23rd September 2010 Archive

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  • Schmidt: 'Google doesn't do data mining'

    Er, is that a joke too?

    Security 23 00:28

  • Yahoo! opens chicken coop data center

    A chanticleer for efficiency

    Servers 23 04:00

  • CUDA daddy muses on future GPUs

    'G'bye CPU, we hardly knew ye'

    Software 23 04:00

  • Egos clash in Larry's Oracle locker room

    Clouds, sails, and literature

    Applications 23 04:04

  • DWP's Harley tops government CIO pay list

    9 gov IT managers paid more than PM

    Government 23 06:00

  • Ten... iPhone 4 accessories

    Add-ons for your Apple

    Top Ten 23 07:00

  • EU Parliament calls for pan-EU copyright law

    Current law 'not effective'

    Law 23 07:54

  • Over half of all apps have security holes

    Dodgy development practices blamed

    Security 23 08:14

  • GPUs slick up with oil sleuths

    Mind-boggling data streams

    HPC 23 08:52

  • GOG.com returns with site redesign

    Publicity seeking? Nevaaah...

    Games 23 09:07

  • Are you delivering IT and creating wiggle room?

    Making the business case for management tools

    Server Management 23 09:16

  • Marvell intros 1.5GHz tri-core ARM chip

    Boost for tablets, smartphones

    Tablets 23 09:34

  • Windows Phone 7 up for grabs from 'excited' 3

    At least one user for Microsoft to claim...

    Mobile 23 09:47

  • SwiftKey offers alternative for Android typists

    But Swype remains an OEM-only option

    Mobile 23 09:54

  • Livedrive adds media streaming

    Remote music library

    Media 23 10:00

  • Ad touts benefits of pubic school to South Benders

    Indiana bill board suffers lewd omission

    Bootnotes 23 10:05

  • Ellison winds up rivals with stack-in-a-box vision

    Boxes off Oracle OpenWorld

    Storage 23 10:14

  • Bookeen debuts multi-touch e-book reader... with web browser

    Zut alors!

    Tablets 23 10:14

  • Google responds to Czech ban

    We never done it or nothing

    Law 23 10:17

  • UK.gov digital engagement director to retire

    Katie Davies steps up

    Government 23 10:36

  • US forces drop dead drug-poison killer mice from helicopters

    Gloves come off in Pacific jungle conflict

    Science 23 10:49

  • IBM opens up vast market for GPU computing

    Nvidia talks Fermi blades

    HPC 23 10:50

  • Dell Streaks on stage

    CEO whips out seven-incher at Oracle Con

    Tablets 23 10:51

  • Automation - one step closer to lights out?

    Do you trust the tools?

    Server Management 23 10:57

  • MS offers Security Essentials to small business

    How do you compete with a freebie?

    Security 23 11:12

  • IPv6 uptake still slow despite looming address crunch

    Funding and expertise hard to come by

    Broadband 23 11:28

  • Facebook phone rears up again

    But what does it mean?

    Mobile 23 11:30

  • World's first pedal-powered ornithopter takes flight in Canada

    Sky-pedalo inventors get into a flap

    Science 23 11:32

  • Standivarius Aero fold-flat laptop stand

    Product reviews in 140 characters or less

    Laptops 23 11:42

  • Universities warn Willetts on science cuts

    80s-style brain drain ahead

    Science 23 12:07

  • Dell Inspiron M101z 11.6in notebook

    Class-leading performance

    Laptops 23 12:11

  • Google whacks Spanish TV station in court

    'Big win for the internet', or YouTube at least

    Media 23 12:16

  • T-Mobile cuts off dope-finding text service

    But only because it wasn't open

    Mobile 23 13:15

  • Zuckerberg leapfrogs Jobs on Americans' rich list

    Sent from my iPhone... bitch

    Bootnotes 23 13:21

  • No one needs Blu-ray, says Microsoft exec

    Format to be quickly superseded by downloads, streaming

    Hardware 23 13:23

  • Über-zombie cookies give us the fear

    Say hello to invulnerable evercookies

    Security 23 13:25

  • India bans mass messaging on mosque riot fears

    Keep the peace

    Mobile 23 15:00

  • Microsoft secretly yanks TechNet product keys

    Even own staff think it's a bug

    Applications 23 15:11

  • Blockbuster winds itself into Chapter 11

    So I can keep that tape of Nine and a Half Weeks?

    Financial News 23 15:20

  • Saatchis to pimp .xxx domains

    The old net porn system isn't w**king

    Broadband 23 15:45

  • Vacuum-wielding thieves siphon €500,000 from store safes

    Sucks to be them

    Security 23 17:10

  • Mozilla breeds Firefox for Palm HP webOS

    Homes in on Symbian

    Tablets 23 17:21

  • NextIO squeezes Nvidia GPUs into super-dense package

    Stack 'em and rack 'em

    HPC 23 18:31

  • Google cools data center with bottom of Baltic Sea

    Newspaper destruction metaphor goes chillerless

    HPC 23 19:44

  • IBM punts first z196 mainframes

    Swiss Re takes two

    HPC 23 20:28

  • Sex, lies, and botnets: the saga of Perverted Justice

    Ex-vigilante vents DDoS fury over sham affair

    Security 23 20:50

  • Facebook on the blink for second time in two days


    Media 23 21:17

  • AMD chops Q3 sales forecast

    Consumer notebooks fall off the table

    Financial News 23 21:28

  • FCC rubberstamps rules for 'WiFi on steroids'

    How to fill the white spaces

    Broadband 23 22:25

  • MySQL's non-heroic future runs Castle Oracle

    The price of 'victory' is Windows

    Applications 23 23:45