20th August 2010 Archive

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  • Researcher: Code-execution bug affects 200 Windows apps

    Ain't no cure for binary-planting blues

    Security 20 00:31

  • Google opens Chrome Web Store to devs

    Upload your 'installable web apps'

    Developer 20 00:33

  • Coder cooks up Java-built Flash Player

    OpenGL gurus sought

    Developer 20 05:02

  • Hitachi Data Systems buys ParaScale

    Scoops up assets of crashed startup

    Storage 20 06:22

  • Panasonic DMC-G2 interchangeable lens camera

    Micro Four-Thirds touchscreen tour de force

    Hardware 20 07:02

  • Cops cuff armed white supremacist in banana costume

    Indecent exposure kicks off lively afternoon in Washington

    Bootnotes 20 08:13

  • SanDisk bigs up its flash postage stamp

    Just keep taking the tablets

    Storage 20 08:19

  • Big Blue promises jobs for few

    We few, we happy few

    Management 20 08:20

  • Organ banks on horizon as boffins prep tissue-freeze tech

    Worryingly, experiments include human cells and flies

    Science 20 08:30

  • Intel swallows McAfee: Why?

    The three Ss: security, security, security

    HPC 20 09:06

  • Nikon intros successor to popular D3000 DSLR

    Now with full HD recording, HDMI

    Hardware 20 09:12

  • It's time to presume the web is guilty

    Trevor's got a plan to save the internet

    Servers 20 09:29

  • BBC heralds next Doctor Who download game

    Episode three imminent

    Games 20 09:30

  • Orange gives the green light

    It's all working now - apparently

    Mobile 20 09:56

  • HP confirms 'Palm pad' to ship early 2011

    Windows 7 tablet out sooner

    Tablets 20 10:00

  • Apple crushes Quattro as RIM hot-wires own ads vehicle

    The fast, the furious and the expensive

    Mobile 20 10:07

  • Nokia drops Nokia from Nokia Music

    What's an Ovi?

    Mobile 20 10:13

  • Online sales hit £5bn a month

    Even better if you've got a shop too

    Small Biz 20 10:41

  • Met to improve information handling

    Copper bottomed tech plan

    Law 20 10:51

  • OCZ's automated flash-HDD tiering for PCs

    Like EMC's FAST but for consumers

    Storage 20 10:58

  • Salesforce.com hoists fiscal year outlook as Q2 income slides

    Parklife up in clouds

    The Channel 20 11:03

  • Nokia gets into analytics

    A declining share measured is still declining

    Mobile 20 11:05

  • Prudish Google slammed for Aussie censorship

    Can you see what it is yet? Nope!

    Government 20 11:06

  • Information Commissioner calls in tech experts

    Aims to avoid future pants-down incidents

    Law 20 11:12

  • Intel needs to rethink security to profit from McAfee buy

    Power, performance and (now) protection

    Security 20 11:46

  • Scareware tries to trick marks into dropping defences

    Strip for me, baby

    Security 20 11:48

  • MOON SHRINKING FAST - shock NASA discovery

    LHC-spawned black hole gobbling it from within?*

    Science 20 11:50

  • WIN a Plantronics .Audio 646 DSP stereo headset

    ideal for Skypers and gamers

    Hardware 20 12:02

  • UK mobile networks more popular than ever

    Even if they are making less money...

    Mobile 20 12:48

  • Google co-founders to be immortalised on silver screen

    Adam Sandler and Tom Cruise to play leading roles, perhaps?

    Bootnotes 20 13:00

  • PARIS acquires visual tracking capability

    Sets telescopic sights on Vulture 1

    SPB 20 13:22

  • Google's Wave flop: Spare us the warm fuzzies

    Behemoth acting alone is suspicious

    Developer 20 14:02

  • Overland sues BDT for patent infringement

    No win, no fee law firm deal

    Storage 20 14:23

  • Intel's embedded security strategy faces tech obstacles

    Security vendors react to blockbuster deal

    Hardware 20 14:24

  • Mobile PC buyers buying peppier boxes

    Worldwide PC chip units and sales rise in Q2

    Hardware 20 14:52

  • Trojan-ridden warning system implicated in Spanair crash

    Cascading fail

    Security 20 15:03

  • Google Street View captures miracle Heisenloo

    Cover one eye, stand on one leg

    Bootnotes 20 15:10

  • Mobile phones: Where does the money go?

    Android licensees risk the WinMobile Disease - analyst

    Mobile 20 15:14

  • DARPA orders VTOL robots for 'covert payload placement'

    Tailsitter two-stroke 'V-Bats' drop off surprise packages

    Science 20 15:54

  • Ethernet storage protocol choices

    AoE, iSCSI or FC?

    Storage 20 16:04

  • Big biz loved Dell servers and storage in Q2

    Bespoke hyperscale server biz softens

    Servers 20 16:22

  • Google lands Gmail video chat on Linux

    Ubuntu and other Debians

    Applications 20 17:13

  • Google Nexus One 'too popular' in dev phone afterlife

    Dead and loving it

    Mobile 20 19:09

  • Ubuntu quietly breaks off Sparc affair

    Neglect is no excuse

    Operating Systems 20 19:26

  • LG touts 'surprisingly productive' iPad killer

    Novel feature: usefulness

    Mobile 20 20:10

  • Apple eyes kill switch for jailbroken iPhones

    ...for your own good

    Phones 20 22:38