2nd September 2010 Archive

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  • New iPod crew: 'Phoney, futuristic, retro, doomed'

    Apple admits error shock

    Media 02 00:37

  • MokaFive outs bare-metal PC hypervisor

    Somewhere between VMware and Citrix

    Virtualization 02 06:00

  • D-Link DHP-306AV powerline Ethernet adaptor

    Network your mains cabling

    Hardware 02 07:01

  • Large companies ignore data centre advice - survey

    Feel the need for it though

    Servers 02 07:01

  • Boffins explain greatest ever free kick

    Roberto Carlos and his amazing exponential spiral

    Science 02 07:50

  • Dixons sales ain't all that

    iPads and World Cup should've been a bigger boost

    The Channel 02 07:55

  • Cyber-jihadists deface home of teddy bears' picnic

    Get their Belvoirs mixed up

    Security 02 08:08

  • How much aircraft fatigue is too much?

    HPC eases the strain

    HPC 02 09:01

  • UK.gov fishes for ID ideas

    Turns to IT suppliers, says 'Er, what do you think?'

    Government 02 09:14

  • Sony updates e-book readers

    Touchscreens across the range

    Tablets 02 09:17

  • Symantec and Snoop Dogg launch cybercrime rap contest

    Now thass geekster

    Security 02 09:24

  • Nokia blows Ovi Files out of the sky

    Get off our cloud

    Mobile 02 09:52

  • Samsung specs up 7in Android tablet

    Vodafone to sell it

    Tablets 02 10:04

  • If HP gets 3PAR, does Donatelli get HP?

    HP, Dell, everyone schtum on 3PAR bids

    Storage 02 10:06

  • Hands on with Motorola's Milestone 2 and Defy

    Latest Android handsets shot in the wild

    Phones 02 10:18

  • NASA seeks inflatable popup roof for camper vans on Mars

    Space 'lofts' to feature two-ply 'bummer shielding'

    Science 02 10:32

  • Philips unwraps cinemascope-ratio 3D TV

    58 inches of film fan joy?

    Hardware 02 10:33

  • My Exchange conversion

    Exchange Server 2010 heals 2007 release trauma

    Servers 02 10:45

  • Punters still puzzled by broadband ads

    Thanks for that Sherlock

    Broadband 02 10:53

  • Virgin claims broadband speeds 92% of 'up to' peak

    Honest, guv

    Broadband 02 11:11

  • RFID patent pool prices up wireless

    0.08 cents per tag

    Broadband 02 11:25

  • StreetView passed by Kiwi cops

    Google's data slurp legal in New Zealand

    Law 02 11:28

  • Verbatim InSight 500GB external hard drive

    Coming clean on capacity

    Hardware 02 12:01

  • General Motors bitchslaps Tesla with Range Anxiety™

    Fixed grins at cheeks-aflame 'leccycar firm

    Science 02 12:11

  • Apple inks Ping trademark deal with golf gear maker

    Orange Ping sticks to sweet stuff

    Media 02 12:29

  • Jobs takes swing at Google over Android activations

    Who's got the bigger count?

    Mobile 02 12:41

  • Apple states tax take on UK iPod pricing

    You pay this, we take that, George Osborne gets the other, Eurocrats get the rest

    Hardware 02 13:04

  • TomTom unveils 'super' satnav

    Capacitive touchscreens at last

    Science 02 13:24

  • HP bids $2.4bn for 3PAR

    Dell's new offer given drubbing

    Storage 02 13:48

  • Boris bikes for tourists delayed till year end

    Systems not robust enough

    Government 02 14:07

  • iTunes update plugs WebKit flaw


    Security 02 14:16

  • AOL goes soul-searching with Google in 5-year deal

    Gets into mobile search (result), agrees to provide content to YouTube (not so much)

    Applications 02 14:19

  • US loses last chance for free wireless

    Never a flyer, but finally grounded for good

    Mobile 02 14:44

  • R-Type blasts onto iDevices

    EA uploads arcade classic to iPhone

    Games 02 14:56

  • Toshiba touts £329 Folio Android tablet

    'Failio' spec?

    Tablets 02 15:07

  • HMRC issues CD-rom alert to employers

    Quaint system to be replaced in 2011

    Small Biz 02 15:17

  • Toshiba launches telly-connected media drive

    Why wasn't the new Apple TV like this?

    Hardware 02 15:23

  • Dell throws in 3PAR towel

    HP pumps fist

    Storage 02 15:35

  • HyTrust takes auditing, monitoring to the clouds

    Safe SOX for your virtual box

    Virtualization 02 15:54

  • LaCie catches ultra-small USB Flash drive bug

    MosKeyto flies in

    Hardware 02 16:06

  • Microsoft slings mud in VMware living room

    Taunts estranged son

    Virtualization 02 17:11

  • Wikileaks founder blasts reopening of rape probe

    New 'unrelated' case filed in US

    Government 02 18:28

  • Twitter tightens grip on own firehose

    Microbloggy thing tracks all links clicked

    Media 02 19:18

  • Microsoft buffs Silverlight for HTML5 video contest

    'We're more consistent. And we're here'

    Developer 02 20:01

  • Jobs moves to the heavens with Apple TV

    You rent from his cloud

    Media 02 20:58

  • Microsoft freshens retro code lock-down tool

    Teaching old apps new tricks

    Security 02 21:01

  • Semi biz starts to cool off

    Mobile chips warming up as PC chips chill

    Business 02 21:11

  • Chrome celebrates second b-day with sixth release

    Remember the Googasm

    Applications 02 22:05