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Google cracks open Android's closed development

OSCON Google will crack open more of Android's development process but keep new versions of its mobile OS closed for competitive reasons.
iPhone 4

iPhone thief nabbed by GPS, cops say

iPhone thieves take note: Next time you strike, make sure the coveted device you pilfer isn't equipped with GPS software.
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Airline ejects passenger for being hungry

United Airlines ejected a loyal first class passenger from a recent plane flight because he asked if he would be getting dinner. At least, that's his story. He may have been ejected because he's the sort of security threat who claims he's talking about food when he's really talking about the police.
Cade Metz, 22 2010
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Linux police offer deviant Android return from exile

OSCON Linux kernel maintainers have offered Google three ways of returning Android into their good graces.
Buffalo USB 3.0 Card

Buffalo USB 3.0 PCI Express card

Review In an age where the latest SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface has yet to be officially supported by Intel, storage vendors in particular, are keen to build the best add-on PCI Express adapter card to take advantage of this fast connectivity.
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Imitate Real Ale quaffers, save the economy, says biz prof

Top economics'n'biz brainboxes, having performed a detailed analysis, have announced that the way for the UK economy to revitalise itself is for us all to emulate beer-swilling real ale drinkers.

Fusion-io's flash memory OS plug-in

Fusion-io has created a flash-optimised operating system subsystem, the ioMemory Virtual Storage Layer.

Hitachi GST solid state drive spotted at convention

A Hitachi GST solid state drive (SSD) is being shown at the Hitachi uValue 2010 convention in Tokyo.

Nvidia kicks out CUDA 3.1 for GPUs

If GPU coprocessors are going to go mainstream as adjuncts to CPUs in workstations and servers, the programming has to get easier and developers have to be able to exploit the languages, libraries, and development tools they have traditionally been using to create applications for PCs and servers.
Plextor PX-B120U

Plextor releases budget 3D BD drive

Optical drive specialist Plextor has unwrapped a USB-powered external Blu-ray box designed for folk who want to embrace the 3D "revolution" more cheaply.
Hard Reg, 22 2010
Skype logo

Skype shelves call charges

VoIP operator Skype has shelved plans to charge users for 3G calling, claiming that operator plans to bill by the byte make such charges redundant.
Bill Ray, 22 2010
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Zuckerberg: I'm 'quite sure' I own Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg last night addressed the question of whether he owes 84 per cent of Facebook to a New York firewood salesman.
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Mariposa botnet suspects quizzed in Slovenia

Slovenian police have arrested four suspects over allegations that they developed the Mariposa botnet malware.
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Hitachi hides Magic Wand vibrator under a bushel

Comment There's one HItachi product you won't see at the company's uValue 2010 convention in Tokyo, the Magic Wand vibrator.
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Collaboration, complexity and compliance

Workshop The trouble with some terms we use in IT is that they take on a life of their own and suggest an unrealistic simplicity. Take “collaboration” for example. To define it requires a decision: either to focus on a limited set of interactions between specific individuals, or more realistically, to recognise that collaboration refers to just about every aspect of how we work together to do our jobs.
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Huawei accused of corporate theft

Motorola has accused its own engineers of sending confidential documents to the founder of Huawei, and claims that the receiving company was well aware that the information was stolen.
Bill Ray, 22 2010
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Mozilla prepares second Firefox 4 beta launch

The second beta of Firefox 4 is tentatively set to land tomorrow and ahead of that Mozilla has been asking testers to offer feedback about the open source outfit’s latest browser.
iPood/Pocket Trowel

What's the difference between an iPod and an iPood?


Movie, tech giants prep universal online media store

A universal digital video system that allows us to "build, manage and enjoy... libraries of digital entertainment content purchased from multiple sources and playable on multiple devices" may at least be about to become a reality.
For Sale sign detail

XIV gets SONAS booster shot

IBM has given its XIV block-access storage array product a SONAS gateway to enable it to store files. Big Blue has also created a low-end Diligent ProtecTIER deduplication appliance.
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UK Skylon spaceplane set for engine test in '3-4 years'

Farnborough Reaction Engines, the British firm aiming to build an enhanced "Skylon" space shuttle which would take off from a runway without external tank or boosters, says it expects to test its revolutionary "SABRE" rocket/jet engine within "three to four years".

UK.gov sacks lead e-Borders contractor

The Home Office has sacked lead contractor Raytheon from the £1.2bn e-Borders programme, saying it has "no confidence" in the firm.

Lancs reseller wins Goodwood deal

CMS Group has won a £450,000 contract with the Goodwood estate - home to horse racing, motor racing events and Europe's largest lowland organic farm.
HP MediaSmart Server EX490

HP MediaSmart Server EX490

Review Beyond the entry level market for NAS (network attached storage) there is the kind of buyer who has big server requirements within a small operation, and thinks they might get a great deal bigger later on. That's who HP's MediaSmart Server EX490 is aimed at.
O2 logo

O2 dithers over Apple iPhone 4 refund pledge

Apple may have said it will offer iPhone 4 customers a full refund if they return the handset within 30 days of purchase, but O2 is sticking to its 14-day returns policy.
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Rescuing Nokia? A former exec has a radical plan

Interview A couple of months ago, a book appeared in Finland which has become a minor sensation. In the book, a former senior Nokia executive gives his diagnosis of the company, and prescribes some radical and surprising solutions. Up until now, the book has not been covered at all in the English language. This is the first review of the proposals outlined in Uusi Nokia (New Nokia - the manuscript) and draws on three hours of interviews with its author, Juhani Risku.
Acer Stream

Acer 'HTC killer' gets UK release

UK retailer Expansys has the exclusive on Acer's Stream smartphone - the vendor's answer to the HTC Desire - reviewed here - which it announced in May.
Hard Reg, 22 2010
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4chan flings faeces at Gawker

An attack by hackers at 4chan on Gawker left the news blog intermittently unavailable on Wednesday.
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Nokia smartphones dumb down profits

Nokia had braced investors for bad news today, and duly announced higher revenues but lower profits in its Q2 earnings statement.
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Microsoft lines staff pockets with Windows 7 phone

Microsoft plans to dish out Windows 7 phones to all its staff in a move clearly designed to get people talking about the company's wannabe rival to Apple's iPhone.
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The Hack in the Box ATM talk that never was...

A banking security researcher has stepped forward to deny reports that vendor threats forced him to cancel a presentation on ATM security at the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam earlier this month.
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Linx outage caused by upgrade

A mangled port upgrade caused an outage at Linx yesterday.
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Samsung woos developers with Bada book

Samsung has decided to give away electronic copies of An Introduction To Bada, hoping that a free guide will drum up some developer interest in the platform.
Bill Ray, 22 2010
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MPs call for crackdown on pre-paid credit cards

The government has been urged by MPs to tighten controls on pre-paid credit cards, with claims they help child abusers avoid detection online.
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Malaysia bans 'satanic' Man Utd kit

Manchester United replica shirts have become a banned item in Malaysia after local clerics took exception to the presence of a red devil on the club's crest, branding the image "dangerous and un-Islamic", Sky News reports.
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Bill Gates' other company dinged for fraud

Seattle-based software company Infoflows has been awarded $20m in damages by a US Court, ending a three year dispute with Corbis. The judge decided that Corbis illegally stole Infoflows' intellectual property - its software.
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Boffins develop greenhouse invisible to night-vision goggles

Boffins in the States say they have designed a "glass cloak" which renders objects within it invisible in the infrared spectrum.
graph up

How to survive desktop virtualisation

Regcast So you’re thinking about desktop virtualisation. Are you mad? Most of your colleagues think so. Your users hate you already, because you want to take away their PCs. Your boss suspects you’re going to blow the budget on a bunch of ugly dumb terminals that take half an hour to boot.
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ContactPoint to be erased from history

The bonfire of the databases continues apace today, with an announcement from Children’s Minister Tim Loughton that ContactPoint will be switched off on 6 August.
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Apple ad-addled OS scheme resurfaces

Steve Jobs & Co have renewed their interest in developing an operating system that can disable "one or more functions" of your Mac while an ad is being played.
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Microsoft to banish 'responsible' from disclosure debate

Microsoft has submitted a proposal aimed at quelling one of the oldest debates in security circles: retiring the use of the term “responsible disclosure”.

Xiotech won't get OEM ISE deals

Why isn't Xiotech, the supplier of sealed ISE enclosures of Seagate disk drives, not getting any OEM deals with the likes of NetApp and Xyratex?
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Removing SCADA worm could disrupt power plants

Siemens has made a program available for detecting and disinfecting malware attacking its software used to control power grids, gas refineries, and factories but warned customers who use it could disrupt sensitive plant operations.
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Dell pays $100m to settle accounting fraud charges

Dell has agreed to pay $100 million to settle US Security and Exchange Commission charges that it failed to disclose information to investors and used fraudulent accounting practices to give the false impression it was meeting Wall Street earnings targets.
Cade Metz, 22 2010
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Amazon's profit disappoints, thanks to Apple's iPad success

Amazon reported disappointing second-quarter profit on Thursday, as competition from Apple, weakening European currencies and shrinking consumer spending ate into the company's bottom line. Shares tumbled 15 percent following the announcement.