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Microsoft gets dirty with Gmail cloud cash fight

Microsoft is so committed to the cloud that it's throwing everything at rivals like Google to crack open the door on sales and gain momentum online.
Gavin Clarke, 31 Jul 2010

'Death to browsers!' cries Apple mobile-app patent

A trio of Apple filings seek to patent mobile-application "systems and methods" for travel and online shopping — and to move us three steps closer to a Google-free world.
Rik Myslewski, 31 Jul 2010

Social-engineering contest reveals secret BP info

DefconA hacker competition that challenges contestants to trick employees of large companies into divulging potentially sensitive information aims to show how human gullibility is the biggest security vulnerability of all. During its first day at the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas, it had clearly achieved its goal.
Dan Goodin, 31 Jul 2010

Disney throws $763m at social gaming

Disney has thrown over three quarters of a billion dollars to bring it up to Goliath status in the online gaming world, acquiring two and a half year old Playdom, which offers games for social networks – the new buzzword in gaming that has all the VCs on the planet hopping onto investments.
Faultline, 31 Jul 2010
Sony Bravia KDL-32NX503

Sony Bravia KDL-32NX503 32in LCD TV

ReviewMonolithic is a desirable word, unless it’s applied to small things like a mobile phone, a peanut, a shrew. So does it fit a flatscreen TV, especially one at the lower end of screen sizes deemed suitable for a living room?
David Phelan, 31 Jul 2010

iPhone 4: And now we are 3 (Mobile)

3 Mobile is shipping iPhone 4 today - along with T-Mobile UK, it was the last UK network to announce availability.
Caleb Cox, 31 Jul 2010

Reg Hardware Reviews Digest

In the past seven days, Reg Hardware reviewed many products from the worlds of consumer electronics, photography, gaming, mobile communications and information technology.
Register Hardware, 31 Jul 2010
Ethernet cables

Aussie broadband is slower than a slow thing in a slow town

So Australia is building a superfast fibre to the home (FTTH) national broadband network and not a minute too soon.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jul 2010

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