29th July 2010 Archive

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  • NoScript 2.0 beefs border patrol

    'Saves your router's ass'

    Security 29 Jul 00:10

  • Alcatel OT-808 fashion phone

    Qwerty clamshell with text appeal

    Phones 29 Jul 07:02

  • Cell phone eavesdropping enters script-kiddie phase

    Get your GSM snooping tools here

    Security 29 Jul 07:02

  • Amazon takes Kindle to the UK

    Opens Kindle store

    Laptops and Tablets 29 Jul 07:38

  • Russian city blocks YouTube

    Clampdown on 'extremist' material

    Media 29 Jul 07:50

  • Sage poised for huge Italian buy

    New boss plots €650m bid

    Applications 29 Jul 07:56

  • Churchill's dentures go under the hammer

    War-winning gnashers

    Bootnotes 29 Jul 08:16

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops squeezes on to Nintendo DS

    Standalone handheld companion

    Games 29 Jul 08:27

  • Managing change in the application portfolio

    A can of worms?

    IT at the coalface 29 Jul 09:36

  • BT layoffs boost profits

    Braces for UK.gov cuts

    Broadband 29 Jul 09:56

  • Turkish pranksters load Facebook Translate with swears

    The rudeness of crowds

    Security 29 Jul 10:07

  • Opposition to can Aus $1.3bn school laptops program

    Election fun and games

    Government 29 Jul 10:08

  • UK population to be guaranteed mobile 768Kb/sec service

    Plus new-for-old deal for PMSE

    Mobile 29 Jul 10:56

  • DfT 'unwittingly' bigged-up speed camera benefits

    Rumours of their awesomeness exaggerated, dept admits to Reg

    Government 29 Jul 11:01

  • Supercomputer geek builds Cray-1 around home PC

    More powerful than the original?

    Servers 29 Jul 11:02

  • ID card astroturf - No2ID beats the truth out of IPS

    Er yes, nearly all the happy campers did work for us

    Government 29 Jul 11:04

  • Papal crackdown on bare-kneed tourists sparks hypocrisy claims

    Rubbish - priests always cover their knees

    Bootnotes 29 Jul 11:06

  • iPads for hospitals: is this a good idea?

    Can you wash it, drop it, stop your patients from stealing it?

    Government 29 Jul 11:14

  • UK privacy watchdog clears Google Wi-Fi slurp

    'Nothing personal'

    Government 29 Jul 11:16

  • Data breaches blamed on organised crime

    Hackers feast on financial sector security mistakes

    Security 29 Jul 11:45

  • Authentic Navy rum: Yours for £600 a bottle

    Last stocks of RN hard stuff offered to landlubbers

    Bootnotes 29 Jul 11:50

  • Sky turns 3D on Oct 1

    Strong sports line-up. And golf

    Hardware 29 Jul 11:52

  • Google sets Android on pirates

    Phone-home copy protection

    Mobile 29 Jul 11:58

  • Acer Aspire Ethos 8943G 18.4in laptop

    Full HD desktop replacement with plenty of poke

    Laptops and Tablets 29 Jul 12:02

  • Virgin hitches MTV to media player loveliness

    Three screens. When will the madness stop?

    Hardware 29 Jul 12:45

  • Courts bar dodgy documents from divorce cases

    Hildebrand rules hustled out

    Law 29 Jul 12:50

  • Fragrant tech thief stalks Whitehall

    Public servants' purses exposed

    Government 29 Jul 12:53

  • .NET for Android prepares to get probed

    Port from Windows help

    Developer 29 Jul 13:02

  • Pay-off or lay-off: HP calls on 700 staff to heed redundo plea

    EOW woe

    The Channel 29 Jul 13:03

  • Sky bags UK HBO exclusive

    Not showing on a TV near you

    Hardware 29 Jul 13:14

  • Quantum quivers again

    Drops a sales ball

    Storage 29 Jul 13:38

  • Sky clocks up £1bn profit

    HD boosts money-making machine

    Media 29 Jul 13:59

  • Nokia goes after Opera Mini

    It'll have you in interstitials

    Mobile 29 Jul 14:10

  • Apple coughs to iPhone 3G IOS 4 upgrade problems

    Where are we now?

    Phones 29 Jul 14:12

  • IBM buys file compressor

    Storwize swallowed

    Storage 29 Jul 14:43

  • Oracle and HP make a deal for Solaris on ProLiants

    Dell does deal for PowerEdges, too

    Servers 29 Jul 14:53

  • Lovefilm calls in the DRM brigade for media player push

    They're all at it

    Media 29 Jul 15:49

  • US carrier tailors 3G jacket for iPod touch?

    A Peel for your Apple

    Phones 29 Jul 16:34

  • Open source HPC file system gets startup

    Wham, cloud with Lustre

    HPC 29 Jul 16:48

  • Next Gnome delayed until 2011

    September previews planned

    Software 29 Jul 17:48

  • Microsoft names September for IE9 beta

    Turner promises 'great' story

    Applications 29 Jul 18:45

  • Fog of cyberwar: internet always favors the offense

    The Poland of international conflict

    Security 29 Jul 19:48

  • Nvidia plugs-in Visual Studio with CUDA 3.1

    Cuda be an enterprise contender

    HPC 29 Jul 19:52

  • Ballmer and Softies sacrifice sleep to catch iPad

    'Job-one urgency'

    Software 29 Jul 21:40

  • Uncle Sam sues Oracle (again) for alleged fraud

    DoJ doubles down on whistleblower suit

    Government 29 Jul 22:57

  • Data for 100m Facebook accounts published to BitTorrent

    Forever is a mighty long time

    Security 29 Jul 22:59

  • 'Suspicious' Android wallpaper app nabs user data

    Up to 4 million downloads

    Security 29 Jul 23:32