5th July 2010 Archive

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  • Beware of cold call scammers pushing rogue antivirus


    Security 05 06:02

  • Buffalo MicroStation SSD

    Time to chuck out your laptop's hard drive?

    Hardware 05 07:02

  • Superpowered energy-storing wonder stuff created in lab

    Future exploding laptop battery = nuclear bomb going off

    Science 05 07:47

  • Transformers: War for Cybertron

    Big, dumb and full of gun!

    Games 05 08:02

  • NPIA outlines £200m IT savings plan

    Plods tighten belts

    Management 05 08:03

  • DWP puts central apps procurement on hold

    Partial suspension

    Government 05 08:07

  • ISS crew capture robotic spacecraft

    Progress 38 docks at second attempt

    Science 05 08:18

  • Beeb dubs Facebook users 'saddos'

    Olympic site tells it like it is

    Media 05 09:01

  • YouTube vuln pwns Justin Bieber fans

    Shock site redirect in XSS chaos

    Security 05 09:09

  • XBox Live: Why should Microsoft get all the money?

    Activision looks to PC-TV

    Games 05 09:39

  • Colombian cops seize cocaine World Cup

    11 kilos of Bolivian footballing powder

    Bootnotes 05 09:51

  • Exciting company seeks Linux engineer

    Bonus less than thrilling, however

    Bootnotes 05 10:02

  • Policing personal calls on business mobiles

    Responsible employer or miserly git?

    Mobile Workshop 05 10:09

  • Monty appeals Oracle's Sun merger

    Still crying a river over MySQL

    Applications 05 10:24

  • 6music wins possible reprieve from BBC Trust

    Governing body not 'convinced by case' for closure

    Media 05 10:29

  • Online tax scam gang get 40 years

    Robbing the Rev, taxing the taxman

    Security 05 10:31

  • Apple TV revamp rumours resurface

    An Apps platform too far?

    Hardware 05 10:53

  • Brocade wipes floor with CNA competition

    Exchange and Oracle results

    Storage 05 11:01

  • Home Office promises spycam review

    Police number plate system needs regs

    Government 05 11:27

  • iTunes hack used to fiddle App Store ratings

    103 stars for me! I'm awesome!

    Security 05 11:29

  • IBM sends sodden supercomputer to Zurich uni

    Water-cooled beast heats neighbouring buildings

    HPC 05 11:34

  • Unused 'free' minutes cost Brits £800m a year

    Aren't we a lazy lot...

    Mobile 05 11:43

  • BBC Online to be scaled back, budget cut by a quarter

    Beeb Trust welcomes director-general's website culling

    Media 05 11:55

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini

    World's smallest Android 'andset

    Phones 05 12:02

  • Web 2.0 to bring about world peace

    Says survey of Web 2.0 people

    Management 05 12:04

  • 3D TV: Avatar or Ishtar?

    Do punters really want it?

    Hardware 05 12:11

  • IT recruiters warn over migration caps

    Skilled foreigners needed

    Small Biz 05 12:55

  • eBay shill bidder gets £5,000 fine


    Security 05 12:56

  • Microsoft's .NET at ten: big hits, strange misses

    Silverlight, C# and, er, JScript.NET

    Developer 05 13:02

  • 'The internet's completely over', declares petulant Prince

    Star has a pop at iTunes, MTV and computers

    Media 05 13:11

  • LG confirms Android tablet

    Q4 debut

    Tablets 05 13:25

  • Vital PARIS supplies jet in from US

    Paper? In tubular form? That sounds like...

    SPB 05 14:30

  • Sony intros 3D-ready home cinema sets

    Hardware 05 14:49

  • RAC prof: Road charges can end the ripoff of motorists

    Only if they aren't run by the government, though

    Government 05 15:07

  • Microsoft's KIN goes to hell: Site offers comfort

    Weird social phone given inglorious send off

    Phones 05 15:10

  • Nine Inch Nails guy scores Facebook movie... bitch!

    David Fincher's The Social Network is, like, totally dark, man

    Media 05 16:01