5th August 2010 Archive

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  • Nokia C3

    Budget Qwertyphone that looks the business

    Phones 05 07:02

  • Alien spymobile menaces Street View

    Navteq geographic analysts prowl Blighty

    Bootnotes 05 07:05

  • iPhone 4 satisfaction high, but lower than iPhone 3GS

    Beleaguered AT&T not a fanboi favorite

    Mobile 05 07:45

  • Ofcom enlists 4-year-olds to boost dodgy DAB stats

    Unborn, recently deceased to follow?

    Media 05 08:02

  • HK 'Dog Man' jailed for voodoo ritual sex

    Fails to work his magic on judge

    Bootnotes 05 08:26

  • Monitoring for security effectiveness

    ROI beyond the bounds of security

    Security that Fits 05 08:27

  • Report questions millions spent on NHS.crap

    4,121 websites cost £86m

    Government 05 08:40

  • Naomi Campbell admits handling 'blood diamonds'

    Tells Charles Taylor's war crimes trial of 'dirty stones'

    Bootnotes 05 08:43

  • Swedes decline to FCKU2MF

    Vanity numberplate applicant told to eff off

    Bootnotes 05 09:27

  • Facebook gets mobile privacy

    And a new Android client too

    Security 05 09:32

  • Treasury considers Coins replacement

    Project Oscar begins to take shape

    Government 05 09:41

  • Solar plasma aurora storm ONGOING UPDATE

    Glowing green UK skies expected tonight

    Science 05 09:42

  • NetApp slims for Storage Foundation

    Goes on thin reclamation diet

    Storage 05 09:52

  • Virus writer charged with destroying property

    Squid virus targets pirates

    Security 05 10:34

  • IBM ditches DS6000

    Last cigarette for storage array

    Servers 05 10:41

  • Australia imposes parental lock for digital TVs

    No controversy here

    Media 05 10:48

  • UK ICT classes killing kids' interest in tech

    Like PE lessons but with computers

    Government 05 10:49

  • Lonely Planet augments muggers' earnings

    Wander around holiday hotspots with your phone at eye level

    Applications 05 10:57

  • Murdoch predicts iPads all round

    Still taking the tablets

    Financial News 05 10:59

  • Google boss turns Wave demise into success of sorts

    'We're watching you - get used to it'

    Applications 05 11:25

  • Caretaker faces jail for putting abuse images on boss's laptop

    'Wickedly evil and vile plot'

    Security 05 11:26

  • Human hive-mind game whups computer boffinry ass

    Science glory for 57,000 protein-origami Tetris players

    Science 05 11:55

  • Leicester Council's iPad can chair meetings

    Tells dwindling staff it's not a 'luxury, must-have toy'

    Hardware 05 12:10

  • Aussie opposition will scrap firewall

    'The internet filter will not work'

    Government 05 12:11

  • Verizon, Google agree to bury net neutrality - reports

    Can we have our campaign back?

    Broadband 05 12:23

  • Brian Blessed lends his tongue to TomTom

    Drive, my Hawkmen, Drive...

    Science 05 12:46

  • Ofcom sets out recompense for luvvies

    Find out what those old mics are worth

    Broadband 05 13:14

  • Want to use WD diagnostics? Buy Windows

    Linux lovers left out in the cold

    Storage 05 13:16

  • Conficker's 6m strong botnet confounds security probes

    Cross-industry group baffled by super crypto shield of infamous botnet

    Security 05 13:28

  • Feds admit storing pervscanner pics

    Court captures 35,000 naked ghosts

    Law 05 13:34

  • Carphone's music service to seek and destroy freetards?

    We know where you've been

    Media 05 13:49

  • Philips pumps out 7605 LCD TV series into the UK

    LED to the side

    Hardware 05 13:57

  • Navy SEALs to deploy armoured dogs in A'stan

    Elite, bulletproof commando canines go to war

    Science 05 14:08

  • eBay car vendor flashes wedding tackle

    Claims accidental upload for bathroom shocker

    Bootnotes 05 14:09

  • Orange jumps on BlackBerry Torch bandwagon

    RIM holds a torch for 02?

    Phones 05 15:08

  • Clearwire puzzles over LTE migration

    Take two wireless standards to the airwaves?

    Broadband 05 15:24

  • Microsoft dry-cleans browser trousers ready for IE 9 beta

    Slings out final, Acid3-happy preview to testers

    Developer 05 15:25

  • Amazon opens UK Kindle store doors to teeming hordes

    Let the price war begin

    Tablets 05 15:51

  • Indonesia joins BlackBerry wiretapping pile-on

    Stops short of ban threat

    Law 05 15:54

  • Comedy Central HD hits the UK

    A better quality of laughter?

    Hardware 05 16:25

  • Cracking software retrieves iPhone 4 passwords

    No jailbreaking necessary

    Security 05 16:41

  • Teradata records historic second quarter

    Pent-up demand builds

    Storage 05 16:53

  • Adobe plans emergency patch for critical Reader bug

    That was fast

    Security 05 17:25

  • Why the mobile App Store bubble will burst

    And why Ovi will fail

    Mobile 05 17:59

  • IE9's Acid, speed and HTML5 trip to land lost surfers

    Microsoft back in the browser wars

    Applications 05 18:04

  • Ballmer's 'lost generation' note finds resonance

    Bad, getting worse — for Windows

    Software 05 18:13

  • Microsoft to set record with next Patch Tuesday

    14 patches, eight critical

    Security 05 18:43

  • Oracle chops Sun HPC jobs

    Will talk systems next week

    HPC 05 19:52

  • Google, Verizon deny secret FCC end run

    Network neutrality battle cranks up to 11

    Government 05 21:44