20th September 2010 Archive

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  • Podgy Googlers get shrunken plates

    Data lords put staff on subliminal diet

    Bootnotes 20 00:00

  • HP tunes blades for Oracle apps

    Pits Matrix against Ellison stack

    Servers 20 02:30

  • How Ellison could fight Google's Android - without lawyers

    Lessons from Java's painful past

    Software 20 05:00

  • Oracle pledges MySQL community love

    The enterprise. Have you heard of it?

    Applications 20 05:07

  • Acer Aspire 5741

    Pared back for price:performance

    Laptops 20 07:05

  • Dell Inspiron 15R


    Laptops 20 07:05

  • HP Pavilion dv6

    Entertainment hub

    Laptops 20 07:05

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge

    Pricey but nicey

    Laptops 20 07:05

  • Sony Vaio EB2

    Not enough notebook for your money?

    Laptops 20 07:05

  • Toshiba Satellite Pro C650

    Basic offering

    Laptops 20 07:05

  • Buyer's Guide: 15in Notebooks

    How to select the machine that's right for you

    Laptops 20 07:06

  • 15in Notebooks: Best Buys

    The ones to choose

    Laptops 20 07:07

  • Back-to-college 15in Notebooks

    Desktop replacements for your digs

    Laptops 20 07:10

  • Apple, Google may end wage-capping case

    We won't poach from you, or raise our staff's salaries

    Law 20 08:21

  • Quantum falls for RDX

    Last main OEM prospect ticked off

    Storage 20 09:06

  • LG's CEO hangs up

    Mobile crash

    Mobile 20 09:07

  • 'Unicorn' captured in remote Laos mountain forests

    Incredibly rare species now even rarer

    Science 20 09:20

  • 4chan launches DDoS against entertainment industry

    Payback for torrent tracker attack

    Security 20 09:21

  • HP and Oracle avoid blows over disgraced Hurd

    Livermore: think what's at stake, Larry

    Software 20 09:30

  • Fanboys flabbergasted by 'Apple TV runs iOS' revelation

    Did none of 'em read the specs page?

    Hardware 20 09:40

  • Oracle spins own Linux for mega hardware

    Red-Hat compatibility holds us back

    Operating Systems 20 09:50

  • Diligent co-founder's second gig

    Secretive startup

    Storage 20 10:13

  • Swedish far-right party defaced on eve of general election

    Birthday cake and Still Alive

    Security 20 10:17

  • WIN Sony EX300SL noise-blocking earphones

    Hardware 20 10:41

  • T-Mobile sued for censoring weed service

    Very, very unwise words, man

    Mobile 20 11:11

  • Swedish Pirate Party suffers embarrassing general election flop

    No salty bums on Riksdag seats

    Government 20 11:19

  • Oracle promises fresh approach to storage

    Say goodbye to SANs

    Storage 20 11:24

  • Boffins riot as Hadron Collider upgrade is delayed

    So far no threat to destroy world if demands not met

    Science 20 11:25

  • LaCie takes on Time Capsule

    Wireless hard drive 'n' router to rival Apple product

    Hardware 20 11:32

  • Sony readies compact music, video Walkman


    Hardware 20 11:52

  • Webmin's virtual twin

    Linux server admin kin in win-win

    Servers 20 12:06

  • Facebook fone? Feh, says Facebook

    But net, blogosphere know better, apparently

    Mobile 20 12:23

  • Mozilla Labs pops out JavaScript language tool for coders

    Two heads are better than one. Just ask Beeblebrox

    Developer 20 12:34

  • ZoneAlarm slammed for scarewarey marketing

    Warning! Er, buy this anti-virus

    Security 20 12:40

  • Super-tough wireless sensors 'to be dropped into volcanoes'

    Anakin Skywalker? Big girls' blouse

    Science 20 12:42

  • Florida cops left stoned stunned by pot-filled SUV

    Looking for suspect and a really big pizza

    Bootnotes 20 13:13

  • IBM ponies up $1.7bn for data warehouse maker

    Your move, NEC or Dell

    Servers 20 13:33

  • Taxman rejects 'lie detector' tech

    'Nonsense' ahead of Clegg speech

    Government 20 13:34

  • GOG.com closes

    DRM-less download site downed

    Games 20 13:54

  • Steve Jobs chops student hack down to size

    'Leave us alone' - sent from my iPhone

    Bootnotes 20 14:09

  • Ofcom lifts shutters on Strategy Boutique

    New Boots and Pantones!

    Bootnotes 20 14:22

  • Europe pushes TV spectrum sell-off

    Mandatory sale to boost broadband

    Hardware 20 14:27

  • Morgan Chase blames Oracle for online bank crash

    EMC innocent

    Storage 20 14:34

  • Defence Minister 'to big up electropulse threat' - report

    Mmm, pork... sweet, sweet pork

    Security 20 15:10

  • Phone hacking probe cops 'got law wrong' - were too lenient

    Jails should be bursting with NotW hacker-hacks

    Security 20 15:46

  • Cabinet Office agrees GCSx local council access terms

    I should CoCo

    Government 20 16:00

  • Violin plays 40TB MLC fiddle

    Another string to its bow

    Storage 20 16:26

  • Xiotech adopts Permabit de-dupe

    Second Permabit OEM after BlueArc

    Storage 20 16:29

  • Intel trials downloadable CPU upgrades

    Want HyperThreading enabled? There's an app for that...

    Hardware 20 16:55

  • Lily Allen sues Apple over hacked Macbook

    Day in a life of a pop star

    Laptops 20 17:35

  • Google Apps tap mobiles for beefier log-in security

    Cell phone as security token

    Applications 20 17:46

  • Microsoft gives temporary fix for info leak in ASP.Net

    'Padding oracle' muzzled

    Security 20 17:47

  • Ellison fluffs Amazon with Oracle cloud love

    Certification, support, AMIs

    Virtualization 20 18:07

  • Amazon loves LoveFilm (true)

    Enough to buy out the company?

    Hardware 20 18:35

  • Yahoo! 'owns several patents' on Google Instant

    'Streaming search' all about cash, says ex-Google man

    Media 20 19:23

  • Interpol chief impersonated on Facebook

    Scammers seek fugitive data

    Security 20 19:37

  • Blade Network adds top-of-racker

    Beyond blades and 10 Gigabit Ethernet

    Servers 20 19:44

  • Adobe patches critical Flash Player vuln under attack

    One down, one to go

    Security 20 20:36

  • Larry Ellison's first Sparc chip and server

    Over Rainbow Falls with a splash

    Servers 20 21:07

  • PARC turns 40: mice, money, and the new interwebs

    A place whose time has come. Again

    Vintage 20 21:45

  • Prosecutor won't resign over lewd texts to 'hot' crime victim

    'You may be the tall young nymph, but I am a rich old lawyer'

    Security 20 22:10

  • Secret Apple deal hints at TV future

    Is an Apple iVue in your future?

    Media 20 22:27

  • Microsoft punts HPC Server 2008 R2

    Third time indeed a charm

    HPC 20 22:30

  • Google Docs is going mobile

    Editing on Android — and the iPad, too

    Applications 20 22:39

  • HP drops fight to block Hurd's Oracle hire

    We were wrong, Larry can tell you what to do

    Business 20 23:45