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UK.gov outlines plans to comply with new EU telecoms rules

The Government has outlined the changes that will need to be made to laws and regulations so that the UK complies with the new EU telecoms rules passed last year.
OUT-LAW.COM, 17 Sep 2010

DoH shows millions splurged on marketing

Airwave, McKesson and CSC are among the top 10 suppliers to the Department of Health, according to data released to Kable.
Kable, 17 Sep 2010
Sony PlayStation Move

Sony Playstation Move game gallery

With the Playstation Move now available, here's some of the Move-only games to look out for this year. Click the images for further game information.
Caleb Cox, 17 Sep 2010
Sony PlayStation Move

Sony Playstation Move gallery

Sony's Playstation Move has arrived. Here's what it looks like.
Caleb Cox, 17 Sep 2010
Sony PlayStation Move

Sony Playstation Move release schedule

Sony and other publishers have a stack of Move-ready titles out, and more to come. Here's the current list of Move-specific and Move-compatible games heading to the shops.
Caleb Cox, 17 Sep 2010

Google ops czar condemns multi-core extremists

Google is the modern data poster-child for parallel computing. It's famous for splintering enormous calculations into tiny pieces that can then be processed across an epic network of machines. But when it comes to spreading workloads across multi-core processors, the company has called for a certain amount of restraint.
Cade Metz, 17 Sep 2010
Sony PlayStation Move

FAQ: Sony PlayStation Move

Move, the long-awaited motion controller system for PlayStation 3 hits the shelves today. Not sure what it's all about? Read on...
Caleb Cox, 17 Sep 2010
Sony PlayStation Move

Sony Playstation Move video gallery

VideoHere's a few video clips of the Playstation Move being tested.
Caleb Cox, 17 Sep 2010
Sony PlayStation Move

Sony PlayStation Move

Review“I like to Move it, Move it."
Lucy Orr, 17 Sep 2010

NASA reveals Moon's 'turbulent youth'

Data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) have revealed the Moon's "turbulent youth", during which it was pounded by "two distinct populations of asteroids or comets".
Lester Haines, 17 Sep 2010

Twitter airport bomb joker loses second job

Paul Chambers, the Twitter joker victim, has been sacked from a second job a week before his appeal against a widely criticised conviction for sending a "threatening" message to to blow Doncaster airport "sky high".
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2010

Recession drives pies sky high

Market research outfit Mintel has revealed an interesting side-effect to the global economic recession: pie sales are up as cash-strapped Brits look to cheap, "hearty" fare to fill their grumbling bellies.
Lester Haines, 17 Sep 2010
Broken CD with wrench

The iPad is killing laptop sales

iPad sales are slashing laptop sales by as much as 50 per cent, according to the boss of US retailer Best Buy.
John Oates, 17 Sep 2010

Facebook Places checks in to UK

Facebook Places, a service designed to encourage users to publish their location, is available in the UK from today.
Christopher Williams, 17 Sep 2010

Spandau Ballet get the Tourette's karaoke treatment

NSFWTourette's syndrome is no laughing matter, but it's hats off to Guy Daniel Francis, aka TheMainMeal, who was "diagnosed with Asperger's and Tourette's at 31", but is battling on like a good 'un.
Lester Haines, 17 Sep 2010

Intel confirms HDCP copy-protection crack

Intel has confirmed Blu-ray HDCP encryption is cracked after admitting a leaked master key is the real deal.
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2010

Warner Bros flogs Nikita on iTunes

Warner Brothers is making three TV shows available in the UK, putting them up on iTunes one day after each show airs in the USS. Nikita, The Vampire Diaries: Season Two hits iTunes UK every Friday and Gossip Girl: Season 4 lands on Tuesdays.
Drew Cullen, 17 Sep 2010

RIM reports middling results

BlackBerry maker RIM has reported decent second quarter results, albeit with disappointment on some fronts.
Bill Ray, 17 Sep 2010

MI5 chief: Cyber spying 'relatively straightforward' to beat

Jonathan Evans, the head of MI5, has claimed the internet has made the threat of espionage by foreign countries higher than ever before, but insisted it is "relatively straightforward" to block attempts to steal data.
Christopher Williams, 17 Sep 2010

APB: All Points Bulletin goes titsup

APB: All Points Bulletin, the new massively multiplayer game, is shutting down and is holding a Wake.
Drew Cullen, 17 Sep 2010

Webmin for users: Usermin

Sysadmin blogIt stands to reason that there would be call for a similar utility to Webmin available to users. Webmin’s extension Usermin answers the call.
Trevor Pott, 17 Sep 2010

BOFH: Die, Robot

Episode 10
Simon Travaglia, 17 Sep 2010

BT feathers ruffled over pigeon-based file transfer caper

BT is peeved at an experiment appearing to demonstrate that a carrier pigeon is faster and more efficient than its broadband service. The experiment, supervised by BBC Lincolnshire and carried out by weary internet user Michelle Brumfield, proved embarrassing to the telcom in much the same way as last year's South African soaraway shenanigans.
Jane Fae , 17 Sep 2010

Lord Prescott calls for phone hack review

Lord Prescott of Kingston-upon-Hull is demanding a judicial review of the Metropolitan Police's decision to end its investigation into allegations of phone "hacking" by the News of the World.
John Oates, 17 Sep 2010

Laptop potato scammers turn to onions

Two men have been arrested in Reading for recycling the classic laptop switch scam, but with a twist.
John Oates, 17 Sep 2010

iPad app throws TV games at your head

A new iPad app listens to the television and presents interactive content to the understimulated viewer who can't be fully entertained by the programmes alone.
Bill Ray, 17 Sep 2010

Avaya chases Cisco with videoconferencing tablet

Where Cisco goes, Avaya often follows, and the smaller firm has introduced a video collaboration tablet, the Flare, similar to Cisco's recently announced Cius.
Faultline, 17 Sep 2010

DARPA inks 5-year-mission solar strato-wingship deal

US aerospace mammoth Boeing has beaten its competitors and landed an $89m contract to build the "Vulture", a huge unmanned solar-powered plane intended to cruise the stratosphere for five years without landing.
Lewis Page, 17 Sep 2010

Lambeth email sting councillor rejoins local Labour group

A Lambeth councillor has been allowed back into the Labour Party following a controversial email sting operation that left him excluded from the party for the last four months.
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2010
O2 logo

O2 shocks customers by slashing iPad data allowance

Network provider O2 told customers this week that some iPad data allowances will be cut by up to two thirds from next month.
Caleb Cox, 17 Sep 2010

RedHat gets cloud-evangelical

VMworld Video BlogWe caught up with Gordon Haff, Red Hat’s Cloud Evangelist, on the floor of VMworld last week and grabbed a short interview with him. In the discussion, we touch upon what the cloud really is, and where it makes the most sense in terms of enterprise use.
Dan Olds, 17 Sep 2010

UK passes buck on Europe's cookie law with copy-paste proposal

OpinionThe government has let businesses down by refusing to clarify a law on cookies that has privacy regulators and advertisers at loggerheads, leaving publishers languishing in the middle, unsure whether their advertising is lawful or not.
OUT-LAW.COM, 17 Sep 2010

Airship race round the world planned for 2011

A Texan businessman bidding to organise a year-long round the world race for airships says he is on track to start the inaugural event next year. Among those lending their names to the project is aerospace bigwig Norm Augustine, who headed President Obama's panel examining the US manned space programme last year.
Lewis Page, 17 Sep 2010

Open source: a savvy bet, even in tough times

Open...and ShutEven as the economy slouches its way toward another bout of recession, the software industry has been in comparatively rude health. Earnings across the board have been impressive and, as a recent SIIA and OPEXEngine study (warning: PDF) shows, software companies are returning to robust profitability after years of red ink.
Matt Asay, 17 Sep 2010

Samsung's Developer Challenge shortlist put to public vote

Samsung's Global Developer Challenge has reached the shortlisting phase, though short isn't quite accurate for the 300 applications the public is being asked to vote on.
Bill Ray, 17 Sep 2010

Pope makes central London no-go zone for BT engineers

Based in Central London? Broadband looking a little flaky this afternoon?
Joe Fay, 17 Sep 2010

Orange customers squeezed out of Facebook

Orange customers are reporting that connections to Facebook are being rejected, apparently due to some technical incompatibility between the two.
Bill Ray, 17 Sep 2010

Undiplomatic tweet from French diplomats

The French Foreign Ministry's official Twitter account was "hacked" earlier today and a rather rude message posted.
John Oates, 17 Sep 2010

Man gets 6 years for laundering $2.5m from phony credit cards

A California man was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in laundering $2.5m in proceeds from stolen credit card schemes.
Dan Goodin, 17 Sep 2010

Jailbreaker alert: Apple TV runs iOS

The word is out: Steve Jobs' hobby, the Apple TV, runs iOS — which is an interesting revelation for both jailbreakers and productization prognosticators.
Rik Myslewski, 17 Sep 2010

Microsoft takes Oracle side in Google Java-phone attack

Microsoft has jumped on Oracle's prosecution of Google to attack Android and promote Windows Phone 7, while revealing a limited US rollout for its mobile phone platform.
Gavin Clarke, 17 Sep 2010

HP reported close to naming Hurd successor

Somebody has to stop Hewlett-Packard before it acquires another company for billions of dollars again, and the word on the street is that the IT giant is getting set to do that soon. Possibly as early as next week.
graph up

Dell nestles baby Opterons into PowerEdge racks

Server and PC maker Dell had to be dragged kicking and screaming into employing AMD's Opteron processors. But ironically, it looks like Dell could just turn out to be the most enthusiastic supporter of Opteron processors in servers today.

Surprise Automotive X Prize winners announced

The X Prize Foundation has announced the winners of the $10m Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize challenge, and the $5m winner of the Mainstream Class was neither a hybrid nor an all-electric vehicle.
Rik Myslewski, 17 Sep 2010

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