16th July 2010 Archive

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  • Cloudera Hadoop plugs trunk into Netezza iron

    Stuffed elephant meets data warehousing

    HPC 16 00:20

  • NEC flies into synchrotron sun

    Work de SOLEIL

    Storage 16 06:02

  • Teufel System 5 home cinema speakers

    Sound choice for movie buffs?

    Hardware 16 07:02

  • Futurologist warns of malevolent dust menace

    It'll get right up your nose

    Security 16 07:51

  • Frenchman takes the helm at Sage

    Geordie beancounters get new patron

    Applications 16 08:18

  • Reg hack gives forth in Wikipedia doco

    Cade Metz surprisingly plausible, admits Wikimaniac

    Media 16 08:24

  • French website surrenders on Bastille Day

    Citizens crash official new portal

    Bootnotes 16 08:55

  • Job sites slam domain name land grab

    Dot-jobs plan 'reeks'

    Small Biz 16 09:45

  • Nokia, Apple and Sudden Extinction Events

    When the reaper calls...

    Mobile 16 09:52

  • End of Microsoft NHS deal means mass deletions

    Special home user deals now null and void

    Applications 16 09:54

  • iPhone 4 fix to centre on software, negate need for recall

    Spinning begins

    Phones 16 09:56

  • LPG lake on Titan evaporating in scorchio -180°C heatwave

    Lake turns to barbecue gas in Saturn's barbecue summer

    Science 16 10:14

  • Sharp shows 128GB Blu-ray recorder

    Has 2TB of HDD storage too

    Hardware 16 10:17

  • Government's sh*tty-Wiki sh*ts bed

    Where o where can I speak my racist brains now?

    Government 16 10:26

  • Nimble does nifty combined storage backup box

    Flash and SATA iSCSI array

    Storage 16 10:35

  • Windows Shortcut Flaw underpins power plant Trojan

    Dangerous lnk to spying

    Security 16 10:38

  • Microsoft bags DARPA boffin to head research unit

    But will Redmond balloons take flight?

    Software 16 10:41

  • Paul Allen pledges philanthropy for ever

    Death will not wither me

    Financial News 16 10:43

  • Doing the right thing on ID management isn't enough...

    It’s proving that you did it

    IT at the coalface 16 10:55

  • BOFH: Little ups and downs

    Your hate is lifting me higher

    BOFH 16 10:58

  • God-blocking web filter ironically hard to find

    Wait to download, O ye of little faith

    Applications 16 11:10

  • Council wins motorbike charges case

    Parking charges legit for motorbikes

    Government 16 11:10

  • Of hybrid hard drives and capacity boosts

    Coughlin's cogitations

    Storage 16 11:18

  • World PC sales jumped up in Q2

    East beats West

    Hardware 16 11:22

  • Street View's Wayne and Garth: The most excellent truth

    El Reg names spandex-clad Plymouth lads

    Bootnotes 16 11:23

  • Underground tunnel complexes FOUND ON MOON

    Boffins offer 'lava' thesis, poohpooh alien/Elvis theories

    Science 16 11:33

  • iPad 'cannibalised' Q2 netbook sales

    But will the surge last?

    Tablets 16 11:51

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB

    Leaner, fitter and Kinect ready

    Games 16 11:59

  • iPhone customers lay into Apple after iOS 4.0.1 update fails to install

    Hubbbbba, hubbbbba, Number nine, number Hubbba

    Mobile 16 12:12

  • Our Vulture 1 aircraft begins to take shape

    Fuselage assembly snaps for your viewing pleasure

    SPB 16 12:13

  • Pirate Party storms out of uber-secret ACTA negotiations

    ACTA in haste, repent at leisure?

    Law 16 12:35

  • Email hack Labour councillor stays after suspension

    Pry my seat from my cold dead buttocks

    Government 16 12:52

  • Global warming brings peace and happiness

    From the Chinese Dept of the Bleeding Obvious

    Science 16 12:53

  • New Jersey car prang woman blames carjacking

    Oh alright then - I was having sex when I hit the tree

    Bootnotes 16 14:10

  • Blizzard comes out clean after WoW pants-down plans

    Mild wrist-slap after threat to expose goblins

    Games 16 14:32

  • Dell proposes settlement with SEC

    Ball in Uncle Sam's court

    Financial News 16 14:40

  • Apple greenlights browserless Firefox app for iPhone

    No pooping on Jobsian lawn

    Phones 16 15:23

  • 'Eternal' sun-plane still aloft after 7 days, aiming for 14

    Would be nice to see how it does at mid winter

    Science 16 15:30

  • Daily Mail promotes 'the new Betamax'

    Poles and Punjabis penetrate Middle England

    Media 16 15:56

  • Fusion-io IPO may be coming

    Good Q4 and incorporation HQ change

    Storage 16 16:06

  • HP 'delays' Android tablet after death of Windows slate

    OK. webOS. And this time we mean it

    Mobile 16 17:34

  • Firefox joins Microsoft in uncool kids class

    Chrome hangs out, looks good

    Applications 16 19:16

  • Steve Jobs denies Judas Phone antenna problems

    But fanbois get free bumpers

    Phones 16 20:02

  • Google bags Metaweb for search future

    The web is more than words

    Media 16 20:14

  • SugarCRM sweet on Microsoft's Azure cloud

    PHP app turns Windows fluffer

    Applications 16 20:56

  • Linux to eclipse Microsoft's 'all-in' tablet enthusiasm

    Poll finds for Android, Chrome OS, MeeGo

    Mobile 16 20:59

  • HP's Palm bid beat Apple, Google, RIM, says report

    Wooing worthy of a soap opera

    Business 16 22:46

  • Google Nexus One spends dying days as dev phone

    Final shipment arrives in Mountain View

    Mobile 16 22:48