16th September 2010 Archive

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  • Craigslist: no plans to revive adult ads in US

    Rest of world a different story

    Media 16 04:06

  • IE9 strips to win Chrome fans

    Beta snuggles with Windows 7

    Applications 16 04:11

  • Revolution links R stats package to apps

    Analytics mashup

    Software 16 04:20

  • Google sued by ex-iPhone location outfit

    Motorola threatened with Android removal, claims Skyhook

    Mobile 16 05:49

  • Microsoft: IE9 will never run on Windows XP

    Chrome and Firefox always an option

    Applications 16 05:58

  • GoPro HD Hero camera

    Water sports action star

    Hardware 16 07:00

  • In-house lawyers have no right to secrecy in EU competition cases, rules ECJ

    Conflict of interest threatens

    Law 16 08:02

  • Firefox fixes stability bug

    Now with less crashing

    Applications 16 08:10

  • Big Blue bets on risk

    IBM buys MA firm

    Applications 16 08:13

  • Boeing inks second space tourism deal

    Offers up capsule for low Earth orbit jaunts

    Science 16 09:16

  • Devil manifests in Hungarian bathroom

    Exorcist to scrub clean satanic ceramic

    Bootnotes 16 09:18

  • Custom superchippery pulls 3D from 2D images like humans

    Self-driving cars, 360°-vision hats ... much better CCTV

    HPC 16 09:21

  • You don't have to be crazy to work here

    Webmin saves sysadmins from the loony bin

    Servers 16 10:26

  • Documents To Go not gone yet

    What did RIM get for its money?

    Mobile 16 10:33

  • Virgin Media set-top box modder gets 5 years

    Jail for free-channel fraudster

    Broadband 16 11:08

  • Basketball megastar accused of phone hacking

    Shaq hack is wack

    Security 16 11:15

  • Google pops warning on Popbitch

    Malicious gossip

    Security 16 11:17

  • 1 in 10 Americans prefer colonoscopies to PC security

    Don't even ask what they get up to on honeymoon

    Security 16 11:18

  • South African police hunt Twittering speedcam spy

    Not much on lads?

    Mobile 16 11:35

  • Geeks Guide 2... Microsoft Training 365

    Save over £500 at Reg Books

    Site News 16 11:53

  • eBay boss outbids everyone in election spending

    Hits Buy It Now for governor race

    Government 16 12:04

  • A quarter of Americans using mobile apps

    But 35 per cent have them

    Mobile 16 12:15

  • Trident delay by the Coalition: Cunning plan, or bad idea?

    Depends whether you pay taxes or spend them

    Government 16 12:16

  • Mobile phones for minimalists

    Dear John's phone

    Phones 16 12:29

  • Project Canvas becomes YouView

    And gets a CEO

    Media 16 12:56

  • Nikon points D7000 camera at high-end enthusiasts

    More focus, less noise

    Hardware 16 12:57

  • What Nokia (and everyone else) needs to learn about smartphones

    Lessons from Star Trek

    Phones 16 13:38

  • HP buffs up its new big iron

    Eight sockets, you say?

    Servers 16 14:12

  • Popbitch blames tainted ad server for Google malware warning

    Shamed popstar hackers out of the frame

    Security 16 14:13

  • Adobe urges 'caution' for 64-bit Flash player beta

    Go on, live dangerously

    Applications 16 14:45

  • Facebook follows papal line on censorship

    The whole internet is one giant penis room

    Bootnotes 16 14:53

  • Vote for your fave in Vodafone mobe app compo

    Mobile Clicks Cricket: Click it to pick it

    Applications 16 15:37

  • Group recommends joint NATO-Russia 'cyber' war games

    Rules of engagement in the digital age

    Security 16 19:22

  • Apple said to prep iPad news sub service

    Saving trees, one failing rag at a time

    Media 16 19:42

  • Oracle offers Java distraction to Google fisticuffs

    We're just like Sun, except when we're not

    Developer 16 19:49

  • Yahoo! 'handicaps' its search ad auctions

    Does Google 'squash' too?

    Media 16 20:14

  • Yahoo! sneak peeks revamped Mail

    'Completely re-architected'

    Applications 16 22:37

  • Ellison: 'We can double Oracle's hardware biz'

    Tennis buddy Hurd to serve up engineered systems

    Financial News 16 23:13

  • Yahoo! boffin scores pi's two quadrillionth bit

    Just Hadoop it

    HPC 16 23:23

  • Intel Sandy Bridge many-core secret sauce

    One ring to rule them all

    Hardware 16 23:27

  • Code for open-source Facebook littered with landmines

    Diaspora release not for noobs

    Security 16 23:32