13th August 2010 Archive

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  • Nvidia takes charges punch as Q2 sales drop

    Thanks for the expensive memory

    Financial News 13 05:02

  • Oracle sues Google over Java in Android

    Legal clash of the titans

    Mobile 13 05:36

  • LG 50PK990 Infinia 50in plasma TV

    Looks a picture, even when it's off

    Hardware 13 07:02

  • London tenders for speed cameras

    'They reduce accidents and save money'

    Law 13 08:02

  • DoJ demands HP docs in bribery probe

    Inkgate? Can we call it Inkgate?

    Data Networking 13 08:24

  • Raw iron or dynamic data centre

    Where have you got to?

    Server Management 13 08:27

  • Mozilla Thunderturkey and its malcontents

    And better email alternatives

    Applications 13 08:36

  • RIM tries to placate everyone

    Impossible task sure to irritate all parties

    Security 13 09:18

  • Security flaw creates Android, Palm Pre snoop risk

    It's like James Bond! But not

    Security 13 09:24

  • Micron intros SSD speed king

    6Gbit/s SATA interface

    Storage 13 09:47

  • Perseid meteors 'thrill star-gazers'

    Well, not quite

    Science 13 09:49

  • Waledac zombie attacks rise from the grave

    As hard to kill as a horror movie baddie

    Security 13 10:27

  • Skype and Google next against the wall in India

    Today BlackBerry, tomorrow the world

    Law 13 10:32

  • Shareholders sue HP over Hurd's sex scandal probe

    'Give us back our money'

    Financial News 13 10:34

  • Desktop virtualisation: The control-plus-flexibility problem

    Make users and IT happy at the same time

    IT at the coalface 13 10:38

  • BOFH: Lies and the lying liars who lie about them

    Some truly beastly behaviour

    BOFH 13 11:02

  • BBC new media boss defends iPlayer Flash, slaps Microsoft

    Taxi for Mr Huggers

    Applications 13 11:10

  • Ten unlikely iPhone insurance claims

    What's the damage?

    Phones 13 11:21

  • Third ISS spacewalk set for Monday

    NASA hopes to wrap ammonia pump replacement

    Science 13 11:44

  • Rise in Latvian botnets prompts Spamhaus row

    Small nation battles rudeness

    Security 13 12:01

  • Android gets talk-tastic Froyo upgrade

    Speak slow-ly and clear-ly to your hand-set

    Mobile 13 12:17

  • Opera and QuickTime updates slay buffer bugs

    Client side fixes are go

    Security 13 12:33

  • Cashpoint mugger flashes distractionary chesticles

    Cunning jub-based attack

    Bootnotes 13 12:34

  • Tesco touts budget textaholic SIM-only deal

    But is it really the cheapest?

    Mobile 13 13:02

  • Big Blue blows $480m on Unica buy

    Sidling up to software

    Applications 13 13:11

  • Council staff breach DWP database

    26 employees dismissed

    Government 13 13:34

  • EC consults on low take-up of e-commerce

    Wants more cross-border trade

    Government 13 13:34

  • Symantec revs BackupExec

    Tweaks to the right of me, tweaks to the ...

    Storage 13 13:37

  • Blackhole your malware

    Block the bad domains

    Servers 13 13:41

  • Open source's ardent admirers take but don't give

    Free riders' self-defeating logic

    Software 13 14:02

  • Dell'Oro gives QLogic CNA market lead

    HBA and CNA peeing contest

    Storage 13 14:35

  • Nvidia licenses Rambus memory tech

    Lawsuits still alive

    Hardware 13 14:47

  • Alleged pirate fingered for filming film at Harrow flicks

    Faces fraud, illegal distribution charges

    Media 13 15:18

  • Hackers spoof car warning system


    Security 13 15:25

  • Symbian Expo opens for submissions

    Speak now or forever... bugger off to Apple?

    Mobile 13 15:26

  • Reg Hardware Reviews Digest

    Revisit last week's tech

    Site News 13 15:52

  • London Tube app adds Augmented Reality

    Directed by a live consumer compass

    Phones 13 15:54

  • 16-year-old makes £1m selling ads

    Little swine Join us in congratulating him

    Financial News 13 15:54

  • Premiership footie ticket scam targets Barclays users

    As blank profiles on ManU site provoke fanciful conspiracy theories

    Bootnotes 13 16:58

  • Hawking's big-bang team harness SGI super power

    A precise science demands big hardware

    HPC 13 18:33

  • Ellison wrestles Google to strangle 'unofficial' Java

    Java. Software. Complete. Ownership

    Software 13 18:43

  • Dell accused of hiding incriminating evidence in defect case

    Dog-ate-our-email defense alleged

    Hardware 13 19:18

  • Microsoft patent victor targets Apple, Cisco...

    VPN infringement blitz

    Networks 13 19:25

  • OpenSolaris axed by Ellison

    Long live SoLarry's Solaris

    Servers 13 20:19