2nd July 2010 Archive

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  • Leica Pinmaster rangefinder

    The ultimate weapon for golf war veterans?

    Hardware 02 Jul 07:02

  • World Cup meltdown fails to materialise

    System built to survive nuclear war withstands England exit

    Data Networking 02 Jul 07:39

  • Gartner cuts tech spending forecast

    Sovereign debt lowers outlook

    Hardware 02 Jul 08:23

  • Numara Software blows asset tracking trumpet

    Maybe it's the wrong tune?

    The Channel 02 Jul 09:09

  • Beeb reinstates teaboy in Pestogate scandal

    Auntie gives El Reg a two-finger salute

    Bootnotes 02 Jul 09:39

  • Buffalo ships iPhone/HDD dock

    Cradle your drive and your phone

    Hardware 02 Jul 09:50

  • Microsoft's past - the future to Android's iPhone victory

    Lessons from a Jobsian battle

    Developer 02 Jul 10:02

  • Sony tweaks Twitter gadget for UK users

    Dash across the Atlantic

    Hardware 02 Jul 10:08

  • Popular apps don't bother with Windows defences

    No belt, no braces

    Security 02 Jul 10:15

  • Strato-droids to mate in upper atmos, exchange vital juices

    Kill-machines less and less dependent on fleshy slaves

    Science 02 Jul 10:28

  • Paraguayan model to strip if team wins World Cup

    No chance, sadly

    Bootnotes 02 Jul 10:55

  • BCS votes to keep spending secret

    Confidence motion shows little confidence

    CIO 02 Jul 10:57

  • Three intros bumper phone tariff


    Mobile 02 Jul 11:01

  • Google's remote Android app installer explained

    Phone downloads powered from desktop

    Mobile 02 Jul 11:02

  • Are your project timescales shrinking?

    IT suppliers voting for Christmas?

    Platform Evolution 02 Jul 11:13

  • Last shuttle mission shifted to Feb 2011

    NASA firms up dates for final two flights

    Science 02 Jul 11:21

  • Microsoft goes AC/DC with Instaload battery tech

    Bunny botherers take it from both ends

    Hardware 02 Jul 11:28

  • Apple iPhone 4

    Machined to perfection?

    Phones 02 Jul 11:35

  • China hits back at EC dumping probe

    Wide-area modem pricing in the frame

    Broadband 02 Jul 11:41

  • Dell orchestrates Scalent buy

    We'll have that data centre co-ordination software

    Servers 02 Jul 12:17

  • 'Unlimited' ads are dumb and misleading, says 3


    Mobile 02 Jul 12:18

  • US $250m superbomber 'almost as good' as $8m robot

    Top US general Petraeus in bitchslap for 'Bones'

    Science 02 Jul 12:37

  • Computer grads can't even get jobs offering personal services

    Media studies a better jobs bet

    Financial News 02 Jul 12:47

  • Extreme porn now illegal north of the border

    Scotland falls into line

    Government 02 Jul 13:05

  • 'Huge airships to carry freight starting 10 years from now'

    Ex UK.gov top boffin's amazing claim

    Science 02 Jul 13:07

  • Apple denies iPhone 4 antenna glitch, blames inaccurate signal bars

    Bad sums not bad thumbs

    Mobile 02 Jul 13:21

  • Apple speaks out on iPhone 4 signal slippage

    Reception formula is 'totally wrong'

    Phones 02 Jul 13:53

  • OFT to disqualify unwitting directors to deter competition abuses

    Innocence won't make you innocent now

    Small Biz 02 Jul 15:13

  • Scroogle's future in doubt

    Google shimmies again to avoid privacy proxy

    Applications 02 Jul 15:14

  • Why we love to hate Microsoft

    Roadmap to fandom

    Software 02 Jul 15:40

  • OpenOffice gets Ubuntu-media friendly

    GStreamer build

    Applications 02 Jul 19:27

  • Apple's iPhone 4 denial: insulting or ignorant?

    Reg readers, go to work

    Phones 02 Jul 19:55

  • Robotic cargo spacecraft misses rendezvous with ISS

    Zooms past as crew members watch

    Science 02 Jul 20:00

  • IT insider admits stealing info for 2,000 bank employees

    Makes off with $1.1m

    Security 02 Jul 22:46