19th July 2010 Archive

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  • 'External experts' replace Oracle on £13.2m Uni IT project

    Needs best served

    Software 19 03:01

  • NASA and Rackspace open source cloud fluffer

    OpenStack targets one million machine Nebula

    HPC 19 04:02

  • Academics must check contracts' effects on user rights

    Gov body reviews copyright and contract laws

    Law 19 07:56

  • Steve Jobs death-grips iPhone 4 reality

    Those are just the facts. The truth is very different

    Mobile 19 08:23

  • Treasury pulls plug on Wiki-cutback site

    Send us an email

    Government 19 08:28

  • Data Domain gets Nehalem boost

    Doubled mainstream deduplication performance

    Storage 19 08:34

  • MS confirms Windows shortcut zero-day flaw

    Power Plant peril

    Security 19 09:19

  • NASA's WISE eyes skies

    Wraps first complete heavenly survey

    Science 19 09:33

  • BT hikes call charges

    10% rise hits home phone customers

    Broadband 19 09:37

  • LG readies 3D laptop

    Talks up specs not specs

    Laptops 19 10:09

  • YouTube, iPlayer on a TV? Simples

    You don't need a mega set top box...

    Applications 19 10:09

  • The terror beyond the firewall

    Identity management and remote working

    IT at the coalface 19 10:11

  • Xmas kicks off on 2 August

    Selfridges heads towards year-long Yule

    Bootnotes 19 10:20

  • Mozilla sextuples bug bounty to $3,000

    Firefox and hounds

    Security 19 11:07

  • Steve Jobs morphs into Darth Vader

    Lightsabre resolves Judas Phone antenna issue

    Bootnotes 19 11:08

  • Ten... Premium iPod Speakers

    Superior sounds up to 11

    Top Ten 19 11:34

  • UK retailers want more XBox 360 stock. Now!

    Early doors

    Games 19 11:39

  • UK.gov may cut BBC licence fee in 2012

    Culture minister says 'tough discussions' to follow

    Media 19 12:01

  • Vatican Google-bombed over weekend

    Google points Holysee-kers to pedofilo.com

    Security 19 12:11

  • German webcam hack perv suspect cuffed

    Purportedly peeped at people in pants

    Security 19 12:18

  • The Register comment guidelines 2010

    Care and feeding of the forums

    Site News 19 12:38

  • Well-behaved comms industry bad for Ofcom coffers

    Luckily, it's not about revenue

    Networks 19 13:00

  • Secret sub tech hints at spooks' TEMPEST-busting bugs

    'Other UK gov parties' wanted details suppressed

    Broadband 19 13:04

  • Sky in talks to sell Easynet, claim insiders

    Management buyout chatter

    Broadband 19 13:22

  • Seagate intros networked storage for the home

    No crash safeguards

    Storage 19 13:37

  • Nokia (Siemens) snaps up Motorola (infrastructure)

    The circle gets a little smaller

    Broadband 19 14:24

  • Nine nations to get Apple iPad on Friday

    Still no sign of a key accessory, though

    Tablets 19 14:39

  • Government WEEE's advisory board on quango bonfire

    IP policy org also up for chop

    The Channel 19 14:52

  • HP, Red Hat chase Solaris shops

    Dead Oracle OEM contract backlash

    The Channel 19 15:01

  • Tim Kring and Nokia pose interactive tale of good vs ludicrously evil

    Be good, or go to Hell

    Mobile 19 15:14

  • Flaw could expose 'millions' of home routers

    Rebind variant plays Jedi mind trick on home comms kit

    Security 19 15:50

  • Pirate Bay owners fined by Dutch court

    But I thought Holland was such a tolerant place etc

    Media 19 16:08

  • Phonemakers cry foul on Steve Jobs 'We're all alike' attack

    Judas Phone's 'self-made debacle'

    Mobile 19 18:05

  • Symbian puts another deck chair on the Titanic

    iPhone and Android devs beckoned

    Mobile 19 19:16

  • Blog service shut down by order of US law enforcement

    Move shrouded in secrecy

    Security 19 20:13

  • RNA rejiggers server memory pooling

    Better performance, simpler pricing

    Servers 19 20:44

  • IBM zEnterprise 196 mainframe due July 22

    Mainframe-blade interconnect

    Servers 19 21:04

  • HP files webOS tablet trademark

    Steve Jobs ain't gonna like it

    Tablets 19 22:07

  • IBM wrings more profit from revived IT market

    UK (still) soaring like a BRIC

    Financial News 19 23:16

  • Microsoft's Iron languages embrace 'official' open source

    Python, Ruby and DLR conversions

    Developer 19 23:58