27th September 2010 Archive

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  • Keene USB FM Transmitter

    Wireless music for 15 quid, surely not?

    Hardware 27 07:00

  • Coders tip Google Android for eclipse of the Steve

    Jobsian OS less future proof

    Developer 27 07:00

  • Customers paying more and putting up with mobes for longer

    Shiny toys meet recession

    Mobile 27 08:15

  • Apple escapes competition charges

    Ends 'country of origin' restrictions

    Government 27 08:21

  • WTF worm makes Twitterers declare goat lust

    You want my brother, he's much bigger

    Security 27 08:26

  • Quick and dirty file-clustering-for-idiots

    DFSR is safe for work

    Servers 27 09:24

  • Google ordered to pay out for automated defamation

    Search suggestion libels Frenchman

    Law 27 09:26

  • Kindle users finally get to pay for games

    Actually... game, singular, but it's a start

    Games 27 09:33

  • Raising the roof on the shingled write problem

    Read and write track width asymmetry

    Storage 27 10:06

  • Facial recognition tech could hit plod smartphones

    Oz think tank ogles prisoners

    HPC 27 10:09

  • Sony launches net content streamer in Blighty

    Bravia Internet TV in a box

    Hardware 27 10:17

  • National Grid blames BT for gas explosion

    Concrete chamber stressed gas pipe

    Broadband 27 10:21

  • Anti-piracy lawyers' email database leaked after hack

    Backup torrented

    Security 27 10:30

  • Three links phones to Facebook for free

    Well, some of it

    Mobile 27 10:33

  • Vodafone throws cash at Cricket betting and loyalty card apps

    Clicks compo results are in

    Mobile 27 10:58

  • Vulcan seeks further £400k refuel

    XH558 hits stormy financial weather - again

    Bootnotes 27 11:07

  • Microsoft adopts invisible mobile pitch

    The phone you won't have to fish out of the toilet

    Mobile 27 11:13

  • Sharp outs little'n'large e-mag tablets

    One for home, one for the road

    Tablets 27 11:20

  • Nuclear merchant ships could open up Arctic routes for real

    British shipping biz poised to make a killing?

    Science 27 11:25

  • Apple sprays Web2.0 aftershave on Ping

    That pongs a bit, grandpa

    Applications 27 11:29

  • Segway philanthropist found dead

    Man behind Hesco Bastion

    Financial News 27 11:32

  • Zeus botnets' Achilles' Heel makes infiltration easy

    C&C hijacking comes to the unwashed masses

    Security 27 12:00

  • Christian group declares jct 9 on M25 cursed

    Vigil cleanses area of unholy cassette recordings

    Bootnotes 27 12:06

  • HP gooses Integrity server virt with PA-RISC emulation

    Lots of goodies in HP-UX 11i v3 Update 7

    Servers 27 12:09

  • US Navy says electric jet-flinger tech looking good

    Just in time to save the Royal Navy - or just too late?

    Science 27 12:32

  • Wikileaks' Assange to reenter the fray

    Embattled leaker to face Times man

    Government 27 12:47

  • Toshiba Satellite A660 16in laptop

    Symmetry, we've heard of it

    Laptops 27 13:00

  • Hitachi flashes updated top end VSP

    Promises ultra coolness

    Storage 27 13:17

  • ZeuS attacks mobiles in bank SMS bypass scam

    Flicks two fingers to two factor authentication

    Security 27 13:34

  • HP purges Cisco gear from data centers

    The edge goes next

    Data Networking 27 13:55

  • Welsh hospitals to allow mobile use

    A mere 20 months after the English

    Mobile 27 14:07

  • UN appoints alien liaison boffin

    'I for one would like to welcome...'

    Science 27 14:13

  • Windows Phone 7 launch dates leak

    Event invites fuel rumours

    Phones 27 14:29

  • The 500 year archive

    The stained glass windows of Auch

    Storage 27 14:39

  • HP slaps P9500 label on HDS' VSP array

    Oh, it's smaller than I expected....

    The Channel 27 14:49

  • Nutter repairmen scale 1,768ft TV mast

    Suffer from vertigo? Don't click here

    Bootnotes 27 14:50

  • Fibre broadband is good for you, Conroy tells Aussies

    Slams 'white elephant' remarks

    Broadband 27 15:18

  • IBM eats Blade Network for switches

    Another $400m in 'research and development'

    Data Networking 27 15:24

  • Mystery lingers over stealthy Stuxnet infection

    Cloak and dagger

    Security 27 17:15

  • Feds want backdoors built into VoIP and email

    Warn of investigations 'going dark'

    Law 27 19:06

  • US mainstream media is Apple's bee-atch

    And hope outpaces fear (barely)

    Media 27 20:07

  • Unity 3 debuts (sans Jobsian code spectre)

    New freedom. New version

    Developer 27 20:15

  • Prosecutor resigns over sexting spree to crime victim

    'Hot, young nymph' wasn't amused

    Security 27 20:31

  • Microsoft surrenders Live Spaces future to WordPress

    A thousands points of light going out

    Media 27 20:32

  • Orange sells infrastructure nuageux based on Vblocks

    Another telecom gets clouds in its eyes

    Virtualization 27 20:48

  • RIM unveils The BlackPad BlackBerry PlayBook

    Hey, Steve. It runs Flash

    Tablets 27 21:01

  • Microsoft to issue emergency patch for ASP.Net vuln

    Muzzling 'padding oracle' for good

    Security 27 22:50

  • IBM Goes 'GPU-riffic' with new blade

    GPU goodness — not just for HPC anymore

    HPC 27 23:31