13th July 2010 Archive

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  • Apple app police anoint un-Flash code translation

    You're not Adobe? You're in!

    Developer 13 00:41

  • Microsoft drops Win7 deadline for XP and Vista holdouts

    Downgrade now, upgrade whenever

    Software 13 04:45

  • Vodafone 845

    Small size, low cost

    Mobile 13 07:02

  • Egenera bags another Fujitsu OEM deal

    More converge-happy resellers

    Servers 13 07:02

  • Blighty's stealth robojet rolls out a year late

    But it preserved Brits' jobs at BAE! Well, some of them

    Government 13 07:38

  • Facebook for hackers shut down in Pakistan

    5 arrests as cybercrime forum cracked

    Security 13 07:47

  • Profits rise at Computacenter

    Looking ticketyboo (except in Germany)

    The Channel 13 08:28

  • Zeus baddies unleash nasty new bank Trojan

    New generation of infamous cybercrime toolkit targets UK, US and Germany

    Security 13 09:40

  • Government plans 'NHS information revolution'

    Online tools for patients

    Government 13 09:42

  • NASA, Microsoft offer new 3D Mars maps

    Red planet gigapixel HD probesat cam imagery distilled

    Science 13 09:58

  • Beardyman beats up with Dolby

    Virtual surround sound for gadgets

    Hardware 13 10:01

  • EU boffins aim to reinvent the hard disk

    1Tbit/in2 nanosphere platters

    Storage 13 10:02

  • Analytics made easy

    Bigger, better, faster, stronger?

    HPC 13 10:09

  • Five HD turns on Virgin

    Cable broadcaster adds channel to HD roster

    Media 13 10:27

  • I own Facebook, claims New York fuel salesman

    Next: The Moon

    Financial News 13 10:34

  • Yorks cops charge Segway rider under 1835 road law

    He didn't even have a man carrying a red flag

    Bootnotes 13 10:50

  • Android will sink Symbian

    It's the UI, stupid, analyst warns

    Phones 13 11:01

  • EU Commission plans 'umbrella' data protection deal with US

    'Piecemeal approach' doesn't sit right with Reding

    Government 13 11:02

  • MS springs service pack preview of Windows 7

    Thumbs nose at 'tech enthusiasts'

    Operating Systems 13 11:18

  • Ambulance radios don't like the rain

    Airwave better in a heatwave

    Mobile 13 11:27

  • Apple MacBook mid-2010

    White mischief?

    Laptops 13 12:02

  • PegasHosting gets its wings clipped

    Plug partly pulled on 'scam-friendly' ISP

    Security 13 12:12

  • Apple iPhone forums gripped by deleted thread paranoia

    Don't mention the war Consumer Reports

    Phones 13 12:19

  • Fring-Skype iPhone slanging match: Telcos v freetards

    Skype grows up, gets haircut, goes to work for The Man

    Mobile 13 12:28

  • GFI wraps its hands around Sunbelt

    Tech acquisition marks security biz consolidation

    Security 13 12:39

  • Oracle patch batch to fix 59 flaws

    TimesTen, Secure Backup and Solaris

    Applications 13 13:18

  • Microsoft 'gets serious' with Windows Phone 7 tools

    'KIN 'ell, we're back!

    Mobile 13 13:56

  • Hugh Hefner makes private offer to Playboy shareholders

    Ancient grumble mag publisher fights the internet

    Media 13 14:13

  • World Cup Stats Prof: I was right all along

    Holland had 88% probability of not winning World Cup

    Science 13 14:17

  • Coalition spends £3.75m on ContactPoint

    Good money after worse

    Government 13 14:22

  • SNIA's SSD performance test draft

    Steady state testing

    Storage 13 14:44

  • Phorm man tipped to head Project Cartel

    Is this Web-wise?

    Media 13 15:07

  • Microsoft's Outlook gorges on Web2.0 junk food

    Pulls on elasticated Facebook pants. Mmm, roomy

    Applications 13 15:21

  • Boeing's 'Phantom Eye' Ford Fusion powered stratocraft

    Twin car engines let robocraft make 4-day flights

    Science 13 15:31

  • VMware scales up vSphere virt, rejigs prices

    Maneuvering around Microsoft for SMBs and money

    Virtualization 13 15:43

  • Cockeyed 'Knob Face' confusion masks real malware threat

    Obama viral vid hoax makes mischief

    Security 13 15:52

  • IBM employee sparks massive bank outage

    Big Blue liveware triggers seven-hour FAIL

    Management 13 17:42

  • Fanbois end Judas Phone 'Death Grip' with, um, SIM tape

    Or a shave

    Phones 13 17:47

  • Spotify ports its music streamer to Linux

    Penguin rock

    Media 13 19:53

  • BlackBerry tablet to trump iPad with Flash, videoconferencing

    Year end arrival?

    Media 13 20:49

  • US domain registrar does IPv6, DNSSEC

    What's in a Name.com?

    Media 13 21:10

  • Intel claims 'best quarter ever'

    Wall-Street guesstimators beaten

    Business 13 21:15

  • Amazon rejigs EC2 to run parallel HPC apps

    A veritable cluster

    HPC 13 21:39

  • No Bing bang for Microsoft's Yahoo! marriage

    Google's Android gets shot of MS

    Media 13 22:32