13th September 2010 Archive

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  • SciDB: Relational daddy answers Google, Hadoop, NoSQL

    Stonebraker doesn't drop ACID

    Software 13 03:47

  • SGI readies first Project Mojo supers

    Sticking it to x64 racks and blades

    HPC 13 04:00

  • Cyberlink v. Nero media authoring suites

    Taste the difference

    Software 13 07:00

  • IP address-tracing software breached data protection law

    Swiss court rules on Logistep

    Law 13 07:00

  • IBM sees £50m sliced from fingerprinting deal

    UK national print database dropped

    Government 13 07:56

  • Post Office complaints: Write to M.BARRASS

    Special delivery recipient prompts red faces

    Bootnotes 13 09:00

  • Pandora tops 1000 boxes

    Open-spec hardware goes professional

    Hardware 13 09:00

  • Ofcom begins mobile broadband study

    Compares networks

    Broadband 13 09:00

  • Europe begins revamp of rules on re-use of public info

    Asks for views on Public Sector Information Directive

    Government 13 09:08

  • Playboy centrefold freaks out at 10,000 feet

    Couldn't pop a pill so chose airliner cabin door instead

    Bootnotes 13 09:30

  • Salvador Dalí style floppy iPad on the way, seemingly

    Flexy touch kit also means egg-juggling robot butlers

    Hardware 13 09:50

  • Office for Mac finally breaks out of Microsoft

    Developers mourn features that didn't make it

    Software 13 10:02

  • Cyber-jihad hacker claims credit for 'Here you have' worm

    'I could smash all those infected'

    Security 13 10:19

  • Qualcomm grasps for gold while turning silver

    'We're still relevant, and mainstream'

    Mobile 13 10:31

  • Amazon sells board games by inch and ounce

    Never mind the quality, feel the width!

    Games 13 10:34

  • Windows malware dwarfs other viral threats

    Guess that's why they call it window pain

    Security 13 10:57

  • Jailbreaker iPhone app store snaffles up competitor

    Cydia gets bigger, yeah

    Mobile 13 11:06

  • Nokia's No.2 bails out

    It's nothing personal

    Mobile 13 11:13

  • Police legal advice gives spam RIPA protection

    None for your read messages though

    Law 13 11:30

  • US Special Ops robot whispercopter crashes in Belize

    Jungle man-sniff radar spybird totalled in prang

    Science 13 11:36

  • 2 CPUS 1 CUPP

    Dual mode laptops: hybrid vigour or hybrid torpor? You decide

    Laptops 13 11:42

  • Ask.com kills Bloglines

    Gives RSS reader the bullet

    Media 13 11:51

  • Nintendo hails Super Mario's silver anniversary

    Mama Mia - Wee Hee Heeee!

    Games 13 12:30

  • Burglars used social network status updates to select victims

    I'm away from home PleaseRobMe.com

    Media 13 12:32

  • Naturist club objects to erection of five storey tower block

    Fears ping pong and boules will be exposed

    Bootnotes 13 12:37

  • IBM racks up the memory

    And we cue up our camera

    Virtualization 13 13:03

  • GoDaddy seeks $1bn buyer

    Superbowl smut-monger touted about

    Broadband 13 13:04

  • Celeb pics row shows ACPO in frame for shake-up

    Who's driving this thing anyway?

    Law 13 13:35

  • Reasons to be cheerful

    Doomsday Weekend 5: It's over, but that isn't the only good news

    Servers 13 14:00

  • Microsoft strolls into white space

    Ten days until we can join them

    Broadband 13 14:32

  • Beeb invents rhyming Nokia exec

    'Anssi Vanjokia' gets his coat

    Bootnotes 13 15:00

  • Software re-sale restricted by US Court of Appeals

    You bought it from someone who didn't own it, chummy

    The Channel 13 15:16

  • Halo reaches out with Jetpack demo in Trafalgar Square

    Aargh, flying Spartans

    Games 13 15:57

  • Microsoft's man in Nokia: he's all business

    Ballmer's remit expands

    Software 13 16:15

  • HP buys security tools firm ArcSight for $1.5bn

    More security biz consolidation

    Financial News 13 16:23

  • Adobe exploit bears fingerprints of hack on Google

    New in-the-wild attacks unearthed

    Security 13 18:06

  • Intel introduces Sandy Bridge chippery

    Swiss Army processor

    Hardware 13 18:20

  • Ex-IBM heir apparent gets six months in the slammer

    No 'get-out-of jail-free' card, says US attorney

    Financial News 13 18:55

  • Intel's 'Sandy Bridge' to go all out for DisplayPort

    No more native LVDS support

    Laptops 13 19:41

  • Microsoft: Silverlight safe against HTML5

    Protesting too much?

    Developer 13 21:17

  • Google Code bear hugs all OSI open-source licenses

    But still frowns on 'license proliferation'

    Developer 13 22:06

  • Intel 'Sandy Bridge' to sport 'next-gen' over-clocking tech

    Bursty for better performance, lower power consumption

    Laptops 13 22:54

  • Critical Flash vuln under active attack, Adobe warns

    Tale of two 0days

    Security 13 23:06

  • Mozilla chucks Roc at Microsoft's new hardness

    IE9 acceleration talk rubbished

    Software 13 23:54

  • Microsoft shields Russia's refuseniks from police harassment

    Investigates abuses in its name

    The Channel 13 23:58