21st July 2010 Archive

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  • 1984's MacPaint source code hits web

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

    Applications 21 00:04

  • PC consultant pleads not guilty to malware 'sextortion' plot

    Unknowing victims shot in some sort of undress

    Security 21 01:16

  • Consolidation to a super-silo

    One storage facility from HDS

    Storage 21 04:19

  • Disaggregating the storage controller

    Xiotech makes storage blade a better citizen

    Storage 21 04:42

  • Mac sales tripled since 2005

    Jobsian wave sweeps Asia

    Laptops 21 04:48

  • Raumfeld multi-room wireless music system

    From Wi-Fi to Hi-Fi

    Hardware 21 07:02

  • Apple lays claim to expired patents

    Cheap pops at Cupertino

    Mobile 21 08:07

  • IT delays cost HMRC £33m

    Tax & pensions system plagued by issues

    Government 21 08:49

  • Cops taser Somerset chap's nether regions

    Accidental discharge narrowly misses Beemer owner's 'nads

    Bootnotes 21 08:50

  • Europe outlines snoop laws

    What you need to know, about what they need to know

    Government 21 08:53

  • Perv scanner code of practice still a balls-up

    Privacy concerns hand-waved

    Law 21 08:58

  • Microsoft prices up cheapo Xbox 360, Kinect bundle

    Wii-style pricing for new console

    Games 21 09:07

  • Dell warns on spyware infected server motherboards

    Windows snoopware buried in server firmware

    Security 21 09:14

  • 'Howling lesbian gangs' greet jailed Lindsay Lohan

    'Terrifying' first night for bespeckled thespiatrix

    Bootnotes 21 09:36

  • Cameron asks Obama for McKinnon compromise

    Please sir

    Security 21 09:41

  • Oakland green lights 'industrial' marijuana cultivation

    'Silicon Valley' of dope for medical use

    Science 21 10:02

  • eBay Earl beats rap for punting Parliament tours

    Ermine-clad tour guide is awfully sorry

    Government 21 10:05

  • Wanted: Killer app for Bluetooth SIG (still)

    $23,500 reward, citizens

    Mobile 21 10:17

  • Panasonic updates Lumix line with five models

    Creative compact, yes indeedie

    Hardware 21 10:27

  • Zuckerberg admits working for man claiming Facebook ownership

    Claims of frivolity looking more frivolous

    Financial News 21 10:52

  • Firefox update guards hen house

    It's browser update time. Again

    Security 21 10:57

  • Grauniad faces offshoring strike

    Father of the chapel's on Facebook and everything

    Management 21 10:59

  • Fujifilm claims most compact 18x optical zoom cam crown

    Latest bridge unveiled

    Hardware 21 11:03

  • Microsoft hits stubborn volume licensing site with more updates

    Interface with this

    The Channel 21 11:20

  • Fujifilm intros compacts with DSLR-style autofocus

    AF hybridised

    Hardware 21 11:22

  • Raptor over Blighty: Watch the stealth fighter in infrared

    Tail-balancing 'thermos' jet outclasses Eurofighter

    Science 21 11:25

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

    Keyboard gives the edge?

    Phones 21 12:02

  • Toshiba Australia boss waves tablet around


    Tablets 21 12:03

  • Harbinger brands wannabe US LTE network LightSquared

    $7bn needed for new American network

    Mobile 21 12:06

  • IT council chiefs ditch Sadville after splurging £36k

    Virtual town hall demolished

    Government 21 12:19

  • James Bond's autogyro revived by Brit spec-ops pilots

    Whirly-wing 1930s protocopter 'ideal' for covert ops

    Science 21 12:48

  • Postcard App has stamps licked

    Wish you were here with me and my phone!

    Phones 21 12:57

  • Tablet buffs sift HP site for traces of lost Slate

    Post mortem remains - or sign of revival?

    Tablets 21 13:15

  • HP scores billion dollar GM win

    Big win for EDS, which used to be GM's IT department...

    Servers 21 13:27


    Help for the tone deaf

    Software 21 14:01

  • YouGov tests the waters on internet snooping

    Mind if we spy on you?

    Security 21 14:25

  • IT bods: Cloud won't turn us into dinosaurs

    Base jumping into data centres. Mind how you go, now...

    Servers 21 14:54

  • Cross-dresser shags mutt at historic castle

    Hot heritage dry moating action

    Bootnotes 21 15:39

  • Canonical, IBM plunk DB2 databases on Ubuntu

    Still talking to Oracle

    Applications 21 15:42

  • Google throws Apps bone to sysadmins

    Not terribly meaty, but hey look, you can suck out the marrow

    Applications 21 15:58

  • Sky confirms Easynet sell-off

    Management taps private equity cash

    Broadband 21 16:00

  • Developer slips tethering into iTunes

    Oi! Put that light out

    Phones 21 16:10

  • Net task manager waves cash at devs

    $2,500 prize to christen API

    Developer 21 17:14

  • Drupal looks beyond open source zealots

    Trade-offs, cocoons, and broken APIs

    Applications 21 17:31

  • Apple 'stunned' by iProduct demand

    'We do not create shortage for buzz'

    Financial News 21 18:26

  • Microsoft issues stopgap fix for critical Windows flaw

    'Fix It' for ailing shortcut vuln

    Security 21 19:53

  • Google shutters Nexus One webstore

    Schmidt happens

    Mobile 21 22:06

  • Facebook tops half-billion users, wants your innermost thoughts

    400,000 years of lost productivity

    Media 21 22:20

  • 38 states grill Google on three-year Wi-Fi slurp

    More questions than answers, official says

    Security 21 22:31

  • Nokia latest to feel wrath of Jobs

    Inducted into Dropped Bar Hall of Shame™

    Mobile 21 22:58

  • Atrato's adventuresome challenges

    Sales VP resigns as channel changes

    Storage 21 23:11

  • VMware removes bare-metal virt from View

    PC market not ready for naked hypervisor

    Virtualization 21 23:13