1st October 2010 Archive

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  • The last storage array you will buy

    Shhh. Don't tell the vendors

    Storage 01 Oct 00:01

  • Google punts url shortener to world+dog

    Standalone goo.gl

    Media 01 Oct 03:00

  • Internet tethering spotted in iPad iOS beta

    US users not invited

    Phones 01 Oct 04:00

  • AutoCAD bear hugs interwebs, Apple iOS

    Spreads 'Butterfly' wings

    Software 01 Oct 05:00

  • HP strikes back at Oracle with SAP CEO pick

    Apotheker more Hurd than Hurd

    Software 01 Oct 05:09

  • RIM: 'We don't need 200 fart apps'

    Quality not toots and poots

    Mobile 01 Oct 06:00

  • Ryder Cup in a flap over Twitter ban

    No birdie for you. Oh go on then. Actually don't

    Media 01 Oct 07:00

  • EFF backs political site's Righthaven counter-suit

    'Copyright troll' under fire

    Law 01 Oct 07:51

  • WIN a Synology DS110+ Nas and 2TB WD hard drive

    Media streaming powerhouse up for grabs

    Hardware 01 Oct 08:00

  • Pentagon out to 'destroy' Wikileaks, founder says

    Assange strikes back

    Security 01 Oct 08:00

  • Everything Everywhere axes 1,200

    Let the synergies commence

    Mobile 01 Oct 08:15

  • Sony Bravia KDL-46EX403 46in LCD TV

    Big name, big screen, budget price?

    Hardware 01 Oct 08:49

  • Samsung shuts out Symbian

    No more Mr Dithering guy

    Mobile 01 Oct 09:12

  • ToryDems nearly swallow Labour blueprint of equality for all

    Employers aghast at discrimination by association

    Small Biz 01 Oct 09:14

  • Adobe readies critical Reader update

    Root cause of PDF complexity hairball remains

    Security 01 Oct 09:29

  • New GM worms mean large scale spider-silk production

    Boffins sidestep difficulties of farming spiders

    Science 01 Oct 09:54

  • Gov Applications Store prototype due next year

    'G Cloud to bring public sector IT savings'

    The Channel 01 Oct 09:56

  • Fruit bat fellatio team crowned Ig Nobel laureate

    Whale snot gathering helicopter also honoured

    Science 01 Oct 09:59

  • £180 7in Android tablet launched

    Disgo fever

    Tablets 01 Oct 10:22

  • Panasonic preps camera-branded blower

    Lumix Phone to debut next week

    Phones 01 Oct 10:39

  • GPUs: Sharing good, islands bad

    New words needed!

    HPC 01 Oct 10:44

  • Microsoft caps Ballmer bonus over mobile phone, tablet failures

    Kin hell means Stevie piggy bank still rattles

    Software 01 Oct 10:49

  • Artist crafts Kevin Bacon bacon bust

    'Bacon makes everything better, including art'

    Bootnotes 01 Oct 10:52

  • BOFH: Robot wars

    Just tell us what you (chain)saw

    BOFH 01 Oct 11:00

  • Ten... iPhone 4 cases

    Have you got protection?

    Top Ten 01 Oct 11:01

  • Trucker pulled with DVD and laptop on dashboard

    Cops unimpressed by high-tech accessories

    Bootnotes 01 Oct 11:12

  • Access all areas

    Trevor <heart> OpenVPN Access Server

    Servers 01 Oct 11:24

  • Samsung names Galaxy Tab launch date

    D-Day for pricey 7in Android tablet

    Tablets 01 Oct 11:27

  • Papers laud publication of DIY Dalek plans

    Forget that fans have had 'em for years...

    Hardware 01 Oct 11:39

  • Ofcom imposes new rules on silent callers

    Concludes that it was right all along

    Broadband 01 Oct 11:47

  • Three! Yahoo! execs! quit! purple! palace!

    'Stay calm, I have a plan,' says embattled Bartz

    Financial News 01 Oct 12:02

  • Terry Pratchett computer sniper-scope deal inked

    Makes million-to-one shots hit 9 (well, 6) times in 10

    Science 01 Oct 12:05

  • Thieves drive off with 10,800 Western Digital drives

    Parked then unparked

    The Channel 01 Oct 12:16

  • MoD labels Facebook Places a 'targeting pack' for terrorists

    Northern Ireland threat over location data

    Applications 01 Oct 12:26

  • Microsoft releases Windows Live apps suite

    Sucks up to cloud with desktop bloatware bonus ball

    The Channel 01 Oct 12:42

  • Nokia runs all the way to the bank

    Building loyalty among the bankless

    Mobile 01 Oct 13:30

  • Canada prostitution laws pulverised: politicians apoplectic

    'I'm going to spank some ass - legally!'

    Law 01 Oct 13:35

  • Stuxnet worm slithers into China, heralds alien invasion

    Conspiracy? Cock-up? Or Conspiracy?

    Security 01 Oct 13:40

  • Half-a-billion users don't mean API payola

    Open-source pain in transition

    Software 01 Oct 14:00

  • Seat in sexy e-sportster shock

    All-electric IBE 'a looker'

    Science 01 Oct 14:15

  • F1 2010

    Get your engines revving

    Games 01 Oct 14:25

  • Dot Hill's intros first 10Gbit/E iSCSI box

    Not over the hill then

    Storage 01 Oct 14:27

  • Ireland gives Google traditional pogue mahone greeting

    Streetview exposes exposed Jackeens

    Bootnotes 01 Oct 14:28

  • Google hands number 7 shirt to Chrome browser

    A feature-light 'legitimate work in progress' beta

    Operating Systems 01 Oct 14:53

  • Apotheker was HP's sole CEO choice

    Time for HP to merge with SAP and make this interesting

    Servers 01 Oct 15:15

  • Symantec HackIsWack contest packs in

    Peace out, etc

    Security 01 Oct 15:23

  • IE 'Twitter rolling' attack trivial to launch

    Whose bug is it, anyway?

    Security 01 Oct 17:37

  • Opera shrugs off Google Native Client

    Browser native code not a keeper

    Developer 01 Oct 17:39

  • Multi-touch iMacs prepped in Cupertino?

    Convertible all-in-ones rumored

    Hardware 01 Oct 17:40

  • Microsoft polishes top brass in Ballmer power play

    Has anybody seen our CRM software?

    Business 01 Oct 20:34

  • 5 botnet kingpins busted in $70m fraud ring

    Zeus's bad-hair week

    Security 01 Oct 20:37

  • Microsoft sends in the tanks against Motorola, Android

    Kicks Android while Oracle holds it down

    Mobile 01 Oct 23:41