26th August 2010 Archive

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  • Apple kills Jailbreakme Mac bug

    RIP, browse-and-get-hacked vuln

    Security 26 04:02

  • Microsoft trips on Visual Studio Lightswitch

    Latter-day Access needs less code

    Developer 26 05:02

  • Red Hat plays Switzerland in balkanized cloud world

    APIs for everyone

    Servers 26 06:02

  • Samsung R780 17.3in laptop

    Big and beautiful?

    Laptops 26 07:02

  • Flyover states up attacks on Craigslist

    17 states call for end of adult ads

    Law 26 09:10

  • Half a hero biscuit for Microsoft

    Enjoyed installing OCS? Good, you may be reinstalling soon

    Servers 26 09:24

  • Iron-on armpit BO stench-filters 'ideal for modern lifestyle'

    'Teabag' pong-busters derived from military gasmasks

    Bootnotes 26 09:35

  • NHS trust tags mentally ill offenders

    Vibrating anklets phone home

    Mobile 26 09:59

  • Canon supersedes EOS 50D

    Update gets HD video, moveable LCD

    Hardware 26 10:03

  • Just 5% of workers ever truly leave the office

    Holidays are for slackers

    Mobile 26 10:07

  • LaCie ups compact hard drive to 1TB

    Small box, lots of storage

    Hardware 26 10:12

  • Facebook death lists spook Colombian town

    100 teenagers named, three already killed

    Law 26 10:20

  • How do you choose a hypervisor?

    Flexibility leads to complex choices

    Server Management 26 10:21

  • Vulture 1: Plane plans planned

    Full constructional details on the drawing board

    SPB 26 10:26

  • Pundits predict plunging iPad market share

    Need Apple worry? Nah

    Tablets 26 10:47

  • Microsoft bats out first Exchange 2010 service pack

    Webby Outlook gets UI tweak for netbooks

    Operating Systems 26 11:10

  • LG: big, bendy e-paper screens out by year's end

    Impervious to chip fat, vinegar?

    Tablets 26 11:11

  • Coca-Cola and Facebook get touchy with Israeli teens

    Tagging the youth for fun and profit

    Mobile 26 11:27

  • Court of Appeal challenges parallel import blocking

    Oracle's victory should be 'set aside'

    The Channel 26 11:33

  • More Bull grunt for Blighty's atom-bomb factory

    Xeon drives UK, French nukes: US favouring Opteron

    Servers 26 11:46

  • Adobe sucks up to Oracle over FOSS boss gripes

    Throw that man down a mine shaft!

    Applications 26 12:22


    'Software error' sends droid off military reservation

    Software 26 12:26

  • Thai mobe outfit warns of deadly roaming charges

    Deactivate voicemail, or suffer the consequences

    Mobile 26 12:41

  • Internet, China and Russia destroying US, rock and roll

    How did Nicks and Mellencamp get so paranoid?

    Bootnotes 26 12:43

  • Dell bids high for 3PAR, gets a 'yes'

    Knocks HP back

    Storage 26 13:42

  • Pro-Palestine hackers spraypaint gov training quango

    National Skills Academy bitten by JaCKal

    Security 26 14:09

  • HDS exec launches vicious attack on IBM storage exec

    Slams ex-colleague as 'egotistical, greedy and arrogant'

    Storage 26 14:18

  • Doctor Wii game comes to the Nintendo Who

    Manipulate Amy Pond with your WiiMote

    Games 26 14:57

  • Drunken employee pops cap in server

    $100k box versus .45 calibre round

    Bootnotes 26 15:00

  • Microsoft gets Speedos in a twist over half-naked 'Meter Maids'

    TechEd Oz targets women in IT - and bikinis

    Bootnotes 26 15:26

  • PC World, Currys to offer cash for clunkers

    At least 50 quid off your old (working) computer

    Hardware 26 15:34

  • Asus unwraps dual-core Atom netbook

    One with a proper, mobile CPU, this time

    Laptops 26 15:59

  • HP builds out cloudy wares with Stratavia buy

    We don't own databases, we automate them

    Applications 26 16:13

  • H.264 answers Google's open codec with forever free license*

    * Free forever for free video only

    Media 26 17:07

  • Moshe Yanai has left IBM

    Pursuing other interests

    Storage 26 17:46

  • Boffins build lie detector for crooked CEOs

    Beware of bosses who say f**k a lot

    Science 26 18:15

  • Google spotlights real-time search engine

    Standalone Tweetbook feed

    Media 26 19:16

  • Apple files chip block stack patent

    Beyond the A4

    Tablets 26 19:26

  • Server biz recovery lags in Europe

    But up is still up

    Financial News 26 20:18

  • Police extend detention of e-voting critic

    'Conspiracy to discredit' elections probed

    Security 26 20:21

  • Sumo scandal gets iPad relief

    'Too fat to text' no longer excuse

    Tablets 26 21:07

  • Mozilla shrugs off 'forever free' H.264 codec license

    Uh, will H.264 even be relevant in 4 years?

    Media 26 21:11

  • Novell misses Q3 revenue and profit targets

    VMware deal will not save the day

    Financial News 26 22:34