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Alleged ring leader extradited in $9.4m RBS WorldPay heist

Federal prosecutors say they have have extradited one of the leaders of an international crime ring accused of hacking in to bank card processor RBS WorldPay and stealing more than $9.4m in a 12-hour period.
Dan Goodin, 07 Aug 2010
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Reg Hardware Reviews Digest

In the past seven days, Reg Hardware reviewed many products from the worlds of consumer electronics, gaming, mobile communications and information technology.
Register Hardware, 07 Aug 2010

UK.gov finally kills ContactPoint

So, farewell then, ContactPoint, the database we never quite came to love. In the end, it was victim to straitened economic circumstances and lacking the courage of its own convictions.
Jane Fae , 07 Aug 2010

ISS cooling pump refuses to come quietly

Spacewalkers Tracy Caldwell Dyson and Doug Wheelock have spent a frustrating eight hours, three minutes* outside the International Space Station attemping to swap out the ammonia pump which failed last Saturday night and knocked out half of the station's cooling system.
Lester Haines, 07 Aug 2010

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