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1984's MacPaint source code hits web

Apple has donated the source code of the groundbreaking graphics app, MacPaint, to Silicon Valley's Computer History Museum, located in Mountain View, California.
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PC consultant pleads not guilty to malware 'sextortion' plot

A California computer consultant has pleaded not guilty to federal charges he engaged in an insidious “sextortion” scheme in which he hacked into scores of computers and used the personal information he found to extort sexually explicit videos from female victims, many of whom were juveniles.
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Consolidation to a super-silo

Hitachi Data Systems' chief scientist Claus Mikkelsen presents an HDS pitch talking about consolidation of multiple storage silos to one; the ultimate consolidation.

Disaggregating the storage controller

Xiotech has upgraded its ISE (Intelligent Storage Element) management software and introduced a new array controller, highlighting the divide between suppliers who believe in integrated arrays and controllers and those, like Hitachi Data Systems, who do not.

Mac sales tripled since 2005

Amid all the ballyhoo and whoop-de-doo about Apple's resurgence being a result of the consecutive successes of the iPod and iPhone — and the promise of the iPad — one Cupertinian money-maker has been flying under the radar: Mac sales have tripled in the past five years.
Raumfeld wireless music system

Raumfeld multi-room wireless music system

First UK Review If you want a wireless music system with a trick remote control you have two options: spend a lot of cash and get a Sonos set up, or spend a lot less and get a Logitech Squeezebox Duet. Both rigs require your music library to be housed on an PC or Nas drive, and with the Logitech you also need some hi-fi kit to hand.
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Apple lays claim to expired patents

A Texas IP attorney who spotted Apple laying claim to expired patents is planning to see the company in court, or get a few dollars anyway.
Bill Ray, 21 2010
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IT delays cost HMRC £33m

The National Audit Office (NAO) says that delays to a single tax and pensions system cost HM Revenue and Customs £33m in procurement costs.
Kable, 21 2010
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Cops taser Somerset chap's nether regions

A Somerset man pulled on suspicion of "driving a BMW without insurance"* ended up with a groinful of Taser after an officer accidentally discharged the electric law enforcer into his nether regions.
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Europe outlines snoop laws

The European Commission has outlined what information is swapped across borders and how and why it is stored.
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Perv scanner code of practice still a balls-up

Comment A blog reader asked me to look at the code of practice on the acceptable use of body scanners to enhance security at UK airports. The consultation period associated with the code ended four weeks ago, so I apologise for a severe case of “better late than never”.
Xbox Kinect

Microsoft prices up cheapo Xbox 360, Kinect bundle

Microsoft today announced the Xbox 360 4GB console, along with Wii-type pricing to tempt new punters to buy the Kinect hands-free motion sensor.
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Dell warns on spyware infected server motherboards

Updated Dell is warning customers that there is malware on some of its server motherboards.
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'Howling lesbian gangs' greet jailed Lindsay Lohan

Bespeckled thespiatrix jailbird Lindsay Lohan probably won't survive the estimated 23 days she'll spend in chokey, if the Sun is to be believed.
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Cameron asks Obama for McKinnon compromise

Supporters of Gary McKinnon have praised the Prime Minister for raising the Pentagon hacker's long-running extradition case during a meeting with President Barack Obama on Monday.
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Oakland green lights 'industrial' marijuana cultivation

The Californian city of Oakland yesterday gave the green light to the "industrial" cultivation of marijuana for medical use, and will next year issue up to four permits to create a "Silicon Valley" of dope.
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eBay Earl beats rap for punting Parliament tours

The 20th Earl of Caithness will not be punished for offering US tourists trips around the Palace of Westminster and the chance to meet "various colleagues" including the Speaker.
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Wanted: Killer app for Bluetooth SIG (still)

The Bluetooth SIG is looking for applications that use the wireless technology in more interesting ways than wireless headsets or keyboards, and is offering at least $23,500 as an incentive.
Bill Ray, 21 2010

Panasonic updates Lumix line with five models

Five Panasonic cameras make their debut today - the links to all the specs are below.
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Zuckerberg admits working for man claiming Facebook ownership

So it may not be "completely frivolous" after all.
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Firefox update guards hen house

Mozilla has pushed out a new version of Firefox that fixes numerous security holes, some critical.
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Grauniad faces offshoring strike

Guardian Media Group*Guardian News & Media is facing strike action from techies and possibly journalists if it pushes ahead with plans to start outsourcing technical staff.
Fujifilm S2800HD

Fujifilm claims most compact 18x optical zoom cam crown

Fujifilm has taken the wraps off what it claims is the world's smallest 18x optical zoom camera.
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Microsoft hits stubborn volume licensing site with more updates

Microsoft has once again tweaked its volume licensing website, just seven months after its disastrous makeover in December last year.
FinePix F300EXR

Fujifilm intros compacts with DSLR-style autofocus

Fujifilm's roll out of new cameras continues with a couple of compacts.
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Raptor over Blighty: Watch the stealth fighter in infrared

Farnborough This week the Reg flying car, killer robot and general military crazytech desk has been attending the Farnborough Airshow. One of the show's highlights this year is the reappearance of the US F-22 Raptor ultrafighter, previously seen publicly in the UK for just one brief Monday display at Farnborough '08.
Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

Review Sony Ericsson reckoned it was on to a winner with its impressive Xperia X10 handset, which in one swoop helped us to forget the pain of flawed Xperias past. Then it squeezed the formula into the tiny palm-sized X10 Mini - reviewed here - which offered smart functionality in a handbag-sized package.
PC Authority Toshiba Tablet Pic

Toshiba Australia boss waves tablet around

And now Toshiba's in on the act. Yes, the Japanese laptop pioneer has an iPad-style tablet in the works, set to debut in a few months' time and running Android and/or Windows 7.
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Harbinger brands wannabe US LTE network LightSquared

Harbinger, the wannabe-LTE-wholesaler, has raised another $1.75bn, but still falls short of the $7bn it has agreed to pay Nokia Siemens to build the network over the next eight years.
Bill Ray, 21 2010
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IT council chiefs ditch Sadville after splurging £36k

Saddo IT bosses at Tameside Council in Greater Manchester splurged £36,000 on a virtual town hall in Second Life in an effort to use “modern ways” to communicate with citizens.
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James Bond's autogyro revived by Brit spec-ops pilots

Farnborough Former British Army pilots, drawing on military experience carrying out covert surveillance with secret special-forces units, have decided to revive the autogyro - a long-lost aircraft design of the 1930s, probably most famous for its use in the James Bond movies.
Postcard App

Postcard App has stamps licked

Postcards that take longer to return from holiday than the sender are a pain for those of us who observe the age-old tradition of holiday hellos.
Caleb Cox, 21 2010
HP Slate Promo

Tablet buffs sift HP site for traces of lost Slate

Claims that HP may have killed of its Windows 7-based 9in tablet, the Slate 500, may have been wrong.

HP scores billion dollar GM win

HP has won a huge contract to supply General Motors with applications and infrastructure support services.


Been a while since I received an ANGRY EMAIL – and been never since I sent one in return. I do my SHOUTING in person.
Cat 5 cable

YouGov tests the waters on internet snooping

Participants in a regular YouGov survey were recently confronted with an odd request to download software that would track users' surfing habits.

IT bods: Cloud won't turn us into dinosaurs

Cloud computing won’t lead to IT workers giving up the day job, according to a new survey.
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Cross-dresser shags mutt at historic castle

A lone, predatory cross-dresser has been cautioned for outraging public decency after having sex with a dog in the moat of an English Heritage castle, the Telegraph reports.
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Canonical, IBM plunk DB2 databases on Ubuntu

Commercial Linux distributor Canonical has won the buzzword bingo for the week by putting Ubuntu, cloud, and appliance in the same sentence in announcing a partnership with IBM. It's meant to bring the latter company's DB2 databases to the latest Ubuntu 10.04 Server Edition Linux.

Google throws Apps bone to sysadmins

Mountain View loosened its grip on Google Apps yesterday by serving up some new tools that should give sysadmins more control over their company’s cloud-based documents.
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Sky confirms Easynet sell-off

And lo, it came to pass. Sky has announced it will sell Easynet to private equity house Lloyds Development Capital, which will back its current management.
Apple iPhone 3G S

Developer slips tethering into iTunes

An iPhone developer slipped a tethering application onto the iTunes store: getting past Apple's ban on such applications by disguising it as a pocket torch.
Bill Ray, 21 2010
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Net task manager waves cash at devs

New York-based outfit Producteev has opened up an API for its cross-platform task management service, and to spark some interest among coders, the company has kicked off a developer challenge throwdown, offering cash prizes to anyone who can impress its panel of application judges.
Cade Metz, 21 2010

Drupal looks beyond open source zealots

Every few years, Drupal violates one of the industry's most sacred rules: don't break your APIs.

Apple 'stunned' by iProduct demand

Apple doesn't have enough iPads and iPhone 4s to meet consumer demand, doesn't know when it will, and doesn't know how many more it needs.
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Microsoft issues stopgap fix for critical Windows flaw

Microsoft has published an automated workaround for the newly discovered Windows vulnerability that criminals are exploiting to seize control of computers, including some used to manage sensitive equipment at power plants and other industrial facilities.
Google Nexus One

Google shutters Nexus One webstore

Google has shuttered the Nexus One web store, ending its days as a direct phone seller.
Cade Metz, 21 2010
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Facebook tops half-billion users, wants your innermost thoughts

Facebook now has a half-billion active users, founder Mark Zuckerberg announced Wednesday, and he's providing a new service to let each and every one of them "tell their own story."
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38 states grill Google on three-year Wi-Fi slurp

A coalition of 38 US states has called on Google to explain in detail how Wi-Fi-sniffing software that surreptitiously collected data over wireless networks was included in its fleet of Street View cars.
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Nokia latest to feel wrath of Jobs

Apple has added another mobile phone manufacturer to its online Dropped Bar Hall of Shame: Nokia.

Atrato's adventuresome challenges

Vulture Central is hearing that Atrato is effectively up for sale, that there is no cash to fund the payroll, and that Jeff Edwards, the VP of Sales has resigned. We heard a couple of weeks ago also that five more people were let go taking the headcount to less than 20. CEO Steve Visconti added a lot of colour to this bleak picture, making it less bleak.

VMware removes bare-metal virt from View

If you've been wondering why the bare-metal client hypervisor that was expected with VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software, View 4.5 has been delayed, wonder no more: it has been dumped.