7th September 2010 Archive

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  • Ellison taps ex-HP CEO Hurd as Oracle co-prez

    Phillips replaced by Larry tennis buddy

    Financial News 07 01:27

  • Intel and USB 3.0

    The cougar gets it

    Storage 07 02:26

  • Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones

    Aural excitement

    Hardware 07 07:00

  • UK patent attorneys: ECJ should reject advisors' opinion

    Pan-EU patent court a good thing

    Law 07 07:44

  • Happiness: Yours for £50k a year

    Optimum income for joie de vivre

    Bootnotes 07 07:45

  • Symantec stumbles, drops further behind EMC

    Shaky second quarter

    Storage 07 08:11

  • Custodial offence for deliberate invasion of data protection? Forget it!

    You had your chance, Labour

    Law 07 08:45

  • Retailers price up Samsung 7in Android tablet


    Tablets 07 08:56

  • Think tank calls for gov IT commoditisation

    Big savings from little projects

    The Channel 07 09:10

  • Druva delivers deduping laptop backup

    Outlook and Office-aware

    Storage 07 09:18

  • Would you pay for a cooler, less creepy Facebook?

    Big Chill founder launches a members' social network

    Media 07 09:29

  • LG smartphones to get Tegra 2

    Optimus line primed

    Phones 07 09:30

  • Dell Streak causes user fury

    Android fluffs it again

    Phones 07 09:42

  • TechCrunch purges Zeus malware attack

    Oh, God

    Security 07 09:45

  • Google rejigs privacy policy after ice-cream van man slam

    Gotta wait until 3 Oct, though

    Law 07 09:51

  • Greenland ice loss rates 'one-third' of what was thought

    New results 'deviate sharply' from established wisdom

    Science 07 09:52

  • Sony updates PS3 system software

    Blocks homebrew hack?

    Games 07 10:02

  • UK jobs growth grinds to a halt

    Public sector down, private sector not really up

    Financial News 07 10:06

  • Panasonic adds iPlayer, Twitter to tellies

    Software upgrade available... if you know where to look

    Media 07 10:26

  • Northamber musters 'cautious optimism'

    Is that a light at the end of...

    The Channel 07 10:37

  • Godly Aussie MP accused of being online 'smut' junkie

    NSFW in NSW

    Government 07 10:41

  • 'Larry and Sergey's HTML5 balls drained my resources'

    Users left moaning by bouncy Google experience

    Applications 07 10:55

  • DWP spent £1m on search engine 'biasing' in single year

    Civil servants throw cash at Google and friends

    Government 07 10:59

  • European CIOs get consolidation

    Supplier diversity could suffer

    Storage 07 11:31

  • DVLA says council snoopers are free to take the WEE

    Gov officials just doing their job, ma'am

    Government 07 11:35

  • A series of disorderly events

    Doomsday Weekend 2: Trevor Pott and the Domain of Fire

    Servers 07 11:47

  • Mafia II


    Games 07 12:01

  • HPC Advisory Council unveils Cloud HPC initiative

    Ready for prime time?

    HPC 07 12:06

  • Spammers exploit another Facebook flaw

    Share this

    Security 07 12:07

  • DoJ focuses probe of Google flight data land grab

    Two antitrust issues eyed, says report

    Financial News 07 12:26

  • NASA buys cutting-edge Cornish robot

    To be dubbed Oooh-Arrr-2-D2, no doubt

    Science 07 12:35

  • Apple's AirPlay: Bring the walled garden home

    Double standards

    Media 07 12:50

  • Assange under fire from Wikileakers

    'Friends are people who tell you if your face is dirty'

    Law 07 13:37

  • Scammers seize on tax rebates as phishing lure

    Greedy sprats

    Security 07 13:38

  • Oz pedestrians fall to 'Death by iPod'

    'Lambs to the slaughter'

    Bootnotes 07 13:54

  • Wikileaks caught up in Swedish police raids

    Copyright coppers go after P2P servers

    Media 07 14:03

  • PARIS threatened by the bends

    Careful with that dope

    SPB 07 14:10

  • Sod hedgerows and fields, build more base stations

    Coverage more important than rural idyll, says quango

    Mobile 07 14:37

  • Sarko hit by 'asshole' Googlebomb

    Oh merde

    Bootnotes 07 14:40

  • Oracle rings up new Netra servers

    Xeon blade and rack boxes for telcos and hosters

    Servers 07 14:53

  • New 'iPhoD' can 'adjust the speed of light by turning a knob'

    Magic quantum opti-chip can be made in normal fab, too

    Hardware 07 15:35

  • Microsoft bod scoots over to BBC iPlayer job

    We keep Highfield, you can have Danker

    Applications 07 16:16

  • Twitter bug creates account hijacking peril

    One-click vuln 'ridiculously easy to attack'

    Security 07 17:55

  • Amazon poaches Microsoft games chief

    Kindle online game player?

    Financial News 07 18:53

  • Google's antitrust probe spin answered

    Foundem claims 'diversionary straw man tactics'

    Media 07 19:55

  • Privacy watchdogs challenge laptop seizures at US borders

    6,671 travelers searched (so far)

    Security 07 20:21

  • HP sues Hurd to keep secrets from Ellison

    HP 'idiots' threaten Oracle relationship, says Larry

    Financial News 07 20:57

  • Leaked Google docs out top search ad spenders

    BP spilled $3.6m in Gulf spin campaign

    Business 07 21:41