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3PAR awash in sea of green

3PAR awash in sea of green
Chris Mellor, 30 Aug 2010

What is IBM up to in October?

The tag line is promising; on October 7th you'll wonder how you managed data on October 6th. That's what Big Blue is promising with a "new and ground-breaking [storage] solution."
Chris Mellor, 30 Aug 2010

DoJ double eyes Google flight data play

Google's proposed $700 million acquisition of flight data outfit ITA Software is receiving extra scrutiny from the US Department of Justice.
Cade Metz, 30 Aug 2010
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HP punts turnkey Matrix cloud

HP is rolling out a new product dubbed CloudStart, a means of designing, building, and installing a private cloud based on Matrix iron. That includes training IT staff on how to use it and porting over four existing customer applications to the cloudy infrastructure.
Samsung X125

Samsung X125 11.6in notebook

ReviewComputer manufacturers are well known for hyping up their products - "magical", indeed - but few actually fib. Samsung isn't telling porkies, but the sticker on its new X125 overstates with the best of them.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2010

Broadband pricing in US and Europe falls

Broadband pricing in Europe and the US fell €5 a month, on average, as broadband speeds went up by an average of 20 per cent during the last year, says researcher Analysys Mason. This is after a relatively flat period during the past recession, when prices held up.
Faultline, 30 Aug 2010

I was working in the lab, late one night...

Sysadmin blogThe most important message I have for those considering Office Communications Server is to take the time to play with it in the lab.
Trevor Pott, 30 Aug 2010

Is Gordon the future of HPC?

HPD: just what we need in the computing industry – another acronym. But this is the term that Michael Norman, interim director of the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), is using to discuss how HPD (High Performance Data) goes hand in hand with HPC.
Dan Olds, 30 Aug 2010

Voltaire chases cloudy server networks

Long-time InfiniBand switch maker Voltaire continues to expand its Ethernet product line – and therefore its addressable market. Today, it announced a new switch aimed at cloudy workloads inside companies and at hosting/cloud service providers.
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Intel to acquire wireless chipmaker for $1.4bn

Intel today announced an acquisition targeted at beefing up their stuttering efforts to become a player in the hottest segment of the consumer-electronics market: smartphones and other mobile internet-connectivity devices.
Rik Myslewski, 30 Aug 2010

Citrix eats VMLogix for self-service clouds

On the opening day of VMware's VMworld virtualization and cloud extravaganza in San Francisco Monday, rival Citrix Systems fired off the first salvo of the most recent battle between the two companies over who can build a better cloud by announcing its acquisition of privately held VMLogix.

Disruptive JBoss duo fluff Java cloud

Two of the brains behind the disruptive open source application server JBoss are building platform services for Java coders.
Gavin Clarke, 30 Aug 2010

Apple QuickTime backdoor creates code-execution peril

A security researcher has unearthed a “bizarre” flaw in Apple's QuickTime Player that can be exploited to remotely execute malicious code on Windows-based PCs, even those running the most recent versions of operating system.
Dan Goodin, 30 Aug 2010

AMD to dump ATI brand

The ATI brand is about to disappear, AMD announced Monday.
Rik Myslewski, 30 Aug 2010

Retired joint chiefs chairman dons a Red Hat

What do you get when you cross a Red Hat with a Green Beret? I don't know, but the commercial Linux and Java application server markets are about to find out.

E-voting critic released on bail (finally)

A computer scientist who exposed serious vulnerabilities in India's electronic voting machines was released on bail over the weekend after seven days in police custody.
Dan Goodin, 30 Aug 2010

Google munches mobile game builder

Google has snapped up yet another "social" startup. This week's purchase — not to be confused with last week's — is SocialDeck, an outfit that builds mobile games.
Cade Metz, 30 Aug 2010

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