20th July 2010 Archive

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  • Apple details privacy policies for US Congressmen

    Not sharing location info with carriers

    Mobile 20 00:17

  • Reg reader tweaks Jobs with Judasphone.com

    Ms Annbel Tenna makes light of death grip

    Bootnotes 20 04:27

  • NASA drops Ubuntu's Koala food for (real) open source

    Open core is not open source: a cautionary tale

    Software 20 05:09

  • Advent MT22 21.5in touchscreen all-in-one desktop

    Budget point and prod PC

    Hardware 20 07:02

  • Bubble-baron Bigelow bags Boeing boosters

    'Bob, bless him, is the nearest thing to commercial space'

    Science 20 07:42

  • Intel escapes monopoly fine as competition probe ends

    More volume pricing restrictions

    Hardware 20 08:59

  • Extraterrestrials strafe Bosnian with meteorites

    'I have no doubt I am being targeted by aliens'

    Bootnotes 20 09:01

  • Sky announcement on Easynet sell-off expected by Thursday

    We'll talk about this speculation later

    Broadband 20 09:10

  • Sharp readies colour e-book reader

    Seeking international publishing partners, 'pparently

    Tablets 20 09:28

  • Dell swallows deduping and compressing Ocarina

    Startup to bought out in 3 years

    Storage 20 09:37

  • EU pledges huge spend for small biz R&D

    Biggest ever investment

    Small Biz 20 09:54

  • Yellow alert over Windows shortcut flaw

    'Wide-scale exploitation is only a matter of time'

    Security 20 09:56

  • Panasonic plugs movie rental service into net tellies

    Acetrax added to VieraCast roster

    Media 20 10:02

  • Symbian fans to get Foundation voice

    But are there enough to form a choir?

    Mobile 20 10:32

  • FileMaker Pro squeezes onto an iPhone

    Works better on iPad, though

    Phones 20 10:44

  • Russians quizzed over parasailing donkey

    Asinine aerial stunt ends in police probe

    Bootnotes 20 10:48

  • Sharp cuts palmtop from Android cloth

    Netbook-cum-smartphone out next week

    Phones 20 11:19

  • Small biz stays nervous on recovery

    Cost-cutting is focus, not chasing sales

    Small Biz 20 11:20

  • Directgov gets Cabinet Office overlords

    DWP stripped of public services website duty

    Government 20 11:32

  • Dell sandboxes Firefox to boost corporate security

    Free application virtualisation tech

    Virtualization 20 11:38

  • Who cares about encryption?

    Mobility holds the, ahem, key

    Security that Fits 20 11:49

  • Council urges army drinkers to break the law

    'Pragmatic' approach to spare council blushes

    Law 20 11:56

  • Asus switches Eee Pad to Android

    Windows CE out, hurrah

    Tablets 20 12:04

  • Creative World of Warcraft headphones

    Wireless gear for weekend warriors

    Games 20 12:06

  • Mobile phones cause tinnitus, says study

    The phone's ringing. Oh, no it's not. Must be me then.

    Mobile 20 12:17

  • C&W issues profit warning on public sector cuts

    Shares slump at unscheduled update

    Data Networking 20 12:29

  • RIP: The copyright quango that wanted to terminate your rights

    What was the point of SABIP?

    Government 20 12:39

  • HTC Wildfire Android smartphone

    The best value Googlephone around?

    Phones 20 13:02

  • Knives out for Nokia boss

    Suomi wrestling

    Mobile 20 14:06

  • Google switches on Buzz firehose

    More a streak of p*ss than a stream

    Developer 20 14:14

  • UK's Watchkeeper drone 'can see footprints through cloud'

    Also 'keep off the grass' signs, apparently

    Science 20 14:44

  • Adobe to fortify widely exploited Reader with security sandbox

    Like airbags for apps

    Security 20 15:02

  • Grey beards seize power at Big Blue

    Software and systems get merged

    Servers 20 15:23

  • Russia confirms shiny new cosmodrome

    $800m facility to give 'full independence of space activities'

    Science 20 15:26

  • Lenovo eyes iPad-alternative opportunity

    LePad to run Android 3.0?

    Tablets 20 15:42

  • MP3tunes and Roku stream music to your TV

    To boob tube via Wi-Fi

    Media 20 17:31

  • Google discovers Chrome can (really) block ads

    AdBlock add-on of Firefox proportions

    Applications 20 18:31

  • IBM preps Power7 iron for August launch

    Four bitty boxes and one enormous revenue engine

    Servers 20 18:51

  • Google image search gets facelift

    Nips, tucks, and ads

    Media 20 20:47

  • Apple revenue tops bullish expectations by $1bn

    iPod sales slipping. But who gives a %$#@?

    Financial News 20 21:02

  • IE and Safari lets attackers steal user names and addresses

    Ripe for the picking, researcher says

    Security 20 21:15

  • Apple iPad – the 'Tickle Me Elmo' of 2010

    Can't make 'em fast enough

    Tablets 20 22:40

  • Fake Toy Story 3 scams creates malign buzz

    Woody's Roundup rogues

    Security 20 22:43

  • Yahoo! blames so-so revenues on 'sluggish' search

    Bing tests ahoy!

    Financial News 20 22:53

  • Google Chrome bug bounty ups Mozilla's ante

    $3,133.7 for most 'elite' reports

    Security 20 23:06

  • VMware juggernaut rolls on and on

    Q2 sales up 48%

    Virtualization 20 23:50