5th October 2010 Archive

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  • UK head of online child protection resigns

    Demands 'arm's length relationship' - or he's off

    Government 05 Oct 04:00

  • iPhone app tagged as terror tool

    Tory MP decries jihad juicing 'madness'

    Security 05 Oct 05:00

  • EMC boosts NetWorker

    Faster, simpler backups promised

    Storage 05 Oct 06:25

  • Audio Chi W-series headphones

    Virtuoso performance on the cheap

    Hardware 05 Oct 07:00

  • Hull man guilty of snooping on hundreds of medical records

    He broke the Computer Misuse Act out of 'curiousity'

    Security 05 Oct 08:20

  • Project Champion Report misses targets

    On CCTV, privacy, data protection...

    Law 05 Oct 09:19

  • Foursquare falls down, lurches back up

    Where the hell was I last night?

    Mobile 05 Oct 09:21

  • NASA's WISE loses its chill

    Frozen hydrogen spent, but heavenly surveyor lives on

    Science 05 Oct 09:41

  • HTC Windows Phone 7 handset turns Orange

    And Orange turns red...

    Phones 05 Oct 09:50

  • Opting out of behavioural ads to get easier for US users

    US trade bodies to set a single point where users can opt out

    Media 05 Oct 09:55

  • Tony Curtis goes to grave with iPhone

    Turn-by-turn directions to the afterlife

    Bootnotes 05 Oct 09:59

  • Drobo beefs up filer FS box

    Eight drives now

    Storage 05 Oct 10:04

  • Next Palm to drop physical keyboard, says mole

    Touchscreen only to take on iPhone, Android

    Phones 05 Oct 10:10

  • Legendary steampunk computer 'should be built' - programmer

    Ada Lovelace's code to run on Analytical Engine at last?

    Science 05 Oct 10:42

  • Three-version Avatar disc sets out 15 November

    Avatards rejoice!

    Hardware 05 Oct 10:50

  • Ballmer goes to LSE as internal doc calls for radical overhaul of MS

    'Volleyball, baby. Boom'

    The Channel 05 Oct 10:57

  • Iran nuclear plant shutdown due to 'leak'

    Mystery delay unrelated to Stuxnet infection, claims minister

    Security 05 Oct 11:03

  • Diary of an Overflow Addict

    Upvote, accept

    Verity Stob 05 Oct 11:11

  • Qualcomm halts the FLO of TV

    Mobile TV again fails to ignite world

    Mobile 05 Oct 11:44

  • Apple wants halt to $600m patent case

    Unabomber victim wants his money

    Mobile 05 Oct 11:45

  • Hiberno-mooner stalks Google Street View

    Has pale rider ender gone beyond the pale?

    Bootnotes 05 Oct 11:47

  • Sir Norman Wisdom dies at 95

    RIP comic and Albanian national hero

    Bootnotes 05 Oct 11:49

  • Samsung Galaxy Apollo Android smartphone

    Handy social behaviour?

    Phones 05 Oct 12:00

  • Internet firms welcome CEOP chief's exit

    'Aggressive' approach unlamented

    Government 05 Oct 12:00

  • Driver follows satnav to his doom

    Drowns in reservoir

    Science 05 Oct 12:05

  • Hitachi launches little whoppers

    HIghest SFF areal density

    Storage 05 Oct 12:23

  • WD upgrades external HDDs to USB 3.0

    Superspeed ahoy!

    Hardware 05 Oct 12:29

  • £1bn+ Royal Navy destroyer finally fires 'disgraceful' weapon

    MoD, Euro armsbiz in cost/time/goodness cockup hat-trick

    Science 05 Oct 12:43

  • Android is turning a profit for Google

    Google says so, so it must be true

    Mobile 05 Oct 13:17

  • Cisco sets Warrior on unit left empty by new Skype CEO

    CTO juggles enterprise, commercial, small biz hats

    Data Networking 05 Oct 13:18

  • Spuds for laptop fraudsters strike in Huntingdon

    Fresh sighting of autumn crop con

    Security 05 Oct 13:22

  • WD rolls out 3TB today

    Seagate has some catching up to do

    Storage 05 Oct 13:38

  • Verity Stob faces execution, Wikipedia-style

    Citation needed

    Verity Stob 05 Oct 14:17

  • iPhone makes many Aussies late/early for work

    No daylight saving down under, mate

    Mobile 05 Oct 14:34

  • Nokia's Meego boss goes

    Needed: New Linux box

    Mobile 05 Oct 14:45

  • HP sprinkles GPU chips on new cookie sheet servers

    Building block for 2.4 petaflops Tsubame 2 super

    Servers 05 Oct 14:46

  • Symantec pushes mobile security onto Android and iOS

    Do Androids dream of remote wipe?

    Security 05 Oct 15:05

  • Cut-price Android tablets ahoy!

    Fashion retailers, surplus stockists get in on the act as kit floods in from China

    Tablets 05 Oct 15:43

  • Boston firefighters get oxygen masks for cats and dogs

    No furry chum need fear the smoke-choke

    Bootnotes 05 Oct 15:57

  • Apple's iPad is the hotcake of the 21st century

    Set to become fastest-selling non-phone tech device ever

    Tablets 05 Oct 16:11

  • Touchscreen iMac rumor snuffed

    Taiwanese talker shocker

    Hardware 05 Oct 17:42

  • Software dev turned rogue trader gets jail and €4.9bn fine

    Sacré bleu! Jerome Kerviel sentenced

    Security 05 Oct 17:50

  • Russian authorities detain suspected bank carding kingpin

    $660,000 gone in 6 months

    Security 05 Oct 17:58

  • Research links laptops to 'toasted skin syndrome'

    How to avoid the mottled moron look

    Laptops 05 Oct 19:30

  • Send in the (MySQL) clones

    Amazon takes relational to a higher plane, and cuts prices

    Software 05 Oct 21:45

  • vBulletin sues ex-devs over 'from scratch' competitor

    Forum giant sparks forum mayhem (again)

    Software 05 Oct 21:50

  • Apple buys out $1bn data center squatters

    $1.7m in cash, catfish, bass, sofa

    Business 05 Oct 22:44

  • Cisco buffs Borderless Networks brand gear

    VMware virty server stuffed into routers

    Networks 05 Oct 23:37