7th July 2010 Archive

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  • Cowon iAudio J3 personal media player

    A great PMP, remixed

    Hardware 07 07:02

  • Blizzard exposes real names on WoW forums

    Kill all the Trolls!

    Games 07 07:14

  • Renault DeZir: 'leccy sex machine

    'Warm, stimulating design'

    Science 07 08:02

  • EMC plucks Greenplum

    Charges into data warehousing & BI

    Virtualization 07 08:36

  • Lindsay Lohan goes down for 90 days

    Beats her previous 84-minute record

    Bootnotes 07 08:49

  • All gov jobs to go online

    Black day for Graun and local papers

    Government 07 09:15

  • Trojan skewers security software with Windows

    Bogus malware update commandeers systems

    Security 07 09:32

  • New 3D displays use falling water drops as 'voxels'

    'We were actually trying to make better car headlights'

    Science 07 09:51

  • Laptop makers 'open' to universal AC adaptor spec

    But will the brands follow?

    Laptops 07 10:00

  • The enterprise storage buyer: Why I stick with the big guys

    Known knowns better than known unknowns

    Storage 07 10:02

  • Feed curry to sheep, boffins suggest

    Lamb pasanda to cut methane emissions?

    Science 07 10:04

  • Union damns HP job cuts

    1,000 jobs gone - not on

    Financial News 07 10:25

  • Facebook investigates email notification snafu

    Users feeling terribly unloved

    Applications 07 10:32

  • Mozilla stokes Firefox 4 with first beta build

    New look tabs get Windows-only view on world for now

    Applications 07 10:33

  • Hitachi intros external HDD/Flash key combo

    The Thunderbird 2 of storage?

    Hardware 07 10:46

  • Apple reckons light shines between iPhone customers' ears

    Q-tip use will cut off calls

    Phones 07 11:01

  • Hitachi GST tries to redefine external drives with LifeStudio

    Cloud backup & eye candy

    Storage 07 11:23

  • Microsoft set to make small job cuts, says report

    Will next of KIN be informed?

    Software 07 11:24

  • Why mobile data quality matters

    And why you're not getting it

    Mobile Workshop 07 11:34

  • Bluetooth formally adopts low power standard

    Starts certification for Version 4.0

    Mobile 07 11:35

  • iPad not hindering Mac sales

    Quite the reverse

    Hardware 07 11:37

  • Acer Aspire 1825PT 11.6in touchscreen notebook

    At last, a Tablet PC done right?

    Laptops 07 12:02

  • Japan gets unlocked phones and 42Mbps HSPA

    DoCoMo hopes advanced network keeps customers loyal

    Mobile 07 12:02

  • HP heading for HPC top ten?

    Makes some hefty deals

    HPC 07 12:09

  • Women would rather be on Facebook than on the toilet

    And sleep with their PDAs

    Software 07 12:12

  • Apple bans fraudulent developer from iTunes

    400 compromised accounts linked to scam

    Security 07 12:24

  • Data regulator issues guidance for online data

    Best practise, as long as you've got Flash

    Law 07 12:39

  • Professor warns Aus firewall is undemocratic

    Conroy 'doesn't understand the internet'

    Government 07 13:01

  • Fanbois love sex toys: Official

    iPad users whip Windows lusers

    Hardware 07 13:30

  • Demon's Souls

    Impossible is nothing, you haven't tried Demon's Souls yet!

    Games 07 14:02

  • Climategate report: 'Campaign to win hearts and minds' needed

    But what's it mean for the bloke on the bus?

    Science 07 14:43

  • Amazon.co.uk takes on Tesco

    Mmmm... beer and books

    Media 07 14:58

  • AT&T iPad 'hacker' breaks gag order to rant at cops

    Double standards damned by purported scapegoatse

    Mobile 07 15:01

  • Phorm issues shares to raise cash

    £2m fast funding

    Financial News 07 15:16

  • Google preps tablet-friendly Chrome that knows 'what's up'

    Orientation-oriented OS

    Applications 07 15:46

  • Android spanks Apple’s iOS 4 in JavaScript race

    Firefox 4 sticks to slow lane

    Applications 07 18:30

  • Big decisions take data not gut instinct

    Learn to trust what matters

    HPC 07 18:51

  • EU examines Google antitrust complaints 'very carefully'

    Top prober gets to grips

    Media 07 20:44

  • FLYING CAR, full hover, fairly quiet, offered to US Marines

    Nippy VTOL hatchback gets 19 mpg in flight

    Science 07 21:57

  • Dell cuddles Canonical for big Ubuntu fluffer love

    Credibility marathon

    Developer 07 21:59

  • Bad software blamed for AT&T iPhone upload choke

    We're big, but we're not evil

    Mobile 07 23:33