26th July 2010 Archive

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  • IBM splits with Solaris 10 on x64

    Oracle severs another OEM deal?

    Servers 26 Jul 02:57

  • Before the iPad, there was the Newton

    MessagePad 120 – it didn't suck

    Laptops and Tablets 26 Jul 04:16

  • Lite-on iHBS112 internal Blu-ray writer

    Cheap and fast - cheerful too?

    Hardware 26 Jul 07:02

  • NASA unveils global Martian map

    Odyssey view offers plenty of detail, but no roadsigns

    Science 26 Jul 08:02

  • Wikileaks creaks under demand for Afghan war logs

    Thousands of front line reports released

    Government 26 Jul 08:08

  • Lord Peter views the logfile

    Top hole, Bunter

    Verity Stob 26 Jul 09:02

  • Her Maj gets Flickred up

    Gawd bless yer Ma'am 2.0

    Bootnotes 26 Jul 09:21

  • TalkTalk turns StalkStalk to build malware blocker

    Unheralded system shadows browsers round the web

    Broadband 26 Jul 09:25

  • Firefox update fixes plug-in snafu

    Stabilising patch rushed out

    Security 26 Jul 09:46

  • NHS spunks £7.5k on porn room

    Fertility clinic bins jazz mags for hi-tech smutmongery

    Bootnotes 26 Jul 09:48

  • How effective is your security monitoring?

    Can you police the policing?

    Security that Fits 26 Jul 10:03

  • SanDisk CEO to ride off into the sunset

    Goodbye Eli Harari. Hello Sanjay

    Storage 26 Jul 10:19

  • Firefox 4 second beta hits minor delay

    All good things comes to those who bait?

    Applications 26 Jul 10:49

  • DMA sets rules on kids' data and 'greenwashing'

    Gotta earn those green credentials

    Law 26 Jul 10:53

  • The basics of app management

    A case of diminishing returns

    IT at the coalface 26 Jul 11:08

  • Evidence mounts for iMac, Mac Pro Revamp

    Rumour mill churns furiously

    Hardware 26 Jul 11:11

  • Cutbacks strip speed cameras from Blighty's roads

    Crash test imminent

    Law 26 Jul 11:30

  • iPad pitches Apple onto world PC top table

    Vendor Number Five

    Laptops and Tablets 26 Jul 11:31

  • SOCA 'faces axe'

    'British FBI' to replace 'British FBI'

    Law 26 Jul 11:37

  • TomTom update breaks satnav live links

    Older GPS boxes borked

    Science 26 Jul 11:47

  • 3D films fall flat

    Audiences abandon 'a waste of a perfectly good dimension'

    Media 26 Jul 11:55

  • Samsung UE46C8000 3D TV

    Picture perfect?

    Hardware 26 Jul 12:02

  • CTIA claims SF phone radiation law unconstitutional

    Take my emissions figures from my cold, dead hands

    Mobile 26 Jul 12:02

  • LAPD questions Google Apps security credentials

    Huge roll out hits delay

    Applications 26 Jul 12:22

  • 3G at 2G frequencies edges closer in UK

    One more consultation, and we're there

    Mobile 26 Jul 12:34

  • HMV takes on mighty iTunes with 40p promo

    Probably better than last effort

    Software 26 Jul 12:46

  • Daily Star is sorry for Grand Theft Auto Raoul Moat blunder

    Journalism at its best

    Games 26 Jul 13:45

  • Successful desktop virtualization

    Difficult, but not impossible

    Virtualization 26 Jul 14:01

  • Hitachi Data Systems: A storage giant lost in translation

    I just don't know what I'm supposed to be

    Storage 26 Jul 14:05

  • Hitachi GST SVP takes a punt on STT-RAM

    Joins Grandis

    Storage 26 Jul 14:09

  • Europe must cut duties on US gadgets

    Set-top box and printer tax illegal, reports

    Hardware 26 Jul 14:10

  • EU climate exchange website hit by green-hat hacker

    APB for Neil from The Young Ones

    Security 26 Jul 14:13

  • EC launches formal probes into IBM's mainframe biz

    Emulators and maintenance services

    Servers 26 Jul 14:33

  • Dell's fraud settlement explodes PC market myths

    Getting sick on cookie jars and bags of chips

    Hardware 26 Jul 15:09

  • Canadian flyboy prangs CF-18 Hornet

    Dramatic last-second ejection caught on camera

    Science 26 Jul 15:09

  • Apple reminds Aussies they can buy iPhone 4s on Friday

    Citizens of 16 other countries will be able to too

    Phones 26 Jul 15:20

  • Android terms point to operator billing

    The killer feature customers won't care about

    Mobile 26 Jul 15:50

  • Google Apps rubber-stamped for use by US gov

    Data center segregation

    Applications 26 Jul 18:03

  • US legalizes jailbroken iPhones

    Unlockers shielded from Jobsian storm

    Mobile 26 Jul 19:47

  • Windows Phone 7 misses big-business support tools

    Marketplace for your important apps

    Mobile 26 Jul 20:31

  • AT&T delivers iPhone data choke relief

    And Big Phone finds love beyond the bright lights

    Mobile 26 Jul 21:32

  • Peer 1 launches GPU compute cloud

    Rise of the fluffy ceepie-geepies

    HPC 26 Jul 22:21

  • Cray ships first massively parallel XE6

    Baby super exec exits

    HPC 26 Jul 22:51

  • Google Apps for Gov battles fear of floating data

    Here's your certification. And your comfort blanket

    Applications 26 Jul 23:05