31st August 2010 Archive

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  • Gmail inbox experiment auto sorts 'important' messages

    But Viagra is important

    Software 31 Aug 05:27

  • Apple Magic Trackpad

    Let your fingers do the working

    Hardware 31 Aug 07:02

  • HP pays to end fraud probe

    And starts buy-back scheme

    Hardware 31 Aug 08:24

  • BlueArc goes for deduplication

    Permabit is the lucky guy

    Storage 31 Aug 08:51

  • Scotch tape maker buys biometric tech firm

    Wrap up

    Security 31 Aug 08:53

  • NASA snaps touch down on Flickr

    Your comments invited on vintage images

    Science 31 Aug 08:54

  • Quantum soups up midrange DXi

    DXi6700 gets Fibre Channel

    Storage 31 Aug 09:01

  • Underweight passport pic left traveller stuck in Amsterdam

    That's heavy, man

    Law 31 Aug 09:16

  • Your genes determine whether you will respond to surveys

    Surveys indicate people think this is a good thing

    Science 31 Aug 09:31

  • Isilon adds iSCSI

    Of course …. and what about FCoE?

    Storage 31 Aug 09:41

  • India gives BlackBerry reprieve, eyeballs Google, Skype

    60 days to prove lack of security

    Mobile 31 Aug 09:58

  • Viewsonic intros £350 7in Android tablet

    Not just a tablet, it's a phone too

    Laptops and Tablets 31 Aug 10:14

  • Physicists, biologists pick ScaleMP to manage memory

    Bigger is better

    HPC 31 Aug 10:20

  • OED goes the way of all flesh paper

    Internet does for weighty print version?

    Bootnotes 31 Aug 10:28

  • Google strikes AP deal to ensure re-heated news

    All the news that's fit to ear

    Media 31 Aug 10:48

  • Microsoft wins wants right to appeal Word patent ruling

    Supreme Court next step

    Applications 31 Aug 10:52

  • Sony Ericsson: X10 Android 2.1 update out next month

    Ahead of schedule, maybe...

    Phones 31 Aug 10:53

  • Crooks said swiped church funds were for sex crime victims

    It was simply resting in their account

    Security 31 Aug 10:55

  • Skype pulls up socks for corporate service

    Doing the business for businesses

    Broadband 31 Aug 11:08

  • Brits to get off lightly when Xbox Live prices rise

    New tariffs from November

    Games 31 Aug 11:08

  • MS hits refresh on Windows 7 SP1 for select few

    Build 7601.17077 takes partners by the hand

    Operating Systems 31 Aug 11:11

  • LG to show 31in OLED 3D TV at IFA

    But acronym-tastic telly not out until 2011?

    Hardware 31 Aug 11:58

  • VMware floats into developer cloud services

    Three-way fluffing promised

    Developer 31 Aug 12:02

  • VMware blows vCloud across skies public and private

    Project Redwood is go

    Virtualization 31 Aug 12:02

  • Microsoft divorces Live Mesh from kitchen Sync drama

    Just let me keep my name, goddammit

    Applications 31 Aug 12:06

  • Boffins baffled by mysterious Martian crater

    Likeliest explanation: Alien spacecraft prang

    Science 31 Aug 12:10

  • Fake TweetDeck update lures prompt password resets

    Are UK hackers behind Trojan horse attack?

    Security 31 Aug 12:26

  • Report recommends UN climate panel shakeup

    Rearrange the chairs please

    Science 31 Aug 12:37

  • Project Horizon: VMware's plan to restitch the desktop

    Your cloud identity

    Virtualization 31 Aug 13:02

  • Little black dress with SIM card slot offered for 2011

    Now, a way to look even barmier in public

    Mobile 31 Aug 13:48

  • Lady vicar tells Anglicans to learn from Black Sabbath

    Jesus is metal

    Bootnotes 31 Aug 13:56

  • Sony Oz mod chip dongle ban hearing delayed

    Defeat will set 'dangerous precedent', says co-defendant

    Games 31 Aug 14:20

  • Hannspree outs £329 10.1in Android tablet

    Tegra 2 in its tank

    Laptops and Tablets 31 Aug 14:53

  • Diesels greener than battery cars, says Swiss gov report

    Get a TDi estate not an EV, and save the planet!

    Science 31 Aug 14:57

  • Philips shows Android handheld media player

    Touch too much?

    Hardware 31 Aug 15:12

  • IT engineer fights spider with improvised flamethrower

    Can of deodorant + lighter = hospital

    Bootnotes 31 Aug 15:25

  • NHS Online consult service to live on: Calls go to 111

    Free gov phone-a-lonely-nurse service dropped

    Government 31 Aug 15:34

  • German judge chides Google over YouTube freeloading

    Teutonic songwriters' case kicks off

    Media 31 Aug 15:46

  • Bye-bye to bizarro bye-laws, says UK.gov

    Local laws, for local people

    Law 31 Aug 15:55

  • Ruby on Rails 3.0 sets sail gets off ground oh, chuff chuff

    'Never struggle with user pastes from MS Word again!'

    Applications 31 Aug 16:01

  • EMC embraces benchmarks

    Celerra gateway excels

    Storage 31 Aug 16:55

  • Yahoo! begins ad handover to Microsoft

    Bingification to end in October — maybe

    Media 31 Aug 17:50

  • VMware eats two companies at once

    Integrien and TriCipher munched

    Business 31 Aug 17:52

  • Hitachi GST IPO may be coming

    Reuters saying - so it isn't spin

    Storage 31 Aug 17:53

  • Microsoft douses VMware with cold cloud shower

    'We have the apps you trust'

    Virtualization 31 Aug 18:36

  • Game-addicted man scores rare win over software lawyers

    Lineage II and the unenforceable EULA

    Games 31 Aug 18:52

  • VMware boss: we rise as Windows falls

    The OS sets in the west

    Virtualization 31 Aug 19:55

  • Big Blue finally punts an Opteron 6100 server

    One System x rack only, no blades

    Servers 31 Aug 21:22

  • Judge bashes warrantless cellphone tracking

    Tower data protected by Fourth Amendment

    Law 31 Aug 21:33

  • Xsigo rejiggers virtual I/O director for Ethernet

    Adapter cards given the boot, too

    Servers 31 Aug 21:59

  • Mexican telco exec: iPhone 4 antenna fix imminent


    Phones 31 Aug 22:39

  • CarderPlanet founder charged in $9.4m RBS WorldPay hack

    And then there were nine

    Security 31 Aug 23:55