21st September 2010 Archive

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  • Oracle gooses Exadata clusters with chunky Intel chips

    Name Hurding

    Servers 21 00:17

  • Apple borgs Swedish face rec boffins

    Jobs picks Polar Rose

    Business 21 00:23

  • Belarusian extradited to US for one-stop ID theft site

    Over 2,000 served

    Security 21 05:00

  • Oracle on Unix biz: We can rebuild it

    Solaris 11 – the Steve Austin of OSes

    Operating Systems 21 06:00

  • Apple iPod Touch 4G

    iPhone lite

    Hardware 21 07:00

  • Online hotel bookings to be probed for price-fixing

    OFT rummages cupboard for cans of whup-ass - any there?

    Small Biz 21 07:56

  • Check Point defends ZoneAlarm scareware-style warning

    'We didn't want to scare anybody'

    Security 21 09:02

  • Microsoft waves Zune Pass at UK

    Multi-screen music shop

    Hardware 21 09:26

  • Sony piques PS3 fans with PlayTV patch fee

    You want the firmware update? Cough up

    Games 21 09:37

  • German gov gives Google Street View privacy deadline

    That's one way of making them talk

    Government 21 09:43

  • T-Mobile UK pushes German Froyo to Desire users

    Small price to pay?

    Mobile 21 09:50

  • Thieves jam key-fob lock signals in mystery car thefts

    Tech-savvy blaggers lift swag leaving windows intact

    Security 21 10:05

  • Orange outs budget Android 2.1 handset

    San Francisco first of a series

    Mobile 21 10:12

  • Vodafone pulls 360 trick on Froyo hungry users

    While T-Mobile tells them to learn German

    Mobile 21 10:15

  • Harrow flicks pirate thrown in slammer

    Multi-tasking iPhone, popcorn botherer gets six months in jail

    Law 21 10:22

  • iPhone mules are taking our handsets, damnit!

    Johnny Foreigner fuels UK iPhone shortage

    Phones 21 10:29

  • Nokia knocks back N8

    Delayed to tweak user experience

    Phones 21 10:33

  • GPU Technology Conference video deep dive

    Bigger, faster, stronger

    HPC 21 10:41

  • Sony 3D photo update for PS3 imminent

    For the few with 3D TVs, cameras

    Hardware 21 10:47

  • Indiana judges dismiss girl's nipple exposure appeal

    No constitutional protection for Hoosier's hooters

    Bootnotes 21 10:49

  • Betfair set fair for float

    Shares could be a good bet, or not.

    Financial News 21 11:15

  • Firefox wraps its gums around the iPhone

    Spreading the experience, if not the tech

    Mobile 21 11:17

  • Intel slips anti-theft tech into hardware to deter thieves

    Vulcan pinch

    Hardware 21 11:21

  • Crash grounds RAF Eurofighters - for Battle of Britain Day!

    Pilot's death sees UK defended once again by Spitfire

    Science 21 11:52

  • Check Point kills scareware-style pop-up campaign

    Waves white flag

    Security 21 12:21

  • Police issue lettuce e-fit

    Software blamed for lettuce-haired suspect

    Law 21 12:24

  • Death of laptops greatly exaggerated, Best Buy boss insists

    Not dead after all

    Laptops 21 12:27

  • Google tuts at gov caginess with Transparency Report

    No doubt the precogs have already seen this

    Government 21 12:29

  • Oracle bigs up 7000 ZFS storage line

    Mystery top-end product

    Storage 21 12:56

  • Samoan clerics finger homosexuals over global warming

    Shock at conference on climate change and creativity

    Bootnotes 21 13:42

  • Half of Chinese are downloading mobile apps

    And with hardly a smartphone in sight

    Mobile 21 13:45

  • Steve Jobs in iPhone bitchslap to creationists, Tea Party

    'Humans are related to monkeys: But porn is still sinful'

    Mobile 21 13:48

  • Twitter flaw creates micro-blogging mayhem


    Security 21 13:58

  • Nokia' new UI god declares war on clutter

    Cleanliness starts at home

    Mobile 21 14:10

  • Twitter plugs black-box website vuln

    Mouse hole

    Security 21 14:34

  • Seagate rolls out 1.5TB external whopper

    GoFlex gets half as much capacity again

    Storage 21 14:46

  • The GPU tails wag the CPU dogs at Nvidia show

    Where are the Tesla roadmaps?

    HPC 21 16:00

  • Stallman storms in on Oz software patent conflab

    Sharp implements advised

    Developer 21 16:07

  • Google data center links shot down by 'bored' riflemen

    Pot shots in the back-end

    Data Networking 21 17:26

  • Critical Internet Resources not so critical

    Silence the Lambs

    Networks 21 17:50

  • Microsoft warns of in-the-wild attacks on web app flaw

    Time to gag your ASP.Net oracle

    Security 21 18:38

  • Nvidia CEO outs GPU roadmap

    'Perf per watt equals perf'

    HPC 21 21:03

  • Bill would let feds block pirate websites worldwide

    Copyright enforcement as censorship

    Law 21 21:22

  • Oracle to webify mobile Java against Android

    Hot for WebKit and DirectX

    Developer 21 22:12

  • Facebook open sources live MySQL makeover

    Schema reschemed on fly

    Developer 21 22:14

  • Server makers leap on GPU bandwagon

    HPC visions dance in their heads

    HPC 21 22:32