12th August 2010 Archive

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  • Credit card trafficker cuffed after nine-month manhunt

    BadB goes down

    Security 12 06:02

  • Philips BDP3100 Blu-ray player

    The penny-pinchers' player of choice?

    Hardware 12 07:02

  • Dell crafts mother of all graphics cards

    16 GPUs jammed in 3U chassis

    HPC 12 07:02

  • Documents show CAA fears over powerline networks

    Minutes from Ofcom meet show BBC unhappy too

    Broadband 12 08:02

  • Northern Ireland gets upgraded spycams

    £12.9m for better ANPR system

    Law 12 08:25

  • Junk mail kingpin held on child abuse charges

    Trial to start in December

    Security 12 08:46

  • ASA: You can't say 'f**k'

    We still know what it means

    Law 12 09:02

  • Vodafone issues real Froyo update for HTC Desire

    Surrenders to customer anger

    Mobile 12 09:32

  • MoD bod warns of cyber attack risk

    Data losses drive security threat

    Security 12 10:02

  • Chinese hurl $1.5bn into NFC city

    Not planning to use the tech, just build it

    Broadband 12 10:17

  • ICO defends soft Street View probe

    Insists case still open

    Law 12 10:21

  • Boffins pioneer electron spin data storage

    Taking spintronics for a spin

    Storage 12 10:25

  • iPhone 4 on Pay as You Go: UK networks compared

    If only things were that SIMple

    Mobile 12 10:59

  • Firefox 4 hits third beta stage, gets touchy-feely with Windows 7

    JavaScript in heavy C++ overhaul

    Applications 12 11:16

  • Funding drought shuts e-victims support group

    That's just great

    Security 12 11:29

  • Oracle and IBM end poaching lawsuit

    Leave gardening leave for gardeners

    Servers 12 11:30

  • High Court: Music TV royalty ruling flawed

    Copyright Tribunal 'misunderstood' evidence

    Media 12 11:31

  • Are plasma TVs killing radio?

    Radio Society appeals for evidence

    Hardware 12 11:36

  • Defra gifts £22m to payments quango

    Ever heard of Natural England? You're paying for it...

    Government 12 11:43

  • Sat firm fails to stop legal challenge

    Ofcom closer to sending bailiffs for frequencies

    Broadband 12 11:52

  • Google spins out happy-clappy autofill Chrome 6 beta

    Is that a faster V8 in your browser leg, or are you just pleased to see me?

    Applications 12 12:02

  • Buy songs from your radio

    Pure goes with the Flow

    Hardware 12 13:32

  • Google, boffins crack Rubik's Cube mystery

    The ultimate answer - or is it?

    Science 12 13:33

  • BBC digital chief emerges from Strategy Boutique

    Huggers' new plan looks a lot like the old plan

    Media 12 13:36

  • Smartphone sales up 50%

    Android set to whack BlackBerry

    Mobile 12 13:41

  • Xiotech's ISE price cut

    Like a cash back but a discount

    Storage 12 13:54

  • Microsoft: Hotmail fix coming soon to a browser near you

    Hopes to wipe out upgrade gripes, just don't mention Chrome

    Applications 12 14:19

  • BlueArc boosts filesystems

    SiliconFS 7.0 gets metadata in flash and 16PB capacity

    Storage 12 14:26

  • Taxman warns on phone fraud

    Look this gift horse in the mouth

    Small Biz 12 14:29

  • India threatens BlackBerry ban

    You have 19 days to comply

    Mobile 12 15:03

  • Carphone Warehouse: We won't shop or sue freetards

    Cloud music data stays with us

    Media 12 15:34

  • Samsung and Seagate snuggle on solid state drives

    Enterprise hook-up

    Storage 12 15:36

  • CEOP claims success for Facebook 'panic button'

    Threefold increase in reports

    Applications 12 15:42

  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

    An epic for the tech-headed?

    Games 12 17:33

  • Amazon, Novell to sell full SUSE Linux on EC2

    Full support comes at a price

    Operating Systems 12 17:45

  • Server-based botnet floods net with brutish SSH attacks

    PHP patch laggards to blame

    Security 12 17:50

  • 'PatentGate' allegations denied by Apple

    Misunderstanding, not malfeasance

    Mobile 12 17:58

  • AMD quickly updates ATI Stream SDK to OpenCL 1.1

    Fusion chips lurch closer to reality

    Developer 12 19:46

  • 15K Wikileaks docs 'potentially more explosive,' US frets

    Allies are outted?

    Government 12 19:49

  • Microsoft delivers dedicated 30-minute big Fail support

    Affordable if it matters

    Software 12 21:05

  • Google on defensive as Facebook joins net neutrality fight

    AT&T: it's a 'reasonable plan', honestly

    Media 12 22:29

  • Internet Explorer 9 beta due on September 15

    IE's new look to be unveiled

    Applications 12 23:32

  • NTLM authentication: still broken after all these years

    Popular tech imperils users

    Security 12 23:33