24th September 2010 Archive

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  • Spear phisher targeted eBay employees

    Fake ATM scam alleged, too

    Security 24 00:03

  • Nvidia boss: cloud, ¡Si! Intel, ¡No!

    The times they are a-changin' — big time

    HPC 24 04:52

  • Coalition's quango hit list revealed

    BBC World Service, Carbon Trust await their fates

    Government 24 08:31

  • Fraunhofer boffins develop 'Titanium foam' endoskeletal implants

    Vorsprung durch bendo-Materialforschung

    Science 24 09:00

  • When double D isn't enough - go 3D

    Stunning and flinch-inducing

    HPC 24 09:08

  • Facebook blames outage on internal config flaw

    Cascading failure feedback loop calamity

    Management 24 09:16

  • Tribunal orders DWP to release IT contract details

    Disclosure in public interest

    Government 24 09:26

  • School caretaker jailed for fitting up colleague

    Put abuse images on laptop, call police

    Law 24 09:33

  • Vodafone secures email-flashing barn door

    Horse settled down, bringing up foals

    Mobile 24 10:01

  • Daily Mail savages Data Protection Act over stolen dog

    Maybe a bit of sense would have helped?

    Law 24 10:31

  • Dell getting serious about networking

    Recruits network body builder

    Data Networking 24 10:36

  • Sony Ericsson delays X10 Android 2.1 update

    We need a couple more weeks, OK?

    Phones 24 10:37

  • RUSE

    Time for some tactics

    Games 24 10:46

  • Channel islanders attack Street View car

    Another blow to Google's Domesday Book

    Law 24 10:48

  • CIA used 'illegal, inaccurate code to target kill drones'

    'They want to kill people with software that doesn't work'

    Storage 24 11:12

  • Microsoft splatters Hotmail with even more updates

    That's a lotta lipstick

    Applications 24 11:28

  • Second piracy threat lawyers withstand DDoS attack

    Attack? What attack?

    Security 24 11:31

  • Dell, Samsung Android iPad rivals demo'd

    Tablet tasters posted online

    Tablets 24 11:43

  • PGI compiles on GPU train

    Compile this, Intel!

    HPC 24 11:44

  • ConLibs get shifty on spam and behavioural ads

    Consultation shifty in the extreme

    Law 24 11:55

  • Nokia E5 Qwertyphone

    Maps, snaps and office apps

    Phones 24 12:00

  • Microsoft injects more juice into Office Web Apps

    90% of docs still created on desktop, not in cloud

    Software 24 12:08

  • Pirate Bay appeal finally drops anchor in court

    Timbers to be shivered next week

    Media 24 12:27

  • Ellison smacks lips over chips, NetApp

    Oracle execs flutter kimonos in front of analysts

    Storage 24 12:33

  • How do you copy 60m files?

    Apart from telling someone else to do it, that is

    Servers 24 12:48

  • Moms stand firm against antenna madness

    Won't someone think of the children

    Mobile 24 13:10

  • 419ers take council for £100k

    Lads from Lagos lure Lanarkshire

    Security 24 13:39

  • The BSA's fading twentieth-century piracy fight

    Misreading the data

    Software 24 14:00

  • Mimecast digs its way into the information bank

    Outside the vault box thinking

    Storage 24 14:25

  • Sex Party proposes new classification system for Oz

    Non-violent erotica category

    Government 24 14:26

  • Apple's 11.6in MacBook Air release imminent?

    Manufacturer ramping up as skinny laptop shrinks

    Laptops 24 14:41

  • Twitter joke appeal adjourned

    Justice delayed

    Law 24 17:35

  • VoIP hacker sentenced to 10 years

    10 million minutes hijacked

    Security 24 18:21

  • Google Percolator – global search jolt sans MapReduce comedown

    The machine that brews the Caffeine

    HPC 24 18:49

  • Design mavericks show and tell

    Where else to get your salmon-skinned BMW X6?

    Hardware 24 19:32

  • Most smartphoners don't give a flip about apps

    Bloatware or otherwise

    Phones 24 19:48

  • Apple in 873-page legal claim to word 'Pod'

    For Jobs i's only

    Media 24 20:37

  • Google 'recently extended' Apple search deal

    Schmidt: Our biggest competitor is...Bing

    Media 24 21:29

  • IBM 'one atom, one bit' storage breakthrough

    Is that a terabyte in your pocket, or...?

    Storage 24 22:10

  • Apple now world's second-largest company

    Only $47bn short of oily #1

    Hardware 24 22:57

  • Men sentenced to prison for Comcast hijack

    18 months in the slammer

    Security 24 22:58