22nd July 2010 Archive

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  • Google cracks open Android's closed development

    Future control to curb OEM enthusiasm

    Developer 22 04:25

  • iPhone thief nabbed by GPS, cops say

    Take note, crooks

    Security 22 04:27

  • Airline ejects passenger for being hungry

    United makes meal of flight security

    Bootnotes 22 04:44

  • Linux police offer deviant Android return from exile

    Google, you have three options...

    Developer 22 05:37

  • Buffalo USB 3.0 PCI Express card

    SuperSpeed drives and cards compared

    Hardware 22 07:02

  • Imitate Real Ale quaffers, save the economy, says biz prof

    'And I don't even like beer'. Weirdo

    Small Biz 22 09:24

  • Fusion-io's flash memory OS plug-in

    Operating system subsystem

    Storage 22 09:33

  • Hitachi GST solid state drive spotted at convention

    An eye on ZeusIOPS SSDs?

    Storage 22 09:35

  • Nvidia kicks out CUDA 3.1 for GPUs

    Parallel Nsight plug-in for Visual Studio, too

    Servers 22 09:46

  • Plextor releases budget 3D BD drive

    External add-on

    Hardware 22 10:01

  • Skype shelves call charges

    Operators will collect the money instead

    Broadband 22 10:04

  • Zuckerberg: I'm 'quite sure' I own Facebook

    Dancing on the head of a pin over lawsuit

    Financial News 22 10:21

  • Mariposa botnet suspects quizzed in Slovenia

    Butterfly investigation spreads its wings

    Security 22 10:24

  • Hitachi hides Magic Wand vibrator under a bushel

    Floats like a butterfly, sounds like a lawnmower

    Bootnotes 22 10:30

  • Collaboration, complexity and compliance

    It can all be cured by leeches, right?

    IT at the coalface 22 10:37

  • Huawei accused of corporate theft

    Motorola's secrets shipped to China - again?

    Mobile 22 11:12

  • Mozilla prepares second Firefox 4 beta launch

    Cute little heartbreaker

    Applications 22 11:16

  • What's the difference between an iPod and an iPood?

    One letter, says Apple

    Hardware 22 11:21

  • Movie, tech giants prep universal online media store

    Buy from who you like, play where you like (except Apple)

    Media 22 11:25

  • XIV gets SONAS booster shot

    NAS gateway for block storage

    Storage 22 11:27

  • UK Skylon spaceplane set for engine test in '3-4 years'

    Also - fly to the space station with Brian Blessed!

    Science 22 11:32

  • UK.gov sacks lead e-Borders contractor

    'On schedule' programme actually 12 months late

    Government 22 11:33

  • Lancs reseller wins Goodwood deal

    Horses, cars and computers

    The Channel 22 11:49

  • HP MediaSmart Server EX490

    Home backup goes large

    Hardware 22 12:02

  • O2 dithers over Apple iPhone 4 refund pledge

    Existing Ts&Cs apply for now, says carrier

    Mobile 22 12:19

  • Rescuing Nokia? A former exec has a radical plan

    The Risku Manifesto - now in English

    Mobile 22 12:37

  • Acer 'HTC killer' gets UK release

    Stream on sale

    Phones 22 13:03

  • 4chan flings faeces at Gawker

    News blog stumbles after hacker twattery

    Security 22 13:28

  • Nokia smartphones dumb down profits

    Cheaper phones mean lower profits

    Mobile 22 13:32

  • Microsoft lines staff pockets with Windows 7 phone

    iPhone? iForget about it!

    Mobile 22 13:37

  • The Hack in the Box ATM talk that never was...

    No vendor threats, 'cos no talk, says researcher

    Security 22 14:06

  • Linx outage caused by upgrade

    20 minute lie-down

    Broadband 22 14:19

  • Samsung woos developers with Bada book

    But, but, it's free... come back!

    Mobile 22 14:20

  • MPs call for crackdown on pre-paid credit cards

    Child abusers getting away with it

    Law 22 14:49

  • Malaysia bans 'satanic' Man Utd kit

    Your mother sucks Barca and Brazil shirts in hell, also

    Bootnotes 22 14:53

  • Bill Gates' other company dinged for fraud

    Battling the image beast

    Applications 22 15:10

  • Boffins develop greenhouse invisible to night-vision goggles

    'Glass cloak' would show up on thermal imagers, though

    Science 22 15:17

  • How to survive desktop virtualisation

    Don't mess up and make everyone hate you

    Virtualization 22 15:23

  • ContactPoint to be erased from history

    Children's Minister torches child database, suggests we never speak of it again

    Government 22 16:04

  • Apple ad-addled OS scheme resurfaces

    (Marginally) less draconian

    Media 22 18:37

  • Microsoft to banish 'responsible' from disclosure debate

    Google, too

    Security 22 18:43

  • Xiotech won't get OEM ISE deals

    Seagate single-sourcing show-stopper

    Storage 22 20:37

  • Removing SCADA worm could disrupt power plants

    Security catch 22

    Security 22 21:49

  • Dell pays $100m to settle accounting fraud charges

    Michael Dell pays $4m

    Financial News 22 22:52

  • Amazon's profit disappoints, thanks to Apple's iPad success

    Current quarter not so sanguine, either

    Financial News 22 23:01