25th August 2010 Archive

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  • Google tests phone calls from Gmail

    VoiceChatTalk VoIP

    Software 25 00:59

  • Intel details 10-core Westmere-EX server silicon

    'Only ten? Wanna make something of it?'

    Servers 25 03:06

  • Java lobby lowers Android and iPhone defenses

    Help us to help you help us

    Developer 25 05:02

  • ARM chips put on their server boots

    Intel fight afoot

    Hardware 25 06:02

  • Ten... Wireless Headphones

    Wired for sound? Not any more!

    Top Ten 25 07:02

  • Argentine court overturns ruling on search engines' link liability

    That's not my mess!

    Law 25 07:02

  • Marten Mickos defends honor of Ubuntu's Koala food

    'Open core' Eucalyptus scales fightback

    Software 25 07:02

  • Stockholm schoolgirls fined for bugging staff room

    Clandestine op's cover blown on Facebook

    Bootnotes 25 09:04

  • Alibaba opens up coffers for eBay listing service

    Second US buy

    Applications 25 09:23

  • Paris Hilton tweets armed intruder drama

    'Knifes' scare ends in therapeutic facial

    Bootnotes 25 09:25

  • WD debuts four-port powerline boxes

    Mains networking to the max

    Hardware 25 09:42

  • Facebook Places 'sparks interest in similar services'

    This is the dawning of the age of location-whores

    Mobile 25 09:57

  • WikiLeaks readies next release

    CIA documents next up

    Law 25 09:59

  • HP bangs on glass as 3PAR marches to the altar

    Shane Robison shouts 'NOOOOOOOOO'

    Storage 25 10:30

  • BT ad banned for 'misleading' customers over broadband speeds

    For once, it's not the estate agent's fault

    Broadband 25 10:45

  • Pioneer preps wall-mount iPhone speaker

    Hang ten?

    Hardware 25 10:46

  • Energy-saving LEDs 'will not save energy', say boffins

    Photon-hoggish humanity set for orgy of illumination

    Science 25 10:59

  • Dixons done for dumping customer info in skip

    Do you want identity theft with that?

    The Channel 25 11:03

  • Apple patches 13 bugs in OS X

    At least 6 critical vulns squished

    Operating Systems 25 11:06

  • How extreme is your pr0n? Depends on your lawyer

    Beware bluetooth bearing gifs

    Law 25 11:12

  • Ex-prez sues Fujitsu over ousting

    Nozoe demands damages, apology

    Servers 25 11:37

  • Apple snubs O2's handset enviro-spec rating

    Palm Pre least green in shrunken field

    Mobile 25 11:41

  • Pupils find teacher's abuse images

    Who knew you could retrieve stuff from the recycling bin?

    Law 25 11:48

  • 'Spintronic' computing gets closer with laser 'lectron discovery

    Tiny twirly tech

    Hardware 25 11:50

  • Why Android won't worry RIM and Apple

    Nibbling at the wrong target

    Mobile 25 12:02

  • Meego goes 3D

    Just what are Nokia and Intel playing at?

    Applications 25 12:40

  • Royal Society opens inquiry into why kids hate tech

    Lessons that is, not games, mobiles, Facebook

    Government 25 13:30

  • Home Office unveils new UK passport

    Better security, lovely pictures

    Security 25 13:32

  • Playlist.com goes titsup

    Lotsa money owed everywhere

    Media 25 13:33

  • PARIS team cracks Vulture 1-X wing

    Knocks together proof of concept structure

    SPB 25 14:26

  • Consumers Union calls for NFC regulation

    Network operators can't be trusted, not like banks

    Mobile 25 14:42

  • BBC adopts El Reg units

    Vulture Central to send Auntie Olympic-sized invoice

    Bootnotes 25 14:45

  • Server recovery picks up steam in Q2

    High end waiting for the lift

    Servers 25 15:06

  • Facebook leapfrogs Google's Orkut in India

    Mountain View supports split personalities

    Media 25 17:43

  • Undead Commodore 64 comes back for Christmas

    All-in-one zombie attacks children of the 80s

    Media 25 17:54

  • Pentagon confirms attack breached classified network

    'Network administrator's worst fear'

    Security 25 18:58

  • Google unleashes phone calls from Gmail

    Voice extension

    VoIP 25 20:04

  • Intel chief: Obama (still) driving US off cliff

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

    Financial News 25 21:56

  • Stripped-down IE9 interface leaks in Russia

    Less is more

    Applications 25 22:16

  • Citrix takes bare-metal hypervisor to PCs

    XenClient less than it could be

    Virtualization 25 22:44

  • Robocopter combat cargo skyhook chosen by US forces

    Meatsack stickjockeys no longer required

    Government 25 22:47

  • Wikileaks publishes secret CIA memo

    More to come...

    Government 25 23:05

  • Apple to reveal musical something on September 1

    iPods, Apple TV, cloudy tunes?

    Software 25 23:48