central govt's suspension of IT projects shows identical projects underway

    Government 06 09:30

  • Google sticks goggles on the iPhone

    Fanboys get to squint at product logos too

    Phones 06 09:39

  • Next Palm smartphone out early 2011, says HP

    WebOS 2.0 on board?

    Phones 06 09:54

  • Voice-routing call fingerprint system fights 'vishing'

    'Actually, I don't think my bank has a Lagos call centre'

    Security 06 10:05

  • 3PAR CEO to run HP StorageWorks

    Roadmap changes afoot?

    Storage 06 10:13

  • Apple TV costs 40 quid to make

    Profit-tastic, apparently

    Hardware 06 10:45

  • Apple censors shut down BitTorrent app client

    Developer slipped by iTunes app storekeepers by not mentioning the protocol

    Mobile 06 10:47

  • Yahoo! pulls! on! Dapper! suit! to! chase! Google! display! ad! tail!

    Bartz knots purple bow tie

    Financial News 06 10:48

  • Little Chef in 'I ♥ Charlie' t-shirt outrage

    Coke-crazed students snap up Bolivian marching apparel

    Bootnotes 06 10:50

  • PARIS unveils impressive box

    Main payload container ready for lift-off

    SPB 06 11:00

  • McCanns join CEOP quango row

    Home Office stands firm

    Law 06 11:03

  • Samsung shows Wave II smartphone

    Updated Bada on board

    Phones 06 11:12

  • The Curse of Wikipedia strikes Norman Wisdom

    Graun, Mirror fall for bogus factoids

    Media 06 11:13

  • WAC wiki creates Waikiki

    It asks developers to comment on draft APIs

    Mobile 06 11:34

  • UK energy industry mugs customers

    £32 billion? That'll do nicely

    Science 06 11:41

  • Ex-General Electric boss unleashes bile on HP board

    'Big mouth' Larry not the only CEO to bitch and moan

    Financial News 06 11:44

  • Close integration cannot stop at the HW/SW boundary

    Even if openness suffers

    Storage 06 11:59

  • Sony Ericsson Zylo

    A Walkman phone by any other name

    Phones 06 12:00

  • Security threats for mobile users

    How to find them and stop them

    Reg Technology Panel 06 12:00

  • Man enraged by sagging pants pops cap in teen's ass

    Meanwhile, Florida man denies knowledge of butt crack

    Bootnotes 06 12:38

  • Hitachi shows 1600 x 1200 panel for 7in tablets

    302ppi touchscreen, anyone?

    Tablets 06 12:45

  • Navy Carriers: We want two or no votes for you, Tories

    No frigate on Caribbean drugs patrol? Imagine my concern

    Government 06 13:25

  • AMD says it is definitely, really not for sale

    But what were you thinking of offering, Oracle?

    The Channel 06 13:43

  • ICO wants clearer definition of 'personal' data

    Wording of the Data Protection Act creates legal mess

    Law 06 14:17

  • Nokia's anti-capitalist RPG heads for console

    Be Swampy without leaving the sofa

    Mobile 06 14:25

  • Keyboard-equipped iPad cases comes to Blighty

    Don't tell netbook buffs

    Tablets 06 14:32

  • OLPC makes first-world tablet

    Non-profit partners Marvell on PC for western consumers

    Tablets 06 14:41

  • Miniskirted Brazilian is appealing...

    ...$24k damages for baying mob ordeal

    Bootnotes 06 14:51

  • Brasso Gadgetcare

    Product reviews in 140 characters or less

    Hardware 06 14:51

  • 20% of TVs to ship in 2015 will be 3D, says analyst

    We say almost all of them will

    Hardware 06 15:20

  • Kiss frontman gives file-sharers tongue-lashing

    'Even the poop they poop out is the food I bought them'

    Media 06 15:25

  • Intel preps ARM-to-x86 porting tool for iOS apps

    Please bring your popular software to our platform

    Phones 06 15:41

  • Euro Council of Ministers wants Happy World

    Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was nice

    Broadband 06 15:42

  • Opera targets unsmartphones with Mini ad exchange

    How to make money without a monopoly – or a sugar daddy

    Mobile 06 15:59

  • Adobe Reader purged of hole that was under attack

    22 other bugs also exterminated

    Security 06 18:14

  • Mozilla upsets net world order with Bing on Firefox

    Microsoft slips under Google sugar daddy

    Software 06 19:11

  • Citrix beefs up virtual computing

    Lots o' Xen tweaks. GoToMeeting video

    Virtualization 06 19:30

  • Hackers hijack internet voting system in Washington DC

    All your votes are belong to us

    Security 06 19:51

  • Logitech unveils first Google TV box

    $300 webtelevision ships this month

    Media 06 20:08

  • Opensourcer targets Windows Phone 7 hopefuls

    Silverlight cash in

    Developer 06 20:17

  • Facebook unveils changes to enhance privacy

    Groups: Now with more user control

    Security 06 20:57

  • Cisco jump-starts home 'telepresence'

    HD video calls made consumer friendly

    Hardware 06 21:05

  • Motorola sues Apple over - what else? - patents

    'Dog fight' escalates

    Business 06 23:36

  • Android phone auto reverts jailbreaks

    T-Mobile firmware rollback squashes modders

    Mobile 06 23:40