3rd August 2010 Archive

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  • Virgin sets Ofcom on Project Canvas

    'Controlling every aspect of how people watch TV'

    Media 03 05:30

  • Ten Essential... Symbian Apps

    Software for your Nokia

    Top Ten 03 07:02

  • Apple as a religion: How the iPhone became divine

    'Imbued with sacred significance'

    Hardware 03 07:36

  • Xbox Live billing site snubs Firefox

    Credentials invalid. Game over

    Games 03 08:21

  • HP pays to end kickback probe

    This doesn't mean we're guilty

    Servers 03 08:26

  • Show geo-data some respect, don't rely on Web2.0 data

    Survey kicks hive brain into touch

    Developer 03 08:37

  • Women, gorillas likelier to have sex with men wearing red

    Beefeaters, guardsmen overjoyed by shock findings

    Science 03 09:20

  • Dell does factory fresh virus infections?

    Something new to be frightened about!

    HPC 03 09:41

  • India bags BlackBerry interception rights

    Kuwait can block porn - but UAE gets nothing

    Mobile 03 09:46

  • Google warns Chrome Canary is only for the brave

    Who wants a highly unstable browser which will often break entirely?

    Applications 03 10:07

  • Samsung unveils 2TB tri-platter drive

    New EcoGreen model spins up

    Storage 03 10:09

  • ISS set for Friday chill-out

    First spacewalk to replace failed ammonia pump

    Science 03 10:48

  • Sophos downplays Android malware threat

    Doesn't blend. Won't spread

    Security 03 10:51

  • UK.gov smiles and nods at commentards

    Web public's ideas change nothing

    Government 03 10:52

  • Court slaps down coppers in photography case

    Plods and cameras just do not mix

    Law 03 11:24

  • PARIS pumps up a Mk 2 release mechanism

    Second shot at unleashing Vulture 1

    SPB 03 11:27

  • Leicester City councillors eye up iPad to save £90k a year

    Council says a 'techy-type' person did the maths

    Hardware 03 11:37

  • ET voted fave family film fodder

    Pips Wizard of Oz to winning post

    Media 03 11:38

  • Solar plasma aurora storm to hit Earth tomorrow today!

    Burst sunspot could see Northern Lights over UK, US

    Science 03 11:40

  • Pentagon Wikileaks probe reaches MIT

    Top boffins implicated in Afghan log dump

    Security 03 12:45

  • BCS Linux-baiting sparks flame war

    Dad's Army hit by sweary Marys

    Operating Systems 03 12:53

  • ITV to tinker with micropayments

    Jumps onto Sky HD

    Media 03 12:56

  • Revolution lets R do stats on big data

    Scalability boost, too

    Applications 03 14:16

  • Intel eyes up Infineon for purchase

    Sating wireless cravings

    Hardware 03 14:29

  • Start-up promises to slash virtual backup times

    Silver bullet for VMware users

    Virtualization 03 15:20

  • iOS jailbreak howdunnit partially solved

    PDF exploit framed for jailbreak

    Operating Systems 03 15:23

  • Wiki crew launch attack on FBI official seal bluster

    Permission denied, but what the hell!

    Law 03 15:26

  • HDS extends BlueArc OEM agreement

    Two years more

    Storage 03 15:37

  • RIM lights a candle for the BlackBerry Torch

    OS rev, touch screen, full QWERTY

    Phones 03 15:46

  • Visual Studio suits up for business apps

    Office and SharePoint choreography

    Developer 03 16:02

  • Illumos sporks OpenSolaris

    Spooning Oracle for now, but ready to fork

    Operating Systems 03 17:02

  • Hack uses Google Street View data to stalk its victims

    'Geo location gone terrible'

    Security 03 17:54

  • The DCB world is not enough

    TRILL needed too

    Storage 03 17:54

  • Liberal Google, Yahoo!, Apple hurting America claims Reagan

    Pimps 'first' all-conservative email host

    Media 03 19:27

  • OOXML and open clouds: Microsoft's lessons learned

    From conflation to inflation

    Software 03 19:54

  • Location-based quantum crypto now possible, boffins say

    Position-based security 'great stuff'

    Security 03 20:15

  • Google enables (some) multiple account sign-ins

    Gmail and more, but mobile devices need not apply

    Media 03 20:58