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Citigroup says its iPhone app puts customers at risk

Citigroup is urging customers who use their iPhones for online banking to immediately upgrade to a new version of the application because a security weakness in the the old one puts them at risk.

Android's UK phone sales quadruple

Sales of Android-based phones more than quadrupled in the UK during the most-recent quarter.
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UK.gov pledges licence fee 'rethink' over heavy catch-up use

The government has pledged to 'rethink' the licence fee because so much television is watched via catch-up services on computers, which does not require the payment of the licence fee.
Withings WiFi Scales

Withings Wi-Fi bathroom scales

Review Sometimes, there are problems that cry out for a technological solution. Problems like “How do I remember my weight and BMI for the time it takes to go from the bathroom to the computer.” And the WiFi bathroom scales from Withings, sold by Firebox, are the solution to just that problem.
Cat 5 cable

Caringo gets cash to carry on

The world of object storage is seeing consolidation to large vendors making life difficult for start-ups like Caringo. However, it has gained new funding.

Hitachi on purchase prowl

Japanese giant Hitachi is looking to buy an IT services business to bolster its information and communications system business.

Motorola making Android 3.0 tablet

Motorola is the latest company to have its name associated with an upcoming - well, Q4 at the earliest - Android-based tablet computer.

Broadband advertising speed gap widens

The gap between the marketing and reality of broadband speeds has grown even wider, according to figures released today by Ofcom.
Pot Noodle

Virgin cables up Pot Noodle place via power poles

Do you live in the Welsh village of Crumlin, Caerphilly? Then you may well be getting fast broadband next month, delivered via the town's many power poles.
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Minister calls for more cyber security experts

The minister for security has said the government has to do something about a shortage of emerging cyber security professionals.
Kable, 27 2010
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Battle joined for future of open source IPS

Analysis The battle to develop the next generation of open source intrusion prevention systems (IPS) technology is intensifying between incumbent Snort and a US government-backed project, the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF).

Nvidia Tegra 2 tablet to debut at IFA show

German company Interpad will be showing off an interesting tablet at the upcoming IFA show in Berlin: a 10in boy running Android 2.1 on an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.
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Yahoo! Japan! turns! wing! against! Bing! in! Google! deal!

Yahoo Japan has inked a deal to use Google's search engine in an apparent snub to Microsoft's Bing.
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Bigger than iTunes? Mobile operators lay out their app stall

Operator consortium the Wireless Application Community has laid out its stall as an iTunes alternative, modelling itself as a clearing warehouse and leaving the retailing to network operators.
Bill Ray, 27 2010
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Serpent imprisons rattled Yorkshire family

An East Yorkshire couple are awaiting the intervention of trained operatives to banish a toad-eating serpent which has confined them to their Withernsea home, according to this chilling report.
Apple Mac Pro

Apple Store shut to add updated desktops

The Apple Store is offline ahead of - it now seems reasonable to assume - new desktop Macs.
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Brigitte Bardot demands flying donkey action

A furious Brigitte Bardot has demanded that those responsible for the Sea of Azov flying donkey outrage be brought to book, the Sun reports.
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Opening UK cyber-security challenge cracked

Enthusiasts claim to have already solved the first test in the Cyber Security Challenge UK hunt for would-be cyber-security experts.
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Foxconn India closes factory as 250 workers fall ill

Foxconn has been forced to shut down a factory in India after 250 workers were hospitalised after what appears to have been an overzealous bout of pesticide spraying.
Joe Fay, 27 2010

The Camel: Nokia unveils user designed phone

Nokia's Designed By Community project has reached the sketch stage, with three designs being put to the public vote to decide what the perfect Nokia handset should look like.
Bill Ray, 27 2010

Toshiba notebook drive spins level with Samsung

Toshiba has caught up with Samsung and launched its own 640GB notebook drive spinning at 7,200rpm.
Motorola Milestone XT720

Motorola Milestone XT720

Review Motorola's original Milestone, along with the Dext last year, proved to the world that Motorola was back, back, back after a period in the wilderness when it was struggling to keep up with the innovations of other manufacturers. Building on those phones' success, this Android 2.1 device has a distinctive new look and includes an 8Mp camera with HD video recording and a xenon flash.

SAP Q2 sales up 12% despite gloomy Euro market

German business software maker SAP AG reported US second quarter sales growth that offset a licence revenues slump in the European market.
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Zeus bot latches onto Windows shortcut security hole

Miscreants behind the Zeus cybercrime toolkit and other strains of malware have begun taking advantage of an unpatched shortcut handling flaws in Windows. It was first used by a sophisticated worm to target SCADA-based industrial control and power plant systems.


Left, right, jump, push, pull. As far as mechanics go, they are some of gaming's oldest conventions. In its 2D salad days little else was needed to captivate players the world over. But then 2D almost did a Dodo around the mid-1990s, as developers migrated from the plane to the shiny new third co-ordinate.
iPhone End Call

O2 extends iPhone 4 return-for-refund window

O2 has - temporarily - extended its returns policy for the iPhone Flaw.
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NatWest sets lawyers on student site

A student finance website which offers summaries of bank accounts available for the feckless unwashed masses has been hit with a copyright infringement claim by NatWest.
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Valve unbans 12,000 Steam 'cheaters'

Valve "erroneously" banned 12,000 gamers for cheating playing Modern Warfare 2 on Steam.
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Apple releases multi-touch 'magic' trackpad

Apple has introduced the much-rumoured and Federal Communications Commission-approved Magic Trackpad, a wireless touchpad for all you fanboys who hate mice.
Apple iMac

Apple brings iMac line up to date

Apple has indeed updated its iMac line, as anticipated, beefing up the line's speeds'n'feeds and adding support for the new SDXC memory card format.
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UAE sees security threat in BlackBerrys

The United Arab Emirates has decided that BlackBerry handsets constitute a threat to national security, and is considering an outright ban.
Bill Ray, 27 2010
Apple Mac Pro

Dodeca-core Apple Mac Pro coming next month

Apple hasn't - contrary to expectations - updated the Mac Pro, but it did today promise to do so soon.
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Police chief: Yes, my plods sometimes forget photo laws

The Metropolitan Police Force cannot be guaranteed to abide by the law when it comes to allowing the public their right to take photographs.
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Mainframes drive strong Q2 for Unisys

Suddenly, it is feeling a bit like the post-recessional early 1990s, at least in MainframeLand.
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Aussie hacker pleads guilty to banking Trojan scam

An Australian hacker has pleaded guilty to infecting 3,000 computers with an information-stealing Trojan.
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Emmerdale shoves jam rags in innocent kiddies' faces

The Daily Mail has worked itself up into a right tizz over last Friday's episode of ITV1 soap Emmerdale, in which a chalked shopping list was seen to contain the items "jam rags" and "pile cream".
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Police force more suspects to give up crypto keys

Police have expanded their use of powers to force suspects to decrypt files by 50 per cent in the last year, figures released today reveal.
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Oracle unleashes robo-tapeswapping monster

Oracle has upgraded its StorageTek StreamLine 8500 tape library with more slots, LT05 support and redundant robotics and electronics for increased reliability.
server room

iPad alert: Are you a selfish elite or an independent geek?

Thus spoke a 'selfish elite' earlier today: "I think I'm kinder than the survey suggests. Tough love, largely."
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Novell opens Linux appliance gallery

Novell has opened an online gallery for SUSE software appliances.
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Location-based Web2.0rhea not an epidemic

People who feel compelled to constantly apprise you of their location on via the web are a tiny minority of the population. They're also mostly men.
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Ask.com embraces its inner Jeeves

Ask.com has gone back to the future, unveiling a public beta version of a major redesign that returns the site to its days as a butler that answered your questions.
Cade Metz, 27 2010
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Proprietary software puts pacemaker users at risk

More than one-fourth of defective implantable medical devices discovered this year were probably the result of bugs in the software used to control them, a group advocating open source software claimed in a report that argues against the use of proprietary code in the life-saving products.
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Wireless network security weakness to demo at DEFCON

Security researchers have discovered security shortcomings in the WPA2 protocol that threaten the security of wireless networks, even if they are running up-to-date security software.
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HP spreads wings with 'butterfly' data centers

There may be a glut in the housing market in many of the Western economies, but when it comes to data centers, there's pent-up demand for more modern facilities. So business should be booming then, right?
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Google patents search that tracks your mouse moves

Google has patented a system that displays search results and ads based on where you move your mouse.
Cade Metz, 27 2010
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Intel debuts hella-zippy optical future

Intel has announced the development of an integrated, end-to-end, silicon-based optical system that it says may drive down the cost of high-speed, error-free interconnects to under a dollar per port — and it leaves Chipzilla's Light Peak interconnect in the dust.
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Apple sued over hot iPad shutdowns

Apple's iPad can shut down if it gets too hot, and Jacob Baltazar, Claudia Keller, and John Browning are as mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore.

Mozy users caught in repeat backup hell

Users are complaining that EMC's Mozy backup service is mistakenly backing up complete data sets over and over again. According to posts in five-page Mozy Forum thread, the problem has been present since mid-June, and users say they've received inadequate support.

Canonical fluffs one-click Ubuntu cloud stack

Canonical is accelerating Ubuntu's push into the cloud, delivering an integrated stack of cloud platforms ready for download.