24th August 2010 Archive

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  • Microsoft confirms code-execution bug in Windows apps

    'Cannot directly be addressed in Windows'

    Security 24 00:34

  • Tools and rules buffed for Microsoft's iPhone challenger

    No porn, no fat apps, just fill our music store

    Developer 24 00:41

  • AMD: 'Bobcat' smaller, faster than Intel's Atom

    Netbooks. Not servers. For now

    Hardware 24 04:02

  • Cloud.com bear hugs VMware vSphere

    Next up: Smooches for Oracle, Microsoft

    Virtualization 24 04:02

  • IBM slips automatic tranny into Power7

    Self-aware chippery

    Hardware 24 05:38

  • Mobile 3D planned for MeeGo Linux

    Like Second Life, only successful

    Mobile 24 06:02

  • Verbatim MediaShare 1TB Nas

    Home and away

    Hardware 24 07:02

  • Data protection and surveillance: Swapping the speed camera for ANPR?

    The great LibCon privacy test

    Law 24 08:18

  • Apple demonstrates how to do touchscreen desktops

    Patent application shows smarts

    Hardware 24 08:19

  • Sony intros latest mid-range DSLR pair

    'Unparalleled levels of imaging refinement', apparently

    Hardware 24 08:45

  • Nokia intros budget touchscreen talker

    Free music, Guitar Hero bundled

    Phones 24 09:18

  • Gmail pushes onto the iPhone

    Google calendar elbows in too

    Phones 24 09:19

  • Take-Two Interactive loses fight for Bioshock.com

    Game over, man

    Law 24 09:21

  • Australian cave tour guide offered in Klingon

    Boldly go where no alien tourist has gone before

    Hardware 24 09:43

  • Microsoft Windows glider crashes

    Insert flying OS luser gag here

    Bootnotes 24 09:54

  • EMC exec flags up FAST 2 and FCoE

    More CLARiiON/Celerra VMware integration

    Storage 24 09:58

  • LucasFilm sets lawyers on Jedi nameswipers

    Your favourite quote adapted for the occasion goes here

    Bootnotes 24 10:00

  • Smiths publishes Samsung Slide e-book reader

    Snazzy gadget arrives in UK

    Tablets 24 10:16

  • Boffins learn to adjust body clocks

    Ideal for jetlag, bipolar, interstellar colonists

    Science 24 10:18

  • McAfee re-issues fake visa waiver virus warning

    As Symantec haunted by dead celebs

    Security 24 10:27

  • CISx plans scrapped

    DWP slams brakes on gov data sharing system

    Government 24 10:47

  • AOL loses senior flack Marty Moe for personal reasons

    'New challenges', family time

    Financial News 24 10:55

  • Ball player gets Beaver ban after drunken naked tasering

    Nude trespassing was 'icing on the cake'

    Bootnotes 24 10:55

  • Inmate-frying microwave pain blaster turret installed in US jail

    'They just go "Yow",' enthuses raygun sheriff

    Science 24 11:02

  • Government calls for intellectual property evidence

    'We need a competitive, innovative IP system'

    Government 24 11:08

  • Lexmark files patent gripe against 24 cartridge makers

    Much ink, much beef

    The Channel 24 11:19

  • Sony shows continuous autofocus DSLRs

    Alpha 33, 55 unveiled

    Hardware 24 11:24

  • Google Marketplace DRM broken

    Androids can be pirates too

    Mobile 24 11:29

  • UK insurer hit with biggest ever data loss fine

    £2.3m for losing customer records

    Law 24 11:34

  • Sky rolls out Sports News app

    Stats and more

    Phones 24 11:36

  • Richard Desmond joins Project Canvas

    Five's back in

    Media 24 11:51

  • Toshiba no-glasses 3D TV out by Xmas?

    Japanese newspaper thinks so

    Hardware 24 11:52

  • Windows Phone 7 SDK coming 16 Sept

    Microsoft machine lumbers into motion

    Mobile 24 12:20

  • Secret X-37B space plane lost by sat-spotters for 2 weeks

    Roboshuttle relocated - for now

    Science 24 12:43

  • Microsoft hit by cloudy downtime in US

    Two-hour outage for some hosted services

    Servers 24 13:51

  • Scareware solicitors sent to regulator

    Lawyers to defend P2P porn pensioner pestering

    Law 24 14:14

  • Danes work up head of steam over manga exhibition

    Scribblesmut scorned by censorious Scandinavians

    Law 24 14:16

  • FalconStor speeds VDI by playing Violin

    NSS SAN Accelerator VDI style

    Virtualization 24 14:40

  • Sun-like star HD10180 thought to have Earth-sized world

    Seven-planet system orbits spaced much like ours

    Science 24 15:04

  • Oracle forms new 'axis of evil' against open source, claims Adobe

    Larry effect turns FOSS into 'cash cow'

    Operating Systems 24 15:27

  • Makara layers DIY platform cloud atop EC2

    Automatic transmission for AWS

    Virtualization 24 16:06

  • 3PAR had three suitors

    It approached a fourth

    Storage 24 16:13

  • Samsung gives sneak peak of iPad basher

    Galaxy Tab fizzes in

    Tablets 24 16:56

  • Alleged bad Appler stashed $150,000 in shoeboxes

    Safe deposit boxes still a mystery

    Security 24 17:03

  • Microsoft ID guru slams 'duplicitous' Apple

    Jobs' non-personal data claim 'hogwash'

    Security 24 17:44

  • Yahoo! search Bingified in US and Canada

    Microsoft back-ends it

    Media 24 18:25

  • Firefox 4 beta gets Sync and Tab Candy Tab Panorama

    Four to the fourth

    Applications 24 19:27

  • Skeletal scanner would ID terrorists from 50 meters

    And maybe non-terrorists too

    Security 24 19:51

  • Firefox, uTorrent, and PowerPoint hit by Windows DLL bug

    Plenty more where that came from

    Security 24 22:03

  • Embotics plays nanny for VMware virtual machines

    Making Hyper-V mind its manners by year's end

    Virtualization 24 22:47

  • Microsoft punts 'significant' Office for Facebook update

    Tag and search

    Applications 24 23:39